Creating a Social Media Marketing Audit for Your Marketing Prospects [UPDATED]

Creating a Social Media Marketing Audit for Your Marketing Prospects [UPDATED]

What’s up everybody Cereal Entrepreneur
Jordan Steen here and in this video we’re going to talk about an updated
version of the digital marketing audit some updates from the last video if you
guys have seen our last video you guys have probably seen it before our
previous digital marketing audit video we’re gonna go through some updates and
some tools and software as you can use and then not only that we’re gonna
discuss how you need to use this digital marketing audit tool and client a lot of
you are using it the incorrect way and that’s why you’re not seeing any results
from this marketing audit so let’s talk about how you’re actually going to use
this tool and customers and what needs to be included in the audit to make them
say to him I need those services so you ready for that here we go alright
everybody so like I said in the beginning we’re gonna talk about the
digital marketing audit some updates you guys are gonna want to know about some
software some tools you’re gonna want to use basically all of that’s gonna be
covered in this video to show you guys basically how I put my audit together
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let’s get into this really quick we’ll jump over into the screen and basically
what you guys can see here I mean just my little window what you guys can see
here is we’re starting basically from scratch we’re gonna talk about the
digital marketing on it I’ve got some of the base stuff ready for you to go but
we’re gonna try and make this video quick so that way you guys don’t have to
walk watch through if you guys have seen before we actually have the digital
marketing audit video on a lot of you have actually found me
because of that video and so we want to show you basically this in a quicker
version because that video was about 45 minutes so we’re gonna make this one a
lot shorter we’re just gonna show a lot of screenshots of stuff and then we’re
gonna kind of custom build this this audit for this business so this is for
Riley dental you can see and you can apply this same exact approach to any
type of business all you have to do is basically just follow this instruction
so you’re gonna use tools like like eliezer alright you can see like Eliezer
does a analysis of their an analysis of their Facebook page you’re gonna use X
to look at all their listings online alright you’re gonna use this tool
called up city you see right here we have up city so we got a big tool right
there for SEO we’re gonna look at obviously their website we’re gonna look
at a little bit of their social media pages and some other competitors and
that last page doesn’t matter so we’re going to keep going anyways alright so
this is for Riley dental like I mentioned just do a quick little screen
like this for the beginning let them know it’s for them marketing audit Riley
dental you could even put something on here like you know underneath this Riley
dental you could put like a subtext or something and obviously I wouldn’t leave
it designed like this I would probably move this part you know over here and
maybe move this like dead center like so wait there we go
I could do something like that I could move make this centered as well because
you want this part to stand out alright this is the first page they’re gonna see
right if you’re dropping this off or if they’re opening this up you want them to
be you know aware that this is for them and kind of give them a preview what it
is people when they see it they’re like marketing on it what is that so tell
them you know a quick one liner so I could do insert a text box and do and
this is where a lot of people mess up you forget that this is the first
impression this first page right so you have to make it captivating right on you
know right from the beginning but short and sweet to you short and sweet enough
to where it’s not gonna bore them right so you can do something like the good
take out the good and the bad of your presence on line and
we’ll leave in center this watches I got a quick thing to do it almost like a
YouTube thumbnail plus quick fixes you can do yourself you’re getting the bed
of your online present of your presence online plus quick fixes you can do
yourself so this tells them all right cool I’m not only going to get
information about what looks good and what looks bad from a marketing Pro but
he’s also going to give me some solutions that I can implement for my
business myself make this text down here white I actually might use this later so
I’m gonna probably send it where is there is make that white boom okay so by
Jordan Steen at Reston bar marketing and so we’re gonna move this down here boom
that was good alright so the next thing you’re gonna want to do now that you’ve
done that is you you want to tell them again what’s gonna be in their audience
so where are you stand from an internet marketing perspective what you know
what’s doing great versus what’s not doing so great what you can do to
instantly improve or increase your sales appointments from your digital marketing
efforts and the resources tools and guides you can use to implement these
changes yourself so you can see here it’s very very simple we’re just gonna
tell them what’s in the audit you know add a visual up here something that’s
gonna be appealing and then that’s basically from there you’re gonna
actually go yourself and look at their digital presence so you need to look at
obviously their Facebook page you need to open up and see if they have an
Instagram page a YouTube account you want to see if there’s a way to find out
