Cute Girl in the Office || Wirally Tamil || Tamada Media

The guys are on time to work. They are usually not very punctual. They are not here to work. What are you saying? After you changed Monica to morning shift. Even the night shift guys are staying back in office. Their full time job is to just stare at that girl. She usually dresses well. Even I am eager to see what she wears to office today. He is doing too much. I want to tell you something. You can tell me anything. I know many guys will propose when the girl is pretty. But I can’t accept them. You find a girl who suits you. What about the flower I gave you? You can have it for yourself. Go away. Why are you guys stalking her? Go do your work. You don’t feel. I will take care of everything. All the girls feel the same way. Who is the disturbance? He’s hot. Oh! You are the new guy. You are a good guy. Carry on. He is so arrogant. All the guys want to talk to me. But he is ignoring me. Atleast let him work. I will make him come after me in a week.It’s a challenge. Go. Does he belong to this area? Will he come to this park? Yes. I am following him but why are you guys following me. If he doesn’t accept your proposal I want to propose to you. He is here. Has he left? He left. Is he gone? He ignored me again. No one saw me. He left. The plan failed big time. Don’t disturb me. Don’t eat this. eat this Don’t do all this Sit down. These guys are here to spoil my love. Ask him. Wait. Are you single or committed? You ask him. He seems angry. Let me tackle this. Tea or coffee? A green tea for me. One green tea One for me too. Get one for her. Are you happy? How does he drink this? Drink. He is watching. I made a mistake by ordering this. I will manage. Don’t expect me to be perfect. People have huge expectations since I am fitness freak. I am always on a perfect diet. This is too much. I will come. Nothing is working out. I will come to the gym. Stay happy always. Forget me. He is here. He left. Is there anything to eat? What do you want? Anything is ok for me. Have this. No.This is fresh food. It’s ok. Have it. Have this. Thank you. Shall I ask you something? Tell me. Don’t I look good? Why do you ask this? He is constantly ignoring me. Do I look bad? You are very pretty. You know it. But he is ignoring me. He will realize it soon. He’s here. Did he hear everything I said? Why didn’t you talk to me before? You can leave my hand. You are also smiling at me. You are good. I know it already. I meant you are good in helping the needy. I have been doing social service since I was a kid. It’s already late He is not looking at the watch. I have to go to work We will meet again. When? Soon. My love became a success because of you. I know. Hey! It’s you. You rejected me but I helped you.


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