100 thoughts on “COVID-19: Canada unveils $82B emergency response package | Special coverage”

  • Whole heap a chat and no action. Up until now I don't hear anything about landlords giving us leniency if we are struggling. I guess the legalization of weed made enough money to help in depression/recession

  • Well I guess the immigrates that are given everything, will soon find out the bullshattt you spew out. Cant wait till they start to starve here in the land of the free.

  • This money dump is going to spiral out of control and when our economy crashes Tru"duh"eau will blame it on this situation and will hope that people will forget his reckless spending before. Here comes an insurmountable recession and be prepared Canadians to suffer!!!

  • I was recently laid of work, and now laid off from my new job. I just need my tax returns or its game over real quick for me.

  • Vincent Gircys says:

    The betrayal by CBC news. Taxpayer funded national news fails to tell you the Roxham Road illegal immigrant crossing is still opened. Your tax dollars offering free healthcare AND dental coverage along with housing and financial support to those illegally crossing into Canada. Did they forget to mention there is no Covid testing on them as well?

  • Why shut down the border? Screening is NON-EXISTENT ……..and to pretend otherwise is being willfully blind. Just ask passengers coming off a flight, it seems that Canada is the only country not screening people entering the country for COVID-19. Not even the “irregular border crossers” as the CBC like to call them, are being screened. The CBC is only talking on behalf of the Government, not doing any real journalism………typical!

  • the prerequisite of staying home is you dont have people around you who are infected, otherwise you will get infected this way. In china, people getting infected and no infected get separated, that is the basic of everything.

  • Excellent work by our PM Trudeau in these tough times. People will always complain but you have my vote Trudeau! You are a great leader!

  • So how much do I get? Or is this for his rich friends? And his "constituents?" Because everyone knows the rich need more money and power.

  • Who clean your house, Mr Treudou? Do you feel like being hijacked by this country? You should send your kids to somewhere else to get isolated for 14 days and then let them being taken care of by you parent in law or other relatives. And for yourself, you should be relieved from this household and focus on work instead of facing the deteriration of your own health. Let medical people take care of your wife, you are not expert in that.

  • I think it is only fair that all Canadians get the same income supplements from the Canadian Federal Government. For example: The Hong Kong Government pays $10,000 HK (approximately $2,000 CAD) to every Hong Kong resident in order to compensate for loss of work due to sickness and quarantine, or grocery price gauging due to COVID-19. I believe U.S. is contemplating of doing the same soon. U.S. President Trump just announced the U.S. Government is issuing a $3,000 cheque to a family of four at this unsettled time to help them pay rent/mortgage, and household necessity like groceries that are increasing in prices on a daily basis. It seems Prime Minister Trueau's plan is to help home owners with difficulties paying for their mortgages which can be deferred for up to 6 months, but what about those people who cannot afford their rental payments especially those who live in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto which are known for their high rents! Prime Minister Trudeau, I call on you to revise your monetary injection to include everything single Canadian Citizens living in Canada so we can all pull through this tough time together!

  • CottageGarden SMITH says:


  • viral enemy is the fuckers who sent the jobs over seas ,, cant go to war with them too many so you make them leapers ,, who wants to trade with them plus all the gold is gone ,, west just a finace center ,, making money out of thin air ,, using aircraft carriers and the cia deep water projects to back it up.. ask gadafi where his gold went ,,

  • Hopefully CBC, CTV, and Global will do their part to STOP the Panic-Demic. Our political and medical leaders are setting a great calming example, follow their lead SVP!

  • liberal party mascot ,, hes not the leader ,, he answers to the families ,, think george carlin ,, party and your not invited

  • Countries that have been successful in controlling covid19 have required their citizens to wear masks. Can the government of Canada please start supplying the public with masks. We don't know who's sick, and even those who are clearly sick cannot wear a mask because they cannot buy one. Even asymptomatic carriers are highly contagious when they are sneezing on crowded subways due to allergies. Let's marshal our talent and resources to make masks so we can all get back to work.

  • This could of been avoided if people like me and others would of been listen to. we got called crazy and fear mongers . DETTOL WITH WATER IN A RAG SO YOU CAN WIPE YOUR HANDS ANY WHERE ANY TIME . IF YOU STEAM DETTOL WATER IT MAKES A ANTI SEPTIC MIST . for my fellow canadians that are soooo nice to this SAUER KRAUT .

