Creative Team Building Activities – The Newspaper #87

Creative Team Building Activities – The Newspaper #87

Necessities: a printer you can connect to a laptop. Tell the participants prior to the exercise they have to bring their laptops. Make sure one out of three participants will certainly take his laptop. During this exercise the team will make their own news paper. Devid the team into groups of three. Point to the first group who will come up with a team related category they will fill with content in the newspaper. In this case they choose: Entertainment Now the second group can choose a category: Business And the third group choses: Gossip Each group will make at least one page for the newspaper with a few articles about the topic of their category. The first group of the category ‘entertainment’ comes up with an article about the bowling club the team went one night. I still have a picture on my phone we can use on top of the article, someone says. Yes, we can write a report on how we experienced the bowling night. Yes, and than we give the bowling area a star rating just like in the real news paper. The gossip departement is writing an article on Bob and Marie who met at this office and are now married. I have a picture of them even before they fell in love. I have a picture of their wedding. Let’s make a photo journal about their relationship with underlined comments. The business departement is working on the business goals of the team. Let’s start the article with the announcement of the opening of our new office in Heartsdale. Yes, and lets interview each other about our opinions regarding moving there so we can use that in the article. After each trio has finished their articles, one or two volunteers make it into one newspaper on the computer connected to the printer. Print all the papers and staple them together just as many times until each participant has his own team news paper. The trainer guides the team and applies variations to the exercise. What kind of variations you can read below this video on YouTube. And haven’t you subscribed yet? Hit the subscribe button to stay tuned for a new team exercise each Sunday on to improve cooperation and communication.


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