CrossFit - Central East Regional Live Footage: Men's Events 2&3

CrossFit – Central East Regional Live Footage: Men's Events 2&3

hello everybody welcome to the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus Ohio for our continuing live coverage of the central East Regional competition I'm Sean woodland alongside bill grunt ler and reset for the fourth and final heat of events 2 & 3 here come the heavy hitters and that's the idea right there heavy hitters we're going to see some big numbers being thrown up how many times are they gonna be able to get through there there's sets of 10 pound increments I'm looking to see I want to see some people to 300 pounds on this 305 and this one defending champion rich Froning is in his final heat Rory mckernon caught up with him earlier in the day tell me about that first workout yeah it was like it's not a good workout for him for me anyway so I was happy with the with the result I mean this this region's stacked as we all know so to be a fight would be fun though good weekend so this workout coming up overhead squat I know that your Olympic lifts are solid what are you expecting here I'd like to get to three three or five but you know it depends on the day depends on how much Jackie took out you so we'll see you've got to make a lot of jumps to get there so this will find out so event record means not as much to you it's just a win in the event I need to get a jump a few spots so well thank you champ thanks Rory rich Froning trying to get to 305 that sounds realistic for him now on the main site they did a 303 overhead maxing he got 305 he actually failed to wraps at 335 so I expect him to hit the 305 mark we'll see what it looks like rich Froning in the middle of your screen joking around with training partner Dan Bailey in the gray shirt two of them will be working next to each other and both of them no surprise they will both be starting with 255 pounds on the bar they're starting great your top five athletes were all within a second of each other in the opening event those athletes sit in the middle of the floor rich Froning Marcus Hendren Scott panchik Dan Bailey Joseph Weigel in there as well he was the winner of Jackie comes in in first place overall but there are some powerful athletes in this fourth and final heat back-to-back events we start with event number two seven minutes to establish a three rep max overhead squat and then a two bit transition and we go into event 3:30 Burpee muscle-ups for time starting wait here very important you have to hit your three opening reps don't hit your first three reps in your initial weight you're out of the competition but I doubt what to see what's happening at you know in this heat everyone's going to 55 except for two people so again you the heavy hitters have got to go big they're going to go big four ways from which to choose 135 185 225 and 255 the sport of beat to 95.3 Gerald Santa Rosa we're underway seven minutes run ring rep overhead squat Maximus rich Froning at 255 and that may as well be an empty bar bill that's a problem with the guys to get through this way easily you don't want to get ahead of yourself you have to get this way and then you can start to play or you're right that didn't look difficult by any means for him but I wouldn't expect it it would at all 255 is now in the bag for rich Froning this is Dan Bailey next to him Bailey the 255 the two of them moving on to 265 pounds in that same video with rich doing his lips ah Dan Bailey only getting 275 so I made to see how that's gonna affect him today Nick Corey came in eighth place overall he hits three reps at 255 pounds and now it's Joseph wangle who won Jackie by two of a second well then the present thing right there is he just pressed that wait up I was gonna call it push press he's labeled that dip down underneath it that was all shoulders hit there rich Froning on the left at 265 no wrong friend Joseph why I'm completing 265 Nick Corey now in 265 curled Sasser again as the sportive weed after three heats three good lips at 295 pounds they've over at 265 behind Nick Corey what they did Nick Bohr is they want to work on over the past year so it's been a strength so realize this is one of the things you've been working on having just been Olympic LeSueur has been doing some way to the mehandi heavy overhead squat Nick Corey finished ninth in the central league last year got a back squat 395 so big deal no big deal but again this is a really unique little bit a lot of variables go into this a lot of flexibility a lot of strength a lot of midline it's heavy midline now it's broadening at 275 Jan really next to him looks like he's still on 265 so Froning through three reps at 275 no problem for him Dan Bailey wrapping up his third rabbit to 65 right now in this heat is groaning and Weigel your top two number of athletes behind them as you 65 years Scott panchik a 275 the little city down there trying to keep those feet wobbles but again moving the weight just fine three reps done Marcus Hedren in the orange next to him and Graham Holmberg in the white on the top of your screen they are both at 275 pounds now you have to be careful and you see because there's so many big names you have a lot of guys just kind of slide in without you now you know what about it so can't keep your eye on to anybody but look at rich Froning he just sits at the bottom that's how stable yeah I'm hang out down here make sure I'll come up I'm ready no big deal making it look easy rich Froning at 285 pounds now Nick you're a car he's going for it as well we needed to after he had a rough the rough start Jaffee but he needs a strong cat he need to get up there as well your ankle on the outside looking at last year miss making it to the gate by just one spot scott mansion comes you under 85 pound bar we're past the halfway point seven minutes to find your three right max in an overhead squat Scott definitely made a name for himself last year coming in fourth after you know a relative new be really CrossFit but so strong he struggled with that door one of it was he able to stabilize and out of town that was Froning a 295 so far Gerald Sasser the only man to do three reps at 295 and I'm guessing that's going to change right here the event record managing Fraser to be left at 315 pounds and rich Froning a game you cannot tell the