    No one on any state assistances programs SSI, disability??? That’s not good mayhem is coming.

  • William McDonald says:

    That's for anyone who wants to listen to the TV and have you guys telling the news! Have people buying into with their live of what your selling as reality! He was telling the news from his house! Anyone could do that!

  • We must worry about what’s going to happen in U.S more than the virus it self . I think we should arm all reliable Canadians to protect our border from mass invasion of Armed criminal gangs . If things progress the way they have been last 5 days in U.S the supplies are going to be very short and more people would probably end up dying Daily due to public unrest than virus its self . Government must urge local communities to work together and cooperate instead of battling each other over basic supplies.

  • Please encourage the public to wear masks!

    Please encourage the public to wear masks!

    Please encourage the public to wear masks!

    Please encourage the public to wear masks!

  • Btw… the phone wait time for REVENUE CANADA is gonna be 2 hours I bet! Or crash altogether.

    So those of us who need the help and need to apply for the financial help are going to have a monumentally difficult time of even notifying our country that hey… I'm at thus address… and I need the help.

    Theres gonba be a uprising. Looting. Drama. Chaos
    They are so unorganized and GREEDY and that's why we are here. Not the illness


  • GooglR Ratings says:

    European countries are devoting between 10% to 15% of GDP to mitigate the fallout from Covid-19, Canada is assigning $82 Billion dollars which is about 4% and USA at $850 Billion dollars is around 3% of GDP.

    Economically, unless Canada and USA gets serious and steps up to the plate there will be massive fallout.

  • Patrick Norwell says:

    You do realize this is all part of judgement day right you all didn’t believe the mayans back in 2012 you thought the end of the world was a joke
    Cause you’re in denial you think all these viruses are a joke … something is going to wipe all humans out of existence sooner or later and this is it
    I think we’ve been spoiled long enough it’s time

  • Dxrrell Mxller says:

    What about us who don't get our Tax Money back because we are paying off Tuition, our the tax money goes right to the loan. Are you getting to hold onto our money in a time like this? or is that money still being taken???

  • Since when is there a one week waiting period for e.i last time I got it it was 6-8 weeks and ya had to beg for that

  • 82 billion dollars of aid just showed up? Or are we just printing off money as people need it? That's alot of cake Justin. I'm all for helping Canadians, I just can't help wondering if you know something the rest of don't. How the hell is there 82 billion kicking around for you to handout when the world's economy is shutting down and banks can't even cover the withdrawals people have already tried to make? Something stinks. How's isolation treating you anyways?

  • Justin Trudeau is responsible personally if these flights coming in Canada from other countries they are still not SCREENING people from these flights. Hiring a TEACHER fired for unthinkable acts to manage the country don't be surprised he doesn't care

  • Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize our pm was a 20 year old hipster, sporting a beard because he can only impress women with hairiness and not manliness. What a loser. Plus it’s grey, does he have no self awareness?

  • “This morning at 4:30 a.m., Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was served a criminal indictment by the U.S. for corporate and financial crimes. Media owners were instructed to brainwash everyone that Trudeau and his wife are infected with the coronavirus and they won’t be leaving their house for a while.

  • The Steel Queen says:

    Lets put a hold on student loans. That would be helpful!

    I 'quit' my job in February due to harassment issues in the workplace. I applied for E.I (because you don't have to be laid off to claim regular E.I benefits, a huge misconception) and I have been broke going on 6 weeks (because I filed late). Don't panic, don't be afraid of not being able pay your bills, and don't let that fear set in. It's amazing how a little bit of positivity and faith in others around you can uplift your spirits. No fear, persevere!

  • oh what a surprise!! "pro poor" countries not actually caring about helping the poor… poor people are nothing but a political tool.

  • PM Trudeau. My wife is a 55 year old nurse with respiratory problems and currently a high risk person for this new desease. I see her riding the bus every day with several young people (because is free now) and deep in my heart, I know that some of them just came from vacations. (500’000 people last week)

    I am deeply worry, I know that suggesting people to stay home might work for some, it’s not working for some others.

    I hope you can see my concern, that’s why I need you to protect her and to take the appropriate measures to assure her safety. As a nurse, she is putting her life at risk for all of us, please don’t gamble with her life.

    Stop suggesting-Start imposing.

  • Anthony Tempongko says:

    