Cute advertisement from Apple

Cute advertisement from Apple

presenting three easy steps to the Internet step 1 plug in step 2 get connected step 3 there's no step 4 there's no step 3


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  • Dieter Gerding says:

    Those were the days. Hummm. Compare that imac with the desktop-PC´s of that decade. This all in one computer was revolutionary at that time. Fast and georgeous.

  • Who said iMacs were easy? Oh yeah, Apple. After 2 days trying to get the latest iMac set up and move my data from my PC I threw in the towel and called it quits. I guess if you've been weened on apple products since birth they're easy, but nothing about the iMac was easy and there wasn't one step didn't involve hours of time from phone techs of every description. "The Mac is easy" myth is just that. Just another gimmick to separate you from your cash.

  • TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty says:

    My 1 and 2 year olds learned on this computer. It was their first. They're 16 and 17 now and all they've ever had or want to deal with is Macintosh. Says a lot I think.

  • prizedcoffeecup says:

    These are the same computers that the one school i went to used…every single one of them were so allergic to magnets, our school almost had a complete magnet ban altogether! That was the only real enormous downfall to these…other than that, they actually WERE really powerful back in the day, no lie. My dad did not like macs for that one reason, however…he had one for 1 day, quite literally, and he got a refund the next day. The reason? The magnetic clips that were on the magnetic billboard that was on the complete opposite side of the room lengthwise, which was about 12 feet long, was the culprit. Thankfully, after lots of research, I discovered that this particular model was the only one that turned out to have this highly sensitive magnet allergy…but it drove my dad to custom modifying a hp desktop to have a serial port on the front and a video card custom built for gaming in the back.

  • fzerowipeoutlover says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh i remember those days. we had iMac G3s spread our all over our computer lab. i fell in love with those things. i even had an old iMac G3 (slot loading) myself. if you look on my channel, there's a video of that mac on the internet. too bad it's motherboard died last march :(.

  • Euhm, sir, I would like to say that it's actually A 4k tv, not AN 4k tv. When there's an e or an o or an i or an a or a u, you may add the little n to a, you feeling me? But you might ask yourself, why did the guy not add an 'n' to a u, well, don't even get me started on that one 😀

  • If you're using the MP4-format (ClickToFlash) or run YouTube's HTML5-version you'll be able to use YouTube as well 🙂

  • windows computer:
    Step 1: plug it in
    Step 2: plug the VGA cable in
    Step 3: plug it to the monitor
    step 4: plug the ether… I can't be arsed, theres 50 steps

  • It's because Adobe continues providing Flash support to Windows PCs to make Flash smoother on them. On the contrary, Adobe has dropped Flash support for PowerPC since Flash 10, making a lot of super-fast PPC Macs run like snails when it comes to Flash.

    For those who want to watch YouTube videos smoothly on PPC, I would suggest that you use H.264 method instead of Flash to get better performance.

    H.264 does well on my Power Mac G3 (B&W) in 360p with 512 MB of RAM and Tiger installed. 🙂

  • They're good, but I don't see them as better than PCs. Poor compatibility, design that tells you to not take it apart and to buy the new one, boring nearly unchanged design since the iPod (rectangle with rounded corners, yay). PCs may have many flaws, but they're still more enjoyable for people that like to get their hands in the machines, that want their computer to fit their personal needs. Car analogy : Macs are like new cars, PCs are like classics ^^

  • Step 4 and 6 are bullshit… waiting is not a step.
    Step 5 is optional since you're presuming that the user has a password, what if they don't? This step is unnecessary as well.
    Step 7, 8, 9… this if the first iMac. I'm not even sure if they had Wi-Fi back then. Even if they did it would have been extremely rare. Hence, the plugging in of the ethernet at 0:13. No need to pick a network and password.
    Again, step 9 is also bullshit.
    So there's only step 1, 2, and 3.

  • Ejiofor Young says:

    why you should be mad on that.he's just joking.don't take it,what's up with the words you're using?dictionary retarded?

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