if they have a snapchat and you can usually find it on their website if it’s
not on their website that’s a big note you’re gonna want to make to them but
you know we’ve already done the research we’ve actually found out this page
doesn’t have an Instagram account doesn’t have a YouTube channel I don’t
believe they have a Twitter page either they have their Google+ page which is
funny that’s which is irrelevant nobody uses it the
only thing that’s good for is collecting you know reviews but outside of that
everything else is set up you know decently the website is great the design
is easy to follow you know they have video involved they have some promos or
some call to actions on their site booked an appointment right here great
call to action so you can see they’re trying to drive leads from their site
but they’re probably not getting a ton of engagement or a ton of people
actually driven to their site outside of general search traffic and if we go to
our SEO report card we can view that later which we’ll get to later but
you’re just going to take something that looks kind of like this you’ll see it on
your screen now but this is what you want to do show them their social really
their digital presence you can show them a screenshot at their website screenshot
of their social media pages that they do have and that’s gonna you know basically
sum up what happens or what is going on with their business online right so the
next thing you’re gonna want to do is get one of those add it on here or get
you know a few of those pages added on here where they can view it next thing
we’re going to do and actually before we even get into Facebook pull that window
back up you guys can see we do this little graph as well so all I would do
usually I just copy and paste it and the cool thing is guys if you want access to
this down or to this template you can just go to the description below we’ll
have to build a new table so it doesn’t let you oh wait maybe if I do it this
way there we go alright we got the table on now you have
to delete the text box can’t put it in text box we would have to do some
resizing and readjusting but you guys get it what this table shows is this
information here so it shows them what’s going on on their Facebook how many
followers they have what you get from like eliezer what they’re posting
frequency is but you can also get from like eliezer it’s less than zero for
this specific business that we’re talking about most businesses are
actually less than zero which is funny they don’t actually get involved this
business doesn’t have an Instagram this specific business did have a twitter but
this is again not our example we would fill it in for the business that we’re
talking about now and we would just basically show them where they’re
lacking on this chart so you can see we just copied and pasted it it was a
little different and then we would name this you know your digital presence
your digital presence and then we would say okay make this bigger just a little bit and sorry about that
guys you turn down my volume really quick on
my phone but basically you guys can tell you know this is what this is for it’s
just to show them a visualization of what they’re currently doing and what
they’re not doing you get this to fit on your perfect boom other thing I would
say that I’ve forgot to mention definitely throw your logo it’s kind of
like a mini tag on each page you can see it get my other one or not necessarily
every page but every page where it makes sense to put it like you can see it here
this page we have it on bottom this page we have it on the bottoms just for
branding purposes but obviously take it off if you don’t need it right so that’s
that one all right now let’s go on to the next point basically we’re gonna
look at Facebook so we’re going to look at like eliezer first and all you have
to do is you actually just have to take their URL so you go to this page and you
copy this URL and notice something really quickly this little section right
here is called a slug this slug is unique to their business they have made
a custom slug well if they don’t have that if you guys notice some of the ones
that say like a bunch of numbers and letters and other characters up there
that’s not gonna work when you enter it into like eliezer they have to have made
it a custom tag all right so if you see that and you try to enter it in and it’s
not working that’s the reason why but you enter in that URL hit enter and then
it’s gonna bring up all this information right here all right so you guys can see
what they’re you know from pages like what they’re about section whether it’s
missing information or not the activity the response that they get back to their
customers and then any engagement if there is any now they give you some
information again about the front page the profile picturing the cover photo
you know basically you’re just gonna go through all of this and talk about
mostly the bad stuff now don’t always mention only bad stuff you want to tell
them some of the good stuff too nobody likes to be told that everything they do
is wrong right so you have to really start off by mentioning some pros so you
can see right over here in this section we’ve basically taken screenshots and if
you’re looking for a quick way to take a screenshot where you can get like a
specific section you’re gonna look up a tool called green shot okay and what
that allows you to do is you probably can’t see it actually I know you can
it’s not gonna show pop-ups it doesn’t show pop-ups but if you hit print screen
on your keyboard it’ll pull up that little a little pop-up window you
can click capture region and then it’ll literally allow you to select a region