difference as we miss and his hoping lives at 255 you're right there's there's actually no difference I mean he was no fumbling at all that's not coming up when he's driving up out of the out of the hole he just so so solid meanwhile Dan Bailey a 275 pounds looking a little bit shaky wow he's really riding that line on that death but he said let's give it to him he gives him three gets three good reps tell Froning moving to 305 to try to become the of a leader Joseph Waddell and 294 pounds Wow that looks solid as well giraffes del vega widel caiman in first place overall after winning jagatraj team angel is going on this event and he has through 295 pounds of he and protein have time Gerald Sasser for the best for the day looks like rich Froning about ready to beat that with two minutes to go here in the fourth and final heat event to the second of seven total events here in the central East Regional competition we were not lying when we said heavy hitters in this heat the numbers that are going up across the board the number of people that are doing these numbers all the other reason has it rich Froning union-leader three of those Joseph's libel he's going to love to match the champ widel loading up his bar with 305 pounds while he's got had plenty of time left to is still a minute and a half with the record being 315 for two I don't know maybe we get to her and she said you know anything looking for an adventure locally but right now it looks like you might go after a grip over B well a 275 to 2010 game kitchen lock out the fear Brett but he will get credit for shoes one minute now to go before we at the symphony time cap and Joseph Weigel is looking down the floor rich Froning and now floating at 315 the event record 315 – looking at that possibly right now well the two-time defending cross again champion look at that no that's attentional he jumped up instantly salted it looks like throwing gonna call today on the bar but he right now is your leader Joe Lyle has 305 on the Morrises Scott kitchen that is a lot of guys throwing up 305 right now just heavy hitters senator they're intense its to go and it doesn't look like Joe waggles gonna go after 300 pounds so rich Froning will lock up the win and this event one wrap at 315 pounds and now it's you Bennett bring and it's only to the Burpee muscle-ups the Gerald sastric good hang onto his lead an event soon he will see if he can hang on to it an event three he also has the time to beat on the Burpee muscle-ups four minutes 48 seconds with pastor rich Froning of the word heated I mean all these reps looked almost exactly the same textbook you can tell the strength that he has me he's a big diamond just the core strengthening it's unbelievable what this kid to do got through to 95 no problem then he hit three at 3:05 he moved up to 315 only one good rep there but it is a win for rich Froning got one sorry the dancing around a little bit no I'll just take the victory let's send it down to Rory Roberta ladies and gentlemen how about a region when I'm looking at three barbells over 300 pounds amazing rich pop that up like he was absolutely nothing certainly the champ here's what's interesting he took it pretty close to the buzzer that was not in his game plan Joe Eigo told me before he was going to get up to 300 assess the situation he didn't want it to affect his Burpee muscle up so we'll see how rich can do after putting up 315 pounds for one back to you guys at the desk Thank You Rory rich Froning looking to make a run at Gerald Sasser who currently has the time to beat at 448 Froning will be in Lane six extra Marquez Hedren and Scott panchik 10 family there as well all of these athletes are guys who can certainly get through this with little trouble 30 Burpee muscle-ups for time there's a seven minute time cap on this one Jackie was so close you expect the same kind of finish here I don't know if I can expect the same finish what I think is interesting here is that rich Froning and Dan Bailey's there's good stuff handshake take that back all these guys that have been in the games last year have played with the purple muscle up when they did the chipper last year of all the splits of all the splits rich at 127 for the 10 which puts in at about a for 21 days which is insane and that's after doing all the movements they had to do beforehand so I think he's gonna do really really well even though he pushed it to the budget like Rory was talking about earlier and we just saw thrown and going through his burpees he's not single legging those things that's how you usually see a burpee I don't know if that's gonna last not in a pretty good pace you know again it's a tempo he looks solid but it's not the first five reps it's laps 5 in this particular van where it's really where it really comes down to so if he keeps the temple he's going to do just fine all these athletes pretty much within one rep of each other it's Nick Cory and Dan Bailey along with Kirk back sue Graham Goldbergs up there as well he has seven reps the Homburg and 4e battling it out for the top spot you can see Graham really throws his rings wide so he got to sit and wait at the bottom granted that gets him a little time to rest but you don't have to sit there while this seem to spin it around or 48 is the time to beat here the event record four minutes 11 seconds over 28 years old the CrossFit Grand View is a hometown hero here in Columbus it see some large Graham Holmberg head as well so he's serving well represented here you know again all these athletes and tried this in the past earlier this you know weather weather coming about to trying to figure out their game plans it's just what they did what do you think they're gonna do versus what they've done a practice and what they're going to do here it's a big big big difference rich Froning early tied for second place right now Graham Holmberg and Dan Bailey and Nick bori battling out for the top spot we approach the 2-minute mark and Bailey curling badly grant holders are going wrapped full rep is about one behind Homer Hobart is on the left of your screen Bailey in the gray and lane number eight number four eleven the event record here Kenneth leverage holds that right there without the shirt that Scott panchik now again last year the gate you seen in his ten in about a minute 51 which would have put him in