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  • Mayapati Tiwari says:

    Sir 30minute ke baad aapka aawaz thoda bhari ho gya tha meri toh jaan nikal gyi thi
    Sir we understand its technical problem

  • In Muslim personal law board there are three type of rule for talaq in which 3rd one is in controversy called talaq-e-biddat .In talaq-e-biddat Muslim men can divorce his lady by uttering talaq three times continuously in one sitting.
    Modi government has tried it best to pass the Bill of triple talaq in rajya sabha but failed…it was already passed in Loksabha …and due to end of Modi government tenure they are in jiffy to show their work so they choose ordinance .
    But frankly speaking this type of law can't be followed by us in our country no matter which community one belongs.

  • Answers from the session

    Q1- Burrying the hatchet phrase meaning?
    Ans- While the word hatchet is used for a small size axe. The whole phrase means ending a quarrel or conflict and becoming friendly.

    Q2- What is the fundamental difference between retirement process of the justices of supreme courts in India when compared to America?
    Ans- While there is a retirement age limit for supreme court judges of 65 years but in the judges of supreme court in america(US) are given tenure for life.

    Q3- What is the concept of Talaq-e-biddat? And why Government brought an ordinance on this?
    Ans- From three kind of talaqs the most unresponsible way of talaq is talaq-e – biddat. Which allow the husband to uttre the talaq word thrice in one sitting ant thats it the talaq is done and irrevocable.
    First what is an ordinance, a short term law that can be passed by the ruling government in case the parliament is not in session and it lasts till the session resumes. After that if the law is passed than it continues otherwise it lapses. Increasing case of instant talaq in India has been a great issue and a poor treatment for our muslim sisters/mothers. The ruling government took a leverage and passed it through ordinance while the parliament session is not on. Till the session resumes the effect of the ordinance can be visible and the acceptance of this law in the society can be seen easily.

    Q4- What is the concept of wildlife habitat fragmentation?
    Ans- The process of interfering in the natural habitat or a physical environmental area in any way is called habitat fragmentation. This can be caused by wildlife corridors, extension of man habitat, extinction of forest land for agriculture/industries etc.

    Q5- Protected Areas in India ?
    Ans- Protected areas covers all national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserve, reserved and protected forests, conservative reserve and community reserves, private protected areas, conservation areas. The total area account for 156,700 sq km( as per 2004 report). The total number of protected areas are around 668.

    Q6- What is fundamental difference between share and bonds?
    Ans- Share are investor's part in any organisation, if the org gains and distributes the dividend the stockholder or shareholder will be benefited. A shareholder can gain amazingly high or get drowned their money in shares.
    On other hand bonds are the debt given to a corporate or government for a limited amount of time for a high amount of interest rate, bonds are used to raise money and finance different kind of projects.

    Q7- How did Indian bank take a big hit when bond market in India underwent turbulence due to FPI exit?

    Q8- What is ETIM?
    Ans- East Turkestan Islamic Movement, is uyghur Jihadists in western China. As per the China reports these are the terrorist org looking to set up independent state east turkestan in Xinjiang.

    Q9- Sumery of korean war 1950?
    Ans- Korean war in 1950 was started when between north korea and south korea the well known friends of that time of North Korea the USSR and China came together and won almost the all south korea but than later the US with UN nations army came together to rescue South Korea and forced back the army of all and the red army of china forced with flow as they seeing the US and UN army approaching their borders. Finally the DMZ was placed the most militarized zone on 38 parallel line.

    Q10- What are the difference b/w constitutional bodies and statutory bodies?
    Ans- Bodies derives their power from the constitution and are mentioned in constitution and any changes in the body will need a constitutional ammendment.
    While statutory body are those which are placed by parliament and rely for power on parliament body like national commision for OBCs , SEBI etc.
    There are non statutory which are driven by executive power and no law backing like Niti Aayog.

    Q11- How feasible is voting through mobile phones for national lok shabha election?
    Ans- Well while when we can totally trust the BHIM app which is totally trust worthy for transactions of high amounts than why can a platform for electronic voting can't be feasible. But the main challenge is the authenticity, the problem here will raise due to political pressurization to general public holding them and making sure they vote for their party. Well making the availability of voting directly through mobile is not a practical idea What can be done is opening of electronic voting booths available throughout the nation in schools that can take votes from any where/any state/any city.

    Q12- What are typical fears that merging banks get?
    Ans- With merging of different entities into one shock the whole infrastructure, HR policy, employment terms etc which are directly topics of concern for employee of existing institutions. Although it is quite often said that the interests of the existing employee will be taken care of still the new policy or terms with newly merged firm can be favorable or not to many employees.

    Q13- What is insolvency and bankruptcy code?
    Ans- In 2016, the insolvency and bankruptcy code was formed to tackle the problem of larger number of NPA. The insolvency that is directly common in ease of doing business and global competitive index. The insolvency is defined as inability of debtors to repay their loans while when found in condition that a firm/org can no longer able to repay the bills is called bankruptcy.
    New guidelines as per the IBC code tell the bank if an asset stop giving the interest rate within 90 days the prompt action need to be taken.

  • The main difference between retirement of supreme court judges of Indian and America is ….in our state India supreme court judge continue their position till the age of 65….while in supreme court of America judges hold their position till they die.

  • Brajesh Mishra says:

    Sir 32 min k baad aapka aawaaj bahut bhaari ho gya….
    Was it you or someone else came in the middle to conduct the remaining sessions??

  • Sandeep official says:

    Namste sir. ….main uttar Pradesh se hu aur uttar Pradesh ke AKTU University se 2nd year ka student hu Mai pichle 2 sal se aap ko janta hu AAP ka lucture mujhe bahut achcha lagta aur ke bad aap ki academy join karna chahunga IAS ki taiyri ke liye …..sir Mai aap ki kripa chahunga ki Mai apna sapna complete kar saku… thank you sir

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