COVID-19: More Great News

COVID-19: More Great News

alright guys I have some more great news
on the COVID-19 okay I know you’ve been hearing a lot of bad news
every five seconds if you watch the news I think it’s time for some good news
I’m gonna put some links down below I really want you to check these out and
really watch the videos read the articles there’s a French study
involving 36 patients targeting COVID-19 with a hundred percent of the patients
recovering in six days they used a medication called hydroxychloroquine
okay this medication allows zinc to penetrate
the cell wall and zinc is like the monkey wrench in the viral machinery to
stop the reproduction of that virus so zinc does the killing but this
medication opens the door to allow it to penetrate now they also did a second
trial with eighty patients and it showed clinical improvement in every single
one of those cases except two one man was 86 years old
the other one was 74 and they apparently had some preexisting issues but to show
that much improvement is very promising and also just to note they didn’t just
use hydroxychloroquine they also used an antibiotic as well
now this next doctor in New York Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is an amazing medical
doctor which I’m gonna show you a clip on what he said but check this out in
699 COVID-19 cases there was a hundred percent success rate and we’re
defining success rate as the patient did not die okay I mean that’s significant
so he used hydroxychloroquine which is this mechanism right here I talked about
z-pak which is an antibiotic to handle the secondary infections that occur once
it hits the lungs and he used zinc okay this treatment only cost $25 and he’s
recommending that you hit it hard with this protocol and hit it early in
certain patients once it hits the lungs it
starts creating damage and there’s gonna be a point of no return so if you get it
in time you can create huge benefits check out what he says right here many
doctors are coming on board they are having similar results I beg and plead
and when first of all I want to thank the president you know we have to keep
America healthy again so make them hurt get healthy again and
I want to thank the president for approving the use of this drug and that
was rather I mean that was a rather gutsy thing for him to do I love he said
he had a good feeling about it and the truth is I
he’s very intuitive and I have the same intuition I really feel that this is the
answer and let me tell you I think if you scale this nationally the economy
will rebound much quicker will the country will be open again and let me
tell you a very important point this treatment costs $20 well will is the
treatment so the actual cost of the medicine is $20 yeah and that’s very
important because you can scale that nationally you know if every treatments
cost $20,000 that’s not so good that’s that’s for the five days of for the five
days of these pills because they’re old pills but all I’m doing is repurposing
old available drugs which we know and we know their safety profiles using them in
a unique combination in the outpatient setting is the $20 treatment yes and
with medicines that have been used forever yes and we know then we know the
side effects of the medicine yes what’s the worst side effect you have to deal
with you who said oh you said with young people you’re a little hesitant because
it’s not cost-free in terms of side effects what what right there’s a
concern of heart rhythm problems from this from the hydroxy yeah hold although none
of my colleagues have ever seen it and as it reacts together any others
no minor stuff let me tell you something if there’s a one in 10,000 chance of
having a heart rhythm but but there’s a 6% chance of
the virus of course well that’s why the president’s decision was so right
was it was so logical but because we’re sort of there’s a tyranny of you must
follow the process but we’re gonna get through this doctor and we’re gonna get
through it because of people like you let me tell you something your community
of great Americans and you just keep thinking of solutions thinking the
solutions just like the president you know you know you don’t sit there and
just be a victim you try to figure out how are we gonna fight back if we scale
this nationally this will significantly improve the situation
all right next success with dr. William Grace oncologist in Lexon Hill Hospital
in New York he’s been using hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic
with really good results not one death all right number four there was a study
by NIH using zinc showing a decrease in morbidity relating to lower respiratory
tract infections and there was another study in vitro by NIH using
hydroxychloroquine and in vitro means in a lab outside the body but they found
out it was a potent killer of the coronavirus anyway I wanted to keep the good
news coming there’s some great things happening that I’m gonna be doing videos
in the upcoming weeks and if you haven’t seen my video on boosting the immune
system I put it right here check it out


100 thoughts on “COVID-19: More Great News”

  • dr.eric need help, i cannot find any zinc supplement aside from zinc sulfate. can i take zinc sulfate with green tea?

  • Thank you Dr Berg for your kind & calm nature, for spreading the intelligence and compassion. You are a fabulous asset to Earth, particularly now! ????

  • Wish it was over doing my head in this lockdown in uk feel really depressed can't go to sister's only shops feel suicidal been crying every day it's horrible ????

  • Rick LaBarbera says:

    dr. berg …. what form of zinc? citrate, sulfate,gluconate? all three equally effective? also…liquid, lozenge, or tablet?

  • I am very disappointed to see this from Dr Berg, someone who I have been following for four years. What he has here omitted to say is that a follow up study at the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris on eleven patients (of course statistically very insignificant) tested the hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin combination. At the beginning ten had fevers (unlike in the study he here mentions) and using the same doses eight of the 10 patients still tested positive for COVID-19 after six days. Of these 10 patients, one patient died, two were transferred to the ICU and another had to be removed from the treatment due to serious complications.
    Unless I have missed it, there is no mention of zinc in the original report which is available on line.
    Both studies are tiny and therefore of little statistical relevance.

