Crazy Kadhal  || Araathi || Tamada Media

Crazy Kadhal || Araathi || Tamada Media

Are you missing something? ya, I am missing my dad! I mean, are you missing any ‘thing’? A Thing?! alright, give it! We just got married! ya, give it! I tied all of the three knots by myself! give it!!! Sir, Please I love you daughter so much! Can’t live without her! please let me marry her! please get up! I thought of getting her married to someone working abroad! Sir, I’ll take care of her! I have been taking good care of my daughter since 23 years ! sir, you have been taking care of her since 20 years only. I already started taking care for since three years! I am not getting you?! We have been living together since three years! We used to stay together, eat together, sleep together and even took bath together! sir, what happened? dad, please drink water! dad?! Why are you doing like this? yes, I’ll keep doing this! I am asking you to stop and how dare you keep smoking! If you mind f*ck me, this is how I will do! Do you understand the seriousness? My family started talking about my wedding! They don’t know that we have been living together! What can I do for that? Go marry whom your family says! You will never understand! Why did I move in with you! Hey, stop! You have changed a lot! you don’t care to spend time with me! Hey, I am being with you! It’s been two days we both met! I have a work outside! Do you think I am jobless? If you always want me with you, then we have to be in the same house! I can’t move in with you! I am not ready for live-in! please please! Look how cute these kids are! Oh you like kids? Who doesn’t.?! So, Can I help you to get a kid? get lost! Which floor are you going? What are you doing? Nothing! You were looking for the camera, right? No! I saw what you were checking! There is no camera here! I didn’t ! You did! I didn’t ! You did! I didn’t ! You did! I didn’t ! I need to say you something! I like you so much! More than my mother! huh, Not more than my mother! But I’ll do anything for you! I am even ready to spare my life for you! But please don’t ask me to do so! According to Darren Bukowski, there should be a reason for a life to bloom and bud! If it is a suicide, there will be a blank space created! What are you trying to say? See, this slipper pairs with this only! (such an idiot!) I think you are not getting what I am trying to say! Can I say with a poem? (Reciting a poem for her) Listen, I am seeing you whenever you see me! I am wearing your favorite colour, black! What else you want to know? I love you too! (Really?!) Dude,What? Tell me dude! Dude, Look at her slowly! I’ll count 1,2,3.. then you look at her slowly! When she comes, dude she is here! Dude, look at her! She is looking at me dude! Doesn’t look like she is looking at you, dude! What to do now? Ask if she wants to order something! order something! It’s my bike! Hey! stop stop! You! please stop! Your name? Your phone number please? Only then I can call you and ask for your address! Why do you need my address? To courier this! Adingggaaaaaaa Hi folks, Here is our director and music director. Watch this video again of you like it. Do like, comment, share and subscribe to our channel Araathi! Click on the bell icon too!


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