100 thoughts on “COVID-19 update: Trudeau implements Quarantine Act”

  • I think both the U.S and Canada Govermemts have completely downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19. As a result, both Governments should shoulder the blame. Both Governments had almost three-month advanced notice regarding the serious consequences of COVID-19 from what was happening in China which shut down the entire province of Wuhen. Wuhen alone has a population of 18 million people. In the mean while, both Governments did nothing but waited until COVID-19 arrived at our front doors. What transpired are the sharp rise in COVID-19 patients in our hospitals without adequate medical equipments for the front line hospital in workers who are suppose to help the COVID-19 patients! It is not a joke that when hospital nurses can't even protect themselves in harms way because they are entitled to one surgical mask for a 12 hour shift.

  • ya I'm sure the courts are going to get a million dollars out of transient street people who have not quarantined themselves — I guess they're all going to jail.

  • Erik Careswell says:

    We are SO fortunate to have Trudeau during this. If you disagree… consider Americans under Trump during this… may they survive and flourish despite him.

  • Unfortunately, there are some people who deliberately coughing when they get to a person without putting anything in front of their mouth or do it in their arm! ?

  • Ruslan Fedoran says:

    How many billionaires are in the world ? Why are we worry about money ? This is the time to save the world not worry when we can open things up again. If we open everything in one month we will have allot more sick and dead people latter and it will get out off control. Just like it did in January 2020 stay strong and stay home.

  • Here’s a quick check. Keep track of people coming into Canada, Look at their visa and bank transactions. Was it done at a store? Or online?

  • This is one time when it's a lucky thing that we have a Liberal Government. If it was the Conservatives we would all be on our own.

  • Thanks to Trudeau for taking responsibility like an adult and doing his best with an impossible situation. It's nice that you really feel for other people.

  • Well at least they've learned their lessons and probably lots more lessons to learn. Hopefully after all of this is done our liberty and freedoms aren't completely wiped out

  • willem feather says:

    Parliament is implementing the Act, not Trudeau. Canadians will not willingly allow him to become a dictator, even with CBC’s collusion.

  • BETWEEN THIS TIME UNTIL APRIL 6 WILL BE THE WORST TIME TO BE OUTSIDE!!! The virus is now at it's peak and the people that feel they have it will be infecting others if they go outside, so please DO NOT GO OUTSIDE UNLESS ITS AN EMERGENCY DURING THIS TIME!! Please help our senior citizens 🙁

    THE VIRUS IS AIRBORNE!!! as simple as that, it cannot be protected by wearing mask unless its the N95 special duty mask! Please do hot-steam inhaling techniques, either in sauna or by boiling water in a cup/bowl and inhaling it for 5-10 minutes! (it worked for me and im disease free now).. Hot air/steam kills bacteria. Keep drinking lemon water and hot liquids!!! It might not work for some who had more critical type issue or other immunodeficiencies but if it helps save one person's life, i will do whatever I can. Please share this with your family & friends!!

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  • Trudeau, you have to lock it down. If you are paying attention to Italy, Spain, UK and the US, you have to lock down NOW.


  • I hope all the conservatives don't take any of the government handout because remember that socialist and you guys don't like that!

  • Libs Hate Montesquieu says:

    Canadians still can't come to the fact that this is China's fault as well as the Willy nilly no screening at airports with people returning from the third world carrying disease's.

  • Justin Trudeau never cared about the health of countless Canadians who suffered in pain from the coronavirus pandemic. His actions speak louder than words.

  • Trump had warned everyone Trudeau is a WEAK LEADER but was voted in anyways, you have to watch what you wish for, look at carpet face now he doesn't have a clue who to listen to..

  • Wonder how he feels about not getting away with that sneaky bill, Justin Trudeau is nothing but a little weasel and a coward .

  • How Agenda 21 is Heading towards Agenda 30 that explains with logic everything going on at the moment with COVID-19. The New World order coming to reality.

  • hey, if these PR's could zoom, Skype or whatever why were they flying all over the world, and wasting taxpayers money.
    the chinese created virus was likely spread by those meetings in Brussels. Greta may be right in that to much jet trails from wasteful flights. Greenpeace said the air is the best since the start of the industrial age.

  • CBC is a joke, Canada and all our specialist don't even hold a candle to the knowledge of the USA, Their medical system is likely to cure this before anyone, and the White house is reporting and answering question everyday. If Canada follows the Trudeau rabbit down the hole, we will not recover.

  • Ricky Rickardo says:

    I'm so proud of Quebec for taking the lead. I hope they win, they deserve it for all of the hard work, they were way behind but picked it up fast. For protection they should lock themselves and there children in their cars roll up the windows and light up the smokes. I heard it ward's off the virus.

  • “COVID-19 is a global crisis, and demands a global response.” I wish our governments felt the same way about global warming. We’d get things fixed a lot faster :,)

  • Trudeau was allowing migrants into our country from the States and no media has criticized him for this. Just recently Trudeau decided to stop the crossing of the so called border and how many of these people may have brought the virus with them. Trudeau in my opinion may have added to the spread of the deadly virus to we Canadians by not closing the illegal crossing sooner.

  • This is a PM who was letting illegals cross the border for months during this crisis. Then blocked the media when exposed.