on a specific webpage and take a snapshot of it you can just upload those
photos into this presentation like you see here but you can see we did pros and
cons of the business that we’re just gonna go through like Eliezer and talk
about the cons he’s posting less than once per day he’s never hosting events
not hosting too many Facebook videos the good is they have average post length
you know the character or the copies in the post is over two hundred seventy-six
characters which is good they’ve liked pages which means they’ve engaged in
other pages so that’s a really good thing as well they have a bunch of
photos that’s good no notes no videos as far as they can tell so need to step up
the game their users can post of the page yes that’s cool response rate is
not available and response time is not available and this is probably because
they might actually not have their messenger activated or they’re not using
it actively so let’s take a look actually they have it as send message
right here as their call to action but it doesn’t seem like they’re engaging
too much with this with this option or like Eliezer is just having an issue
picking it up so what you can do yourself is send them a message and see
if they have you know a chat bot ready if they do is it effective does it look
good does it ask the right questions does it have a call to action all of
that kind of stuff all right then we have the About section so obviously
they’re going to want to approve it based upon the fact that they don’t have
any milestones listed but we can also do a manual check ourself which I recommend
doing guys you need to look at each page individually and just kind of go through
it and do a quick view so they have their contact information they have
their website listed we are a trusted dental practice okay cool so they have
some keywords in there for their About section good all of their information
looks good I would just make sure it lines up properly with their website as
well so there is a different phone number you might want to mention that to
them which you know that’s something we would write in our in our audit we would
put phone number is different from website phone number so that’s something
and they might be tracking you know this number might be only for their website
so they track who calls from the website so you guys want to ask
but they have this number listed here so you guys can see there are some updates
that they need to check on or make sure are you know working properly five
people talking about this they need to get this up get people mentioning their
business more 1013 page likes which is okay but their engagement rate is less
than zero percent or it’s at zero percent exactly so let’s see in order to
give you a fully accurate and up-to-date like rank we need a little bit more data
by luck okay I guess I haven’t done it on this account before but yes I have
we’re just gonna do this so that way we can get the full one personal hobby yes
yes I do all right we’re just gonna mess around on this because I’ll create
another page later I have a business account for this so I don’t know why
they’re making me do this like this well while they’re analyzing that we’re gonna
go over and basically look at the other examples right here okay so once we do
the pros and the cons once you actually outline you know what’s not good and
what is good provide them with some resources so if they’re having trouble
adding video mentioned something like adding filmora or taking video on their
cell phone if there’s a quick tool that you can use to take video on your cell
phone which there are several you can recommend one of those tools here that
they can use to you start taking video you can see here we also did things like
sponsorships or events or promotions that they could try running right here
like try making a free offer for a free appetizer which actually doesn’t relate
to this specific anyways you can do things like that so that way you can try
so for this doctor we would actually said like a free appetizer so in survey
we’d try making an offer for a free consultation or maybe a free cleaning
you know something like that where you get to draw them in and make them a
customer for life cuz that’s the thing a dentist has to understand I think the
average that a person goes to the dentist is like three times two times a
year something like that so if they are going to the dentist that often that
means if you get them in once then and they like your service then they’ll come
back so you just offer them you know that one-time offer to get them in to
come back again later when they have to come back to that next cleaning but you
can see we just gave all kinds of recommendations here on what they could
do instead of just giving something that wasn’t actually you know usable to them
right now and then outside of that you know provides what specific sections
they need to update or tell them you know you don’t have enough information
you don’t have anything in your story that’s one thing I would mention that’s
you know a reason why they’re ranking lower on the like eliezer score you’re
gonna want to go through reviews and check out some of the reviews make sure
they’re responding to reviews you can see cooled they left a response there no
response was left here none left here none left here yeah they definitely need
to start responding more to their customers especially since they have a
hundred and thirteen reviews here that is ridiculous right they have a ton and
they’re not responding to a lot of them so they definitely need to do that I
don’t know why they have two reviews tabs oh okay
well that’s confusing they should probably change that and make it say