a 533 page but in practice he got a 417 on this scandal over the 30 per free muscle up so it's going to be interesting to see where he says it could be a competitive mode Scott panchik fourth at the games last year the Beachwood Ohio twenty-five-year-old it certainly has a long career ahead of him in this sport lined up right next to rich Froning the two-time defending champion but it's still Dan Bailey Graham Holmberg and now rich Froning on his 20th rep so Froning starting to put some pressure on the leaders Dan Bailey is up there Nick quarry is there as well Graham Wahlberg and now it's floating and Holberg battling for the top spot roading route 22 reps now and more than a minutes ago before we hit that event record mark of four minutes 11 seconds Kenneth leverage the man who holds s and now rich Froning may be trying to reel that score in Froning is one rep ahead of Dan Bailey and continued to keep a steady pace here as we approach the halfway point o this event which is just not slowing down at all this is what he does the best you would think he should be getting tired and he just keep on who but he just doesn't stop five reps to go for the two-time defending champion you're a Fed record is four minutes 11 seconds since broad and trying to catch that right now three Reds to go for rich Froning that we could be seen an event record and Bailey and Nick Fourier battling for second but right now it's all about the two-time champion who is trying to set an event record here one moment ago from ruining he has eight seconds to go down to six – Rudy logging it out to go recruiting it's been a day attends a second and there you go new event record for the two-time defending CrossFit Games champion again in that slowdown and all the get faltered was impressive family finishing up all these men beating the previous time defeat of 448 about two minutes to go now before we hit the 7 minute time cap but there's your winner of back-to-back events rich Froning window bed 2 and then sending in a bed record in event 3 I will say this the volume that rich trains at that right there where it comes out back-to-back events short time of resting between still being able to just crush each section of that which he did that was incredible in lane 3 that's Dave over going through his final Burpee muscle-ups he's at a CrossFit 6 1 4 here in Columbus the 30 year old he's right next to Nicki ranked are who Nick is now struggling with his few reps that he's got going you're ranked are only through 19 repetitions right now less than 90 seconds to go with this event one rep for Dave over remaining he will lock that out over his done stands on his plate on official time for Dave over a five minutes forty three point seven seconds there's Joe Weibull came into the back-to-back events in first place overall after winning Jackie he's in the black shirt next to him in Lane 11 is Chris Walker the tallest competitor in this competition Walker standing at 6 5 joggle is in Weigel a time of six oh six point three I know when you did that in practicing well he was in the low-flying so because I work out in practice as you think it would Nick your rank are trying to get through a few more reps here there's Chris walking around up a sign that look pretty he's got to get up and get down it exactly it doesn't have to look pretty bad as that does look it's a smart movie saving that energy you know I gotta do such a chance so whatever takes he's that long 15 seconds to go more athletes finishing up Walker is now in it's Kirk back to a nikki rank are the only two athletes left on the floor three seconds go rich burgundy Chrysler his fellow competitors so rich Froning sets an event record with a time of four ten point eight beating out of the ringers event record by just two tenths of a second Graham Holmberg will finish the second and it's Nick 4e rounding out the top three rich Froning I mean this was just a steady pace we talked about mechanical earlier for Gerald Sasser you know go look at the way he timed the Rings he had just enough of a swing at the bottom he went it right into his Burpee announce he's jumping up the ring swung right into his hands that's called timing that practice and you know he knew what the event record was is he kept looking at the clock let's send it down to Emily Turner with rich Froning all right too gnarly are we ear with our two-time Games champion winner but also you just won back-to-back events how do you maintain because if there are two events that are hard to win it would be these two shoulder workout Oh luckily I've been blessed with strong shoulders so tech that helps um it was like go for the record on the overhead squat or just playing smart I knew Joe got a new pigeon both got 305 so all I knew I knew all I needed was one wrap on 315 so I didn't want to tax myself too much on this – I had a good shot maybe not the best time but I thought I'd have a shot at you know beating those guys as that if I would well so you may not have gotten the event record on that but you certainly need me a bed record on the Bourbon muscle-ups was that something in your head at all in no really it was just don't die the burping muscle up you know at first it's like do you want to go to faster do you want to wait you know pace it through and not then try not to fall off you know Lola's guy started out real fast and then they fell off at the end so I was just trying to maintain tactical great job Rancho gerbil see you later on this weekend Phil Shawn back to you Thank You Emily rich froning ending up back-to-back wins on the initial day of competition and he currently sits surprise-surprise in first place overall ahead of Scott panchik and Dan Bailey the champ did exactly what the champ is supposed to do which just come out and dominate and he did exactly that so don't let Jackie fool you that was just you know matters of tenths of a second now beginning an event he's just going to hammer three events down we have four to go in two or days in the two-time defending champion setting himself up again for a repeat championship here at the Central East rich Froning he wins event number two he goes on to win event number three candy hang on long heavy hitters behind them more coverage tomorrow for governor I'm Sean woodland we'll see you then


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