100 thoughts on “COVID-19 update: Trudeau warns of potential enforcement measures”

  • What about the people who work to provide food and supplies for the public that are not frontline medics and nurses?
    Like grocery store and pharmacy workers?

    What about those that NEED to work because they might loose their house? Or can’t feed their families?

    Those are the people that can’t “stay home”; what will they do when business dwindles and they can’t find financial aid?

    I’m not bashing Trudeau, I just have questions to be answered.

  • People don't listen. It's like when it's time to vote…People think my 1 vote won't make a difference…this is the same..People think it's just me just 1 quick stop, I feel fine etc…. People will never ever work together, agree or unite for any reason…this will not even begin to get better until everyone is on the same page of everyone is forced by the military to quarantine. All these little baby steps and silly attempts to gently close this down….lesson he's here and there, wash your hands….none of it will stop this. People are selfish .

  • Henrylegrand Legrandhenry says:

    After the covid19 and the boots on the ground what next ?
    Global zimbabweation or global venezuelation
    Still sleepwalking !

  • Please prime minister lockdown the countryy that is the only solution to save many lives. Many workplaces are still open we dont feel safe

  • Catherine OBrien says:

    I am seeing a lot of teenagers still visiting thier friends and having thier friends over. Even when thier houses are under self quarentine. I think the PM should be addressing the teenagers. They really don't understand the seriousnes of this. Alot of teenagers feel invincable, and are not realizing that its not only about them but everyone else in thier home's that would be in grave danger, if this virus is brought into thier home's.

  • i cant help but think, because rich old men run the world, they put this quarantine in effect to protect them from the young and healthy plebs spreading the virus..

  • harvard admitted to spraying chalk to combat climate change. 2019
    chalk displaces oxygen.
    massive breathing problems

    bible predicted all that has and is happening

  • ThaGanjaPrincess says:

    Why not do what taiwan does.. mandate specific travel (cabs) for people to get from the airport to home, monitor that they are staying home (taiwan gives them a cell phone and makes them check in 3 to 4 times a day, delivers food or prescriptions as needed, and makes sure they have income like ei expedited… taiwan is an incredible example of a nation dealing with covid19. Schools and colleges are in session, grocery stores have fixed pricing set by the govt so stores can't over price in demand items, limits are also set on quantities you can buy so all their shelves are stocked.. and so many more measures we could be taking so our economy can continue to thrive…

  • iam1ina1000000 says:

    ?? Seriously… people start hoarding toilet paper and politicians get all pissy and decide enforce laws to stop it, but greedy corporations can hoard hundreds of billions of dollars in offshore tax free islands and avoid paying taxes and politicians do nothing! (Proof again that 'puppet' politicians are owned by corporations that 'donate' millions of dollars to their election and re-election campaigns in exchange for favours owed once elected, while the people that elected them to serve and protect them are ignored and forced to survive as slaves to debt.)

  • How come these talking heads are still working? Tax money down the toilet.Quarantine does not apply for these guys? Privileged caste?

  • Bring something to BC… people are not taking this seriously. It's business as usual, stores all lined up STILL and shelves are empty everyday. The police are powerless to do anything, we are in a high risk situation with the homeless and drug addicted population that has exploded in places like Kelowna and Vancouver. These individuals are making false claims of having covid to avoid leaving apartment buildings etc and are putting other law abiding Canadians at risk. The police cannot enforce quarantine. The police told us there is no testing available. Soon buildings will be over run with criminals and addicts and nothing anyone can do to get rid of them. Read a story today how they tried to arrest someone for a crime and they purposely coughed and spat on police officer. so now that officer is in isolation for 14 days and will be tested. They can test… they pick and choose who they test. If California can shut down a state of 40 million for 30 days, Canada should be able to do it as well. If not, this will continue to spread here in BC.

  • Find out, there is the creation of a supreme court for peoples, encouraged by the Human Rights, starting with a free France… Renseignez-vous, il y a la création d'une cours suprême pour les peuples, encouragée par les droits de
    l'Homme, depuis une France libre:

  • Find out, there is the creation of a supreme court for peoples, encouraged by the Human Rights, starting with a free France… Renseignez-vous, il y a la création d'une cours suprême pour les peuples, encouragée par les droits de
    l'Homme, depuis une France libre:

  • Shame…and I mean shame, to all mainstream media in Canada, which spews out nothing but lies and BS. Want an honest interview, contact me if you have the courage. I bet you won't.

  • It's his own fault this virus got into Canada, he should've closed the borders and the airport's and prevented travel the very moment he found out instead of quietly waiting for many people to get it. He knew well in advance this was going to happen but chose not to take immediate actions.

  • The list of essential businesses is a joke. Basically everything is still open except retail and salons. This government doesn’t care about the people it’s a front they only want to continue filling their pockets!