    Meanwhile I have read that supplies of hydroxychloroquine, sold by the brand name Planquenil, for people who need it for malaria and other treatments are dangerously low.
    By going for the political propaganda and quoting corrupt politicians, Dr Berg is putting in question other parts of his work which I have not fact checked.

  • The way they're kissing up you'd think this was a novel idea (pun intended). But it's not, this type of protocol has been used in other countries already.

  • Can people who are on blood pressure medication like ramipril take hydroxychloroquine? And what if some people already get palpitations, arrythmias or ectopic beats can they still take hydroxychloroquine?

  • This is so positive on these days where we should be out enjoying the sun rays everyone is house bound in fear ? yet the $25 dolar medication could change all that why is this not happening in our NHS hospitals instead we are losing the people that are there too save lives makes no sense.

  • Thank you Dr Berg. It a wonderful to hear the great news since the media only focuses on deaths. Appreciate all your information

  • Simone Agbodjan says:

    Dr. RAOULT DIDIER from France came out with that treatment. Here has been receiving death threats since we use to take that med to prevent malaria. I hated it, it is so bitter! Thank God

  • This will never work because we have failed on every level. We are not even testing unless we are certain hospitalization is required, and by then effectiveness will drop greatly. Unlike countries in Asia like Taiwan, you need a prescription to get hydroxychloroquine. I work in a NY hospital, and we are rarely giving it, claiming little evidence. They are also concerned about cardiac issues when Zpac and hydroxychloroquine are combined.

  • Leonard Winokur says:

    To our arsenal we can add he lauric acid and monolaurin in coconut oil. These substances have antimicrobial properties, including antiviral action against certain viruses. These compounds are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and do not lead to antibiotic/antiviral resistance on the part of the pathogens.

  • What amazes me most here is the number of tin hatters chiming in. All I can say is damned fools ! They find something that is proven to work nearly all the time with a 1 in 10,000 chance of causing heart arrhythmia and all you fools think of is corporate conspiracies. I truly shake my head at you supposedly educated ,or is it “woke” people. Please feel free to sidestep both treatment and or the eventual vaccine as I’m sure someone else will appreciate it elsewhere.

  • Travis Jordan says:

    Berg focuses on the win again, without breaking a sweat, raising his voice, or scaring the children. Bravo!

  • Juan Carlos Munera. says:

    This video started off well, but then just something didn't seem right, I felt its a bit of propaganda mixed with some factual details. I even think some of the comments below are made by people to push the propaganda-like video, you can just tell the comments are not genuine. This is not what a real medical video or scientific video looks like. The video has actually had the opposite effect on me personally of what I think it was meant for.

  • Despite the. negative effect that putting Mr. G into this video had, you have to admit that it hit some nerves and generated a cascade of comments expressing a fairly narrow range but consistent concerns that people have right now. It must keep you awake some nights thinking about the best way to utilize the trust you worked hard to earn from your viewers. It’s your legacy now. Guard it carefully and may God bless and guide you.

  • Marcelo Padovani says:

    Hi Dr Eric there in Brasil Dr Pedro Batista Jr from Prevent Senior implemented a protocol in early stages and have a case of 250 lives saved already. They are about to publish their paper asap

  • I love your information Dr. Berg but I could do without the Trump propaganda – he’s done more harm in this crises than help .

  • Northern Beast says:

    Wait, are these medications only for those who are positive with COVID-19 or for anyone with symptoms? Are there any side effects from these medications?

  • ExoticIndiaBarbie says:

    Dr. Berg knows what he is doing. He knows people's lives in mass numbers are on the line here. He showed a clip of another person giving praise to #45 who also informed all of us of the true low cost of the medication. Pharmaceutical companies are known to price gouge, so he exposed a true cost of the drug. He locked in the price with this video to save lives. He has never done anything political ever. But like I said, he knows what he is doing. He is saving lives.

  • Dr. Raoul from Marseille (France) waw the first one who announced that this medication was efficient against Covid 19


    What's disappointing is in a time of crisis you have people that chime in and always trying to find something negative in the positive. Instead of rejoicing on the confirmation that something is out there that works to fight the virus, they act like angry children and attack when they see that somebody from a different point of view interviewing the doctor. To these narcissists,at the end of the day it's not about helping people,its always about keeping thr other side down.
    Dr. Berg ignore those people, your true viewers will always support you.
    We all know you're coming from a good place.
    Dr. Berg thank you so much I always appreciate all your content I don't take you for granted.

  • Real problem…..many people in America are NOT insured. Won't do the uninsured sick any good. That's a real problem in America as well!

  • The “only for profit” healthcare system & corporate politicians in the usa will not allow this treatment to ever see the light of day. M4ALL ✊? & eat organic & keto!

  • Not Applicable says:

    Here in Sweden you don't even get tested until you have severe symptoms. My guess is that we won't see hydroxychloroquine over here til after a lot of deaths. This country is FUBAR in more ways than one.

