17 thoughts on “Creating the Modern Media Company | SXSW Interactive 2016”

  • Norma Mimosa says:

    Bias and partisan pride are entirely possible under professional journalism, in my view. The essentials are objectivity (within the partisanship), verified facts, complete reporting (not leaving out what you don't want to hear or what you don't want your audience to hear), not presenting opinions as news, disclosure about the partisanship, professional behavior (for example, respect for the office of president of the United States), challenging unacceptable behavior of guests (for example Maxine Waters shouting for violence against conservatives — never challenged). Vox Media has been found to be consistently left-wing (a diminishing trend on the internet and indeed the world), so we'll see how long it stays relevant. I am not familiar enough with Vox to comment, but now I will take time to follow the platform. See whether they adhere to professional journalism. The loss of professional journalism is the most serious crisis we face today. Hope Vox doesn't fall into that category.

  • winner huh itss so lame about how you run your business. when we trying find a better customer you pointed about its so racial. eic or cco of your llc are not even compare with us.

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