something like what our customers say you know something like that but I would
definitely have them change this up I would mention that because why do you
need to review sections appointments let’s see looks like they put in a
landing page yep so there you have a custom landing page here that’s pretty
cool if somebody wanted to set one up right there see what sendmessage does
how much okay so they have an automated system set up to take and request that’s
good so basically you’ll just again make notes about all of that and then go in
there and mention all of that in your audit next thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna talk about Instagram and obviously like I mentioned this page doesn’t have
an Instagram account alright we did a search they don’t have an Instagram
account doesn’t even show up so what we’re going to do since they don’t have a page what we’re
gonna do is like in this example they don’t have an account setup so we set up
you know gave them recommendations set up your page highlight different types
of procedures that you offer engage with customers and push people to a website
or an appointment form all right so you can tell like this is something that
they need to do if they haven’t done it yet and then we find maybe a page that
was relevant that does well at you know showing some stuff about oral surgery
because that’s what this particular customer was about but yeah you show
them you know what a page could look like and how you could have a bunch of
different followers if you were to do it the right way and what an engaging page
looks like right so that’s all you need to do just show them what to do to set
it up that’s the next part actually we’re just gonna keep that example open
for now we’re gonna run through like it was this one basically you can see right
here we’re talking about their Twitter page what they have again this current
one that we’re doing as the example Riley dental they don’t have a Twitter
page so we would do the same thing we just mentioned for the Instagram page
even maybe give them a great solution could be like some type of content that
you could provide for them or what type of posts they should be posting on their
Twitter page and then again we show them what someone could be doing on their
Twitter page and what it could look like if you were actually being or if you are
active with that social media platform Google+ isn’t a huge deal but you know
again this one they actually surprisingly don’t have all the other
pages but they do have a Google+ page so you would go in here and say doing great
at gathering reviews doing great a gathering reviews all of your
information is up-to-date let’s check and see some of this other stuff great
the reviews are showing do they have any more photos that’s what I would be
concerned with so these photos aren’t really relevant there we go those are
some so I would go through and maybe edit these photos or mention that they
need to edit them I would also make sure that you know something else shows up
where it says best of 2016 I would try to get that updated it’s just a little
out of date but that’s basically it for this business everything looks good from
a social standpoint as far as what exists
outside of that they do need to make a bunch of other pages they don’t have a
youtube account so we would do the same thing going through this presentation
but you know really all you’re looking for is what they’re doing properly or
what they’re doing incorrectly so when you go to a YouTube channel I’ll show
you guys another quick tool we go to YouTube really quick
it’s called vid IQ alright so if someone has a YouTube channel you can actually a
YouTube video let’s just pick you know whatever this is post Malone’s video I
guess we’re gonna press pause and then you can see right here that IQ does this
whole analysis of this video so you can see whether you know it has a good that
IQ score whether it has a good SEO score you can see the SEO scores kind of poor
here the description was small there’s not a lot of description links but you
know and their video tags it looks like they have number one number three and
number three so this is just a quick way for you to do an analysis of their
videos and make some suggestions to their video another quick tool for you
guys outside of that Instagram you can do things like social blade and we’re
gonna select YouTube or Instagram this is a great way to really view all kinds
of accounts and the growth over time so you can see like Siri or let’s do it’s
to a different type of page let’s see something relevant to dentistry dentist dentist Instagram accounts and we’ll see BOOOM disguise obviously doing well will
put his name in over here you can see since the account that we’re doing
doesn’t have an Instagram account we obviously can’t do anything for them but
if you do come across customer where they have an Instagram account you can
just plug them in here you can kind of check out how they’re growing daily or
how they’re decreasing daily what kind of images they’re uploading or if
they’re uploading at all it’s just a really cool way to do all of this stuff
you can also do it on YouTube twitch Twitter they don’t have facebook but
that’s why we use like eliezer so really cool tools socialblade definitely check
that one out so what we’re gonna get back to let’s get to the other example
okay so after we do their Google+ page you know we hear through we may do their
LinkedIn page if they’re more business savvy if they’re not what we basically
do is just tell them they need to get the account set up again all of this
goes towards SEO so the more accounts they get set up with links to their
