CTV 50 Years of News: CHRO – April 14, 2008

CTV 50 Years of News: CHRO – April 14, 2008

>>Sandra: Well this is a very special week
here at ‘A’ Channel, our parent company CTV Globemedia is celebrating
its longstanding commitment to local news, and this particular station has a long and
rich history. Have a look. [PROJECTOR NOISE]>>Sandra: It’s a proud and colourful history
dating back to 1961. That’s when construction crews broke ground
on CHOV channel 5, a CBC affiliate. But after 15 years, staff unionized and went on strike, a labour dispute
that was never settled. The station faded to black. [PROJECTOR STOPS] [MUSIC]>>…and that means we have to call on you
to call us and make these people…>>Sandra: Always a survivor, the station
hit the air again the next year with new owners and new call letters, CHRO. It would remain a vital part of the community, and by 1990, Baton Broadcasting had acquired
the station.>>Announcer: You’re watching
CHRO-TV Cable 6.>>Sandra: Now it was a CTV affiliate with
a bigger news staff and a presence in Ottawa. [CYMBAL CRASH]>>Welcome back to Early Report…>>Sandra: Soon the station would develop
its own unique identity.>>Hi, I’m Cathy Cox, coming up tonight on
the CHRO Evening Edition…>>Sandra: A strong commitment to news and
a memorable station host, checking in with viewers from Bob’s Couch.>>…I think my favourite show is the one
where the Romulans capture and brainwash Geordi.>>Sandra: And then in ’97, another ownership
change, CHUM took over with a whole new attitude.>>…sports tonight, what have you got, Ken?>>1, 2, 3.
Hey, I’m not the only one who can’t dance, you know…>>Sandra: Some very familiar faces have been
with us ever since.>>…Mayor, would I see you participating?>>Well that would be a scary thought, Leanne…>>Sandra: And in 2000, a new home in the
thriving Byward Market. The creative mind behind CHUM, Moses Znaimer,
was there for opening night.>>…and we’re calling it the CHUM Market
Media Mall. I know…>>Sandra: A street front studio and an interactive
approach that lured some high profile contributors.>>I’m going to vote Liberal, and I’ll tell
you why. I’m Paul Martin, and…>>Sandra: And in 2005, another new look and
a new name, ‘A’ Channel Ottawa was born. By last year, a new owner was there to take
us into the future. ‘A’ Channel Ottawa has found a permanent home.
We are a proud part of the vast CTV Globemedia empire. You can catch that story, along with others
from right across Canada by logging on to www.50yearsofnews.ctv.ca


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