  • Marianne Apers says:


  • Roberta Alvarado says:

    I am really disappointed in the information and the references you are using in this video. I have listened to you in the past and considered much of what you instructed was useful. This however has shaken that belief and will be much more discerning of your content.

  • This video had that hacked feeling!! It sound legit then BAM, Dr whomever & Guiliani added their scripted phone call. I was waiting on Trump to approve the message at end.

  • Rexford Tugwell says:

    Thank you, Dr. Berg, for the information and for bravely including the clip of Dr. Zelenko and Rudy. It's unfortunate that due to TDS they must "kill" the messenger because of the message. You're the best

  • tatiana isotov says:

    Something is wrong with you Dr. Berg….you look weak and tired these days….been wondering what's going on for a while now…then you put Guiliani in your video…. what's going on here?

  • Ingrid Vieira says:

    Dear Dr. Berg .. It’s understandable that you want to help people especially now with all that’s going on. But PLEASE .. wait until Hydroxychloriquine has been proven to be absolutely effective and most importantly that the “Supply” of this drug is enough to meet the demand. There are many people who depend on this drug and are currently needing it to LIVE for illnesses that this drug has been “proven” to help!! Many of those people are now not able to get it, because when People like yourself and the President are promoting it .. many who will never need it are buying it all up. There are many harmful/deadly side effects of taking this drug without appropriate medical instructions and unfortunately we live in a world where there are too many stupid people who will take it if they can get it without proper medical advice. I understand you really want to help .. but be careful .. because if someone who follows and listens to you (like myself) takes this drug and dies as a result .. you are opening yourself up to potential lawsuits. I hope this drug is one of the many answers to rid the world of this horrible virus .. but PLEASE realize that promoting it .. may also be just as harmful. ✨?

  • Edi Bauza, MD / Personal Development Coaching says:

    Great news is healing…as is removal of toxic news. Try to do a media fast. Spend your time on health-promoting activities. You'll gain a sense of control in an otherwise uncontrollable circumstance.

  • Karen Robinson says:

    What about the fact that we are beginning to start a shortage of this medicine for those requiring it in their autoimmune disease ( such as lupus) therapy?

  • Needless 2say says:

    Most people don't know the real levels of vitamins and minerals their body's need .( If there is a hurricane coming you may need extra lumber to shore things up during and afterward to make needed repairs.)

  • Needless 2say says:

    Thank you Dr.Berg, for all of your dedication and contributions to us and humanity. Your videos have helped me to better understand my body and to study and figure out my health issues, I recommend your videos to everyone who will listen.

  • Mega Dominican says:

    I have respect for Mr. Berg but mixing science with politics big no no. Please don't put rudi back again these people lie on all sort of things you can't trust them. Also if this medication is so good how come france death rate is so high? Please don't spread misinformation without proven scientific studies about it

  • "The president has been criticized for overstating the effectiveness of the drug, which remains in early testing as a treatment for the coronavirus. There remains no solid evidence that the drug is an effective COVID-19 treatment, and medical experts warn that using it for that purpose could exhaust supplies for those who need it.!!" NPR news. (Not Fox)"

  • Citizen of Earth says:

    Here in the Czech Republic hydroxychloroquine has already been acknowledged as a potential virus killer and the government has put its hands on supplies so it doesn't disappear from the market.
    Also, the cost for us is "free" as it is covered by health insurance.

  • Evelyn Collins says:

    Dr Berg you are heaven sent! Thank you for your timely information. God bless you and keep you in His tender care ??

  • Alberto Gonzalez says:

    I am SO HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED to see you, Dr. Berg mixing politics in your review of a few medical opinions. THIS IS SO NOT what I have come to expect from you. WHY? what did you gain?

  • Valrita Jones says:

    God bless you Dr Berg, you have helped to make peoples lives so much better. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I am taking better care of my health because I have learnt so much from you. I have shared your videos with friends and family and they have benefitted from them. Thank you so much.

  • The effectiveness of this drug was known months ago… but governments are reluctant to use it. Where can regular people get this drug from?

  • The glory hogs on TV ie the POLiticians will never let this go, Especially, when it’s good for their poll numbers. Never let a good crisis go to waste even if it means crashing our economy

  • this guy is nothing more than a mouthpiece fro the trip campaign. Lets here from Dr. Scott Gottlieb or Dr. Fauchy on this treatment. Not some inexperienced doctor that cannot even explain the details clearly. This is like NRA TV. Welcome to Trump's Russia!

  • Seona Lee Smith says:

    I have lupus … I've taken hydroxychloroquine….. twice…. I have a very negative reaction to it and bad side effects from it…. hopefully it can help others and save lives.
    It can cause vision loss….. that's very well known.

  • Prof Marc Van Ranst discovered years ago that hydroxychloroquine, which is a malaria medicine, also worked against Sars. Since Sars is also a Corona virus, the scientific community immediately looked at hydroxychloroquine as a possible therapy for covid19. This is pure science, it isn't a intuitive discovery made by "the president" ?‍♂️

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