business phone numbers addresses all of that information that relates back to
their business the more times that they show up on these social media accounts
with regards to a search engine looking for those accounts the more likely they
are to get more traffic to their site so definitely make sure that you mention
all of this and at least let them know in the audit somewhere you know when you
do a part where you’re making suggestions of what they need to do to
improve just make sure that you mention and make a note you know hey you need to
do this to show up higher in search engine results this stuff helps alright
next thing we’re gonna look into is their web presence so when I go to a
website the first thing that we’re gonna look at is obviously everything above
the fold make sure that they have called actions their phone number if they’re a
local business type situation you want their address and stuff obviously if
they’re a national business you don’t want their address at the top make sure
that their navigation is easy to use and very clean easy to find home about us
services another thing that some people will do is they put stuff that doesn’t
need to be in the navigation bar up here like I can’t even think of something
specifically but I’m sure that there’s some like people put like links to
another site or something in their navigational bar it’s just ridiculous
you don’t want too much there you don’t want too much going on to where it’s
confusing so you can see that there have their address and ours posted really
easily towards somebody clicks it boom takes them to their contacts or not
their contact but their locations and ours page gives them some images of
inside the facility a map another map it just makes it really easy for this so
that the site was designed really really well they have a really great site but
obviously they’re lacking in the social media area so I would go in and this is
where I would talk a lot about the good that they’re doing online how they even
include social presence with reviews on here on how they have a lot of call to
actions on the how they have you know promos available
for people to get a consultation second opinion Invisalign getting $500 off
$2.99 app home team teeth whitening with custom trays so these are people who
want to do teeth cleaning at home or teeth whitening at home they have video
content so they’re doing really really great here another thing is coming up to
the top checking their title so you can see Riley dental dentistry services in
Marietta Georgia and the zip code perfect that’s exactly what you want
there go to some of their other pages check it out you can see we have
dentistry cool all their services are listed great their team their location
and hours of contact special services they have some more the only thing
they’re really missing that I can see would be like blog content nope they
even have that it’s down here at the bottom though which makes it kind of
invisible so if they’re trying to get people to use their blog they’re
definitely not you might want to make that suggestion to them like hey this is
not even on your site so I have to click this image to go and it doesn’t even
take me back to the home page of the site so I basically just have to close
this out because it’s useless after that so those are some things you’ll want to
mention to them you can see they have a bunch of resources down here it looks
like patient forms they can make that easier to find for people but for the
most part the site looks really really great so you’ll just go through and in
this audit you’ll make you know some notes about their website so you can see
right here website is good but style needs to be modernized like for this
example social icons are present and above the fold that doesn’t necessarily
need to be the case anymore social icons actually should go below the fold now
just because you’re actually never trying to push people away from your
site you’re always trying to bring them to your site right so you don’t want
them to go to a social page because they don’t purchase things from your social
media pages they purchase them from the website so that’s why they go below
below the fold now it actually used to be where they were above the fold now
it’s below all necessary information needs to be up top there needs to be
some kind of call-to-action up top but you can see in this one we said you know
the biggest thing is you just need to get a better website so the next thing
you’re gonna do is when you do a website your review you’re gonna go to this tool
called up City and use this tool really quick and you can see here it does all
kinds of stuff for does your website ranked in the top 10 for dentists and
does it on being on Google on Yahoo and you can see right here they’re not
showing up for the the keyword dentists on Google Yahoo
were being so we would even do you know something more specific so if we were to
do this business again we would do dentist in Marietta and I would bet you
that what are we missing so if we do this again it’s gonna show
much better results for this section right here because I guarantee you he
probably has some keywords for dentist in Marietta another tool you’re gonna
want to use is yext and we’re gonna leave all of the links for these tools
down in the description below this video so make sure you check that description
we have tons of stuff by the way in that section down there coupons sometimes we
have other videos that you’re gonna want to watch tons of free tools and
software’s and trainings down there so make sure you check in that out
basically you enter in their business information and then it shows you how
accurate their listings are so whether they say the same address across every
website whether the phone number is the same or different you can see that they
have you know two main phone numbers showing up 503 yeah so that’s a third
phone number five oh three two one eight six seven six nine four oh nine four
nine seven one six six five six yeah they’ve got all kinds of phone numbers
all over the place they don’t have a lot of listings claimed yet you can see how
it says not found so you’re just gonna come in here all I do is I take
screenshots of this like you can see here we come in we take screenshots that
used to look like this so yext is actually updated their platform but we
just take screenshots of the missing listings and show them like I would take
a big screenshot of this section right here and show them how stuff is wrong
how phone numbers are missing and how they want to get everything to be the
same so you know there’s just a lot of listing help that they can that we could
help them with if you use a tool like we use called vendetta it’s actually a
software service that you can use basically you can charge people about
five hundred bucks a month for this software and it will update all of their
listings automatically for them so really cool service to use and makes
money off of this is a really cool way to get them interested in talking with
you and showing them hey you need to get this checked out so you can see when we
did the search for dentist in Marietta they’re actually in the top twenty which
is good or the top fifteen at least on google but on yahoo being there in forty
five so that means they need some help on search engines which means if i go to
google and type in dentist marietta obviously they show up here but in
search engine results which is where like content would pop up they’re not
showing up at all not everybody clicks this map section they’re not always
looking for a map sometimes they’re looking for a website and not everybody
who uses this little website button so again you’re trying to appeal to
everyone which means you need to be able to show up on the search engine results
as well so they’re not showing up here until you reach page 2 so let’s see if
we see them on page 2 Tyrell family in 2d Denney there’s tons of Dennis who are
showing up I still don’t see their URL stripe h3 do they have a different website east
cop smiles oh well that’s why I was looking for a
different website so let’s try this again East commie scabies copies so they are
showing up so that means basically they don’t show up every single time alright
so you may show up one time for a result but Google actually changes these
results up because they want to see who performs best so which way to do that
which better way to do that than ad testing so yeah that’s what you need to
know there basically this just does a guesstimate of how they’re looking with
regards to how they compare to their competitors for search engine results
they have link building so whether they’re doing good on building links and
backlinks shows how many they have shows whether their homepage title is good or
not and whether it contains the keywords you know this is just one keyword search
you can do different several different keyword searches but you know they have
dental dentistry services in Marietta Georgia that’s perfect website
accessibility they have great load speeds robots are able to read their
page great their site is over I think 12 years old 18 year no yeah over 12 years
old really great so really all you could recommend from this site is that they
need to do better in search into results so I would take a screenshot of this and
show them you know on average you’re not showing up on the first page of search
engine results outside of that again you’re gonna take
screenshots of this yext tool and throw that on there so that way they see sorry
going back to my original so that way they see stuff like this to make them
say oh god this does not look good like literally I take a picture of this
top section right here 67 because that’s an F and we would show them all right
look here’s where you’re messin up and then we would take a picture of this
section we’d even show them you know they need to create more links we could
adjust it if we needed to to show this properly you know and tell them hey
you’re doing good here the website is easily accessible it loads very quickly
and it has a Authority because of the fact that it’s twelve years old
right you guys have had that URL for 12 years so you guys are doing great thing
alright so those are some suggestions we would make now I keep going back to this
but I want to go back to this one alright now we’re gonna continue on so
you can see we did all of that now the next thing we do is just kind of do the
recommendation so for this site specifically I would
again I would say you know getting other social media pages on here basically so
that way you have more of a social presence I would say maybe something
like making this navigation bar a little bit bigger not too much bigger
mentioning that their blog section needs to be more prominent it’s not easy to
find but that’s basically it I would tell them that they did really great on
their website they just aren’t driving any social traffic to it because they
hardly have anything on social there also the fact that their search engine
presence isn’t doing so great because of the fact that it takes a very specific
search so dentist in Mary C where they show up now because that’s the thing
people do all kinds of different searches so they’re showing up like 5th
or 6 we want them to start showing up up here not up there sorry right here in
this very top section right here where all of these dentists are showing up and
you can even see look they have their reviews section showing up right here
which means they’re optimizing their Google+ account so we need to get them
to have their average you know either their listings show up better to where
it’s more appealing this website right here Coast coast dental probably gets
more clicks than any of these because they show a review rating right here
plus if you’re looking for a dentist in Marietta we’re thrilled you found us
welcome to the coastal dental Marietta trade center you know there’s tons of
stuff right here that makes this more clickable than any of these other ads
down here and then again you’re just going to want to give them suggestions
on what they can do to fix this so again if their blog isn’t showing up I would
say make sure that they talk to their web developer and have them add the blog
section to the navigation bar at the top or as a completely separate section down
below right in here they could add their blog section or content down here right
so that’s a little bit different again make some good notes you guys are
getting social you have your map here so it’s easy to find all of these things
are things you want to mention in the audit now most of that is going to you
know Drive them to at least with this particular customer it’s going to say
hey you guys need to really focus on improving your social so that way you
guys can get a better result here but really the social media is the social
media accounts aren’t doing that great they’re getting a ton of reviews which
is awesome but they’re not really driving to much engagement outside of
likes you know you can see one or two comments one or two shares and that’s
really it so we want to do something to maybe up the engagement may be getting a
contest going where they’re gonna give away like free whitening for a year to
somebody or something like that where we get a ton of engagement that would get a
huge following on this account plus you know sharing it with there’s no other
accounts once they get set up and then really outside of that guys towards the
end you want to start showing them things like this why your business is
better you know what you can do to help what they need to fix so I do a
comprehensive review at the end to go over everything that they need to finish
and then you provide a solutions list at the very end to say alright you need to
start doing this with your social media you need to start including more video
here’s a list of tools you can use to start posting more video on your site
here’s a link to HootSuite where you can start using that to schedule your video
and make it super simple but you guys see get the idea most of it hasn’t
changed a lot of it is still pretty much the same but I want you guys to
understand you know this isn’t what you take in and like you don’t try to pitch
them okay so in the first meeting you’re not really trying to talk about your
services your whole reason for building this audit is to give them value you
shouldn’t focus anything on your services or on your products or anything
like that it should be all about providing value so when you build this
ought to keep that in mind and then when you go in with that first earth for that
first meeting you shouldn’t be trying to bring up any conversation about your
products or services wait for them to ask you they will ask you trust me if
you’re doing your job properly and you’re presenting this audit and you’re
going into all the things that they can fix and how they can fix it giving them
actual solutions on how they can fix it they’re gonna start asking you about
your pricing and your products and your services that you offer again don’t drop
price in that first video you know you want to mention things like well I would
have to do something specific or custom through you but you know don’t drop any
price just leave it as is and talk about the content or not
talk about the comment talk about the services that you do offer and what kind
of results you’re able to get them what type of solutions really you’re you’re
able to provide them with those those services so again guys if you want a
copy of this digital marketing audit and even the full training on the video and
going through it and stuff like that all you need to do is check the description
below we’re gonna leave a link for you to download your copy of the digital
marketing audit um last but not least just make sure you subscribe and like
this video if it was helpful for you if it provided some new information for you
on creating an audit that would be great outside of that the last thing is just
check the description again for all other trainings all of their coupons
you know promotions anything out there that we do on digital marketing or at
serial entrepreneur Academy is included down there including our blog which has
all of this information as well on there so thanks guys I really appreciate it I
hope this video was interesting and for you and we cut it by 10 minutes so I’m
okay with that 36 minutes because you guys needed a ton
of body value to make sure you get this done the right way all right I’m getting
out of here thank you guys make sure you show a friend this video so they can get
some new info alright guys so until next time Cereal Entrepreneur out later ready
to start living the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle
well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and
internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started
with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see
in the course Cereal Entrepreneur out


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