  • So my boss ain't closing work unless hes told to… I just work in a bodyshop but I'd say a car is a good vessel to transport a virus.

  • To the old people, you should know better by now, whatever happens you have no sympathy from me, you account for 90% of the crowds I've seen. GO.HOME.

  • Look at India… Stopped all international flights… Put 1.3 billions in lockdown… Shares boarders with China and close to Iran and has just 500 cases so far. Look at Canada …Other part of world but has 700 cases in single day….

  • People are still trying to get EI and help while they sit at home since they can't go to work. Get that into gear also. They need more people taking calls.

  • François Caron says:

    the part he says people think they're invincible hahaha dude, i'm on a comp, you're on the t.v., will you really menace u.s.?

  • Don't worry about rent or your bills or food, the government has your back! Haahahahahahahhahahgahahgaagaggagaaa ahhahahahahahahahahahhah

  • Glad the reporters can laugh! Our Prime Minister has basically wagged his finger at us while leaving the boarders open…even when he has claimed its dire…flights continue to pour in with out a test in sight. Yet we Canadians are to blame. If this is so serious then why didn't the government take serious measures at our borders.

  • How about stopping predatory commercial landlords that are bullying small businesses and destroying the economy for years to come by killing Canada's small business by demanding rents when we are required to be closed!

  • Well I live with 5 people who work, so my best bet is actually to be OUT of the house. Just walking around alone keeping my distance, talking to the other normal people. Play a bit of Pokemon Go, take some nature pictures. Antagonize the neighborhood cats.

  • Jaskaran fatehgarhia says:

    Hello sir trudeau please why u do not impose curfew like India ????…. why u still let people go out and spread virus ??

    All Businessman are soo cheap and greedy that they take advantage of essentials category business and still running work regardless of workers health working there …. so mean toronto employerss ??

  • I say if people don’t isolate and ther all running around in groups put them in jail also make sue people close stores like ther supposed to I was born in sackville newbrunswick right on the border I think all provinces should block borders my sister is working on masks right as we speak in Ajax ont she is working with a few others in a textile factory people will come together and help each other I stay home I have copd and don’t want it I’m 61 so I stay in and my girl works at hospital so I got to be careful this is not funny it’s no joke please stay home if you don’t need to go out don’t

  • Planes for of ISIS covered in Corona viruses on the way with AIR CANADA…, nice one Justin, nice one… very left hand…

  • Thank you to all who have to deal with public every day you are brave the store clerk and right down to the psw people really appreciate all on the front line be safe all wash your hands keep a 6 foot distance go out only if you have to peace and love to all Canadians

  • The Liberal government took too long to test people coming from abroad, and didn't bother to prevent and test illegal immigrants from entering the country. They really dropped the ball on this one.

  • Jaden Reynolds says:

    So Martial Law.. lol. Normalizing people with "isolation". The Earth is my home, I can step out whenever I choose too!

    The reality they are creating before our eyes is madness.

  • 5 billion for farmers…. they were farming and are affected in the middle of winter ??? I don't get why anything would have changed for them ?? They were told to stay on the farm to isolate… where they make their money ?? anyone have insight lol

  • Name Notnecessary says:

    My belief in GOD allows me to keep my faith in HIM and stay positive therefore I trust faith over fear➡️covid19
    -better to be fearless than fearful

  • Trudeau is the worst leader in Canadian history we Canadians want Trudeau and his liberals out of government now now NOW Trudeau is the problem he caused this by not acting sooner Trudeau should be put in jail

  • They're saying this is the new virus how was your science behind it already how do they know how long it last or how do they know anything about it and I don't understand how this virus started in China overnight killing so many people?

  • If Trudeau was really concerned he would have stopped illegal border crossings and flight from China a long time ago. But he didn't since he admires the basic dictatorship of China.

  • My question is am I going to still be able to walk my dog and go out for my once a week shopping for my basic grocery shopping, I deal with people all hockey season I don't mind self isolating in my house for a few weeks

  • azmi kaleciklioglu says:

    Try also for Corona virus sumac hearb it’s very powerful believe me it’s for trying word cheap and good Look if you believe or not but this is recipe of Islamic profet Mohammed SAV who knows can maybe help i will try i ordered from internet 1 April will come science should make a test for this all the answers are on Nature i saw a video from internet i share this it's possible to try don't think religious good luck world

  • Adriana Perusin says:

    Please, stop translating the French speech! Trudeau is translating himself. The Prime Minister has been very respectful with both English and French speakers, we would immensely appreciate if CBC News can do the same. Thanks

  • I'm in NS I had to go shopping yesterday so I wore a mask, I was the only person wearing a mask I was treated like I was a carrier rather than just a person choosing to wear a mask and that is unacceptable and created by bad news and conflicting information. Imagine a mask that works for my doctor but doesn't work for me. I'm open for an explanation to that even though I know the answer.

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