  • zedrick zedwick says:

    mk ultra mind controlled justin. poor guy was molested by his dad and 2 weeks before the lawyer with evidence to implicate pierre, the lawyer gets killed coincidentally of course… let’s look at the bigger picture of this corrupt government which is controlled by the england royals and the rothschild family. wake up people.

  • Aurora Pabustan says:

    Try to help the needy,and equipments for hospital and care for the front liners pls. Two of my family are in the frontline.I pray to our Lord to protect and guide Canada and Philippines and the whole world.Amen we need to have trust to Him.

  • if the citizens of the world are not yet savvy to internet and texting scams -they deserve the loss -common sense is not common.

  • Giving our equipment away was rediculous. Now if they had checked that we had enough for an epidemic, an epidemic. Since it was sent because of an epidemic, the risk factor to our own country should have been the first consideration. This was not done obviously or we would have enough equipment. Too little too late Mr. Trudeau.

  • Russell Zacharias says:

    Got a nickel that says sooner rather than later any shipment of "medical devices" scheduled to leave the US will be stopped at the border and told to return to point of origin. Ref: question regards trans border shipping between US and Canada

  • Ricky Rickardo says:

    I just heard Trudeau say the word integrity. I never thought I would put the words justin Trudeau and integrity in the same sentence. The world has changed..

  • Russell Zacharias says:

    Believe it when I receive it.
    How do they figure 10 days to get it up and running and then 14 days for someone to receive a benefit, so that puts it middle of April (so one end of month series of bills past due and another 2 weeks away) and any other time "benefits" are the order (tax returns and EI) how long has that time frame been?
    Isn't the need the same, just with the COVID 19 there are A LOT more people involved.

  • Ricky Rickardo says:

    How are the railway protesters making out? They have the answer. Our fearless leader should be tirelessly negotiating with these upstanding citizens to stop the inevitable apocalypse.

  • I think after this it's fair to say these "essential" people being forced to work through a pandemic should be paid like essential people. Women who dance around in their underwear get paid 100x more…

  • If you're a disabled single, be sure you don't go $50 over your regular budget. The government's one-time emergency assistance for singles on ODSP is $50.

  • There will be more suicides caused by this ridiculous shutdown, way more suicides than deaths from the virus itself.

  • Why did Trudeau send 16 tons of personal protective equipment to China when anyone could see we would need them. Now nurses have to wear surgical masks in some provinces because we do not have adequate supplies of N95 masks.

  • A lot of people don’t like Trudeau but I think the job he did during this time will leave a positive legacy I will remember that he stepped up and kept us safe , unlike trump who they will remember for the opposite

  • 23:30: "It is absolutely essential that all travellers go into a 14 day kwarenty–kwarenteen–kwarrentyne when they come back from travel"

  • The Gouvernement talk only about money and numbers even for jobs seekers there is nothings! The cases are 4000+ why? Why canada it is not shut down until now? Car traffic ….. people going out without reason…. some countries they have 200 cases and they freak out and they control the spread of the virus, enouph with numbers and money which job seekers will not have it and start closing everything! For 10 days or more.

  • Trevor England says:

    That Toupee is as ridiculous as
    not closing the border for an entire month and
    then telling Canadian citizens they need to be careful of their actions this guy is so incompetent
    he did not take an action on the behalf of Canadian citizens
    for over a month after
    Donald Trump closed his borders…
    History will record thousands of deaths in Canada that Justin Trudeau's incompetence is directly responsible for.

  • Mandatory quarantine? Shouldn’t you have done this when Canada had 0 cases? Don’t you think it’s too late? Rather being reactive shouldn’t you have been proactive. Besides even if you mandate mandatory quarantine how are you making sure that they do so? Bottom line the PM didn’t do it’s job to protect Canadians on time.

  • itschristoffah says:

    Canada: Do NOT follow America. Do NOT wait for their decisions to act on your own. Be a LEADER as a smart, proactive nation. America’s leadership is a total JOKE!

  • CBC News does nothing about reporting how Trudeau's government and benefits have been aimed at businesses and not the lowest paid workers. Why is the government willing to spend money to prop up wages, yet those who have lost their jobs and must rely on EI receive as little as 55 percent of their previous wages. Many businesses are cutting back on their business hours. Are there any benefits for a worker who, (as a full-time employee, and must be available anytime and cannot work another job), do when only given 30 hours (or less) to work? It's amazing that no one can be found on CBC News to criticize bailing out airlines, (after dumping their employees onto EI), nor to criticize that the LCBO, beer stores, and cannabis stores are "essential services."

  • Glad to see a lot of ppl in the comments are waking up to this BS. Gov stripping us of our freedoms little, by little each day. Pay attention.

  • People were told not to go on vacation but they went anyway. Such mentality gives them a free pass to stay where the are and deal. Take responsibility for your actions.

  • When the G7 leaders met, one of America's objectives was to formally rebrand this as the "China virus or "Wuhan virus"? That administration is beyond pathetic.

  • I got 2 words things about all people not only workers and businesses
    And second put the country in real quarantine and stop the car traffic.

  • I think this guys is convinced he's a rock star…why is it all other world leaders… Trump, Tory, Ford, Comeau etc…are out in front giving their updates but Super Star continues to hide out?

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