Creating a Mixed-Media Piece · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Creating a Mixed-Media Piece · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Hey you lot! Welcome back to my channel! Todays penultimate video in this sketchbook
series is a bit of fun with different art materials, a few methods and things that I
normally don’t use very often. I’m calling it mixed media cos I do use
a few different things in this but to be honest a lot of the mixed media I typically see is
a lot more adventurous and proper like end up 3D on a page. I just feel like that would be a whole new
realm of experimentation for me, too many different things for me to buy that I don’t
currently have. So yeah I stuck with something quite pared
back but still I think quite fun and experimental, just using stuff I had. So I printed off one of the patterns that
I’d painted on the page next to this one. As usual I printed it onto sticky paper, I
don’t remember the brand of it but it was pretty much just the cheapest photo paper
with a sticky back on amazon. I don’t even remember what I searched to
find it but I do think its quite a common thing. And then I went through a magazine just cutting
out a few things that caught my eye, things with nice patterns and colours. Home and garden magazines are always great
for cutting things out of cos you get lots of pictures of different textures and patterns
in fabric and wallpapers and then loads of lovely outdoor photos of gardens and flowers
and things. And luckily for me my grandma buys pretty
much one of every single magazine in her local shop so whenever I go round I come back with
a massive pile of them and a whole load of pages to cut stuff out of. So I tried a few layouts for sticking things
in and this is what I settled on and then the first thing I went in with was the acrylic
ink that I still haven’t had a chance to try out properly. The thing I like about it, and the reason
I bought it, is being able to lay down different values by watering it down. So I started out with the most diluted one
first and then built up opacity and darkness with each layer I added and I just like the
depth that that gives things. I’m looking forward to using this as maybe
an underpainting step in future paintings to help map out the lighter and darker areas. Everything I’m doing is really at random
and not at all thought about too much. I just had a few supplies laid out around
me and kind of grabbed things here and there if they took my fancy. I was obviously going for quite a leafy look
to go with the cutouts that I’d stuck in. Um so yeah almost done with the series! I have actually already filmed the last page
so depending on how long that takes to edit it might be up tomorrow or Monday. And I mean, just in my opinion it is my favourite
page out of all of them I really can’t wait to share it with you guys. This one as well though I really love the
effect of all the leaves and things in the background, I like how it takes up the whole
page with colour and pattern, its a really nice thing to have in my sketchbook, brightening
it up and adding some real interest. So I finished up with some acrylic paint just
dotted around, I wanted some bright almost neon colours just I don’t know, cos they
didn’t really feel like they fit the page because its quite dull in colours, I wanted
a bit of something to make it stand out. And then to balance it a bit I also added
some red which just kind of felt like it worked. So that’s all for today, I hope you guys
all liked it. I think this is a great way to get something
done in your sketchbook so hopefully you’ll all give it a go. And yea hope you’re having a good weekend,
see you soon for the next video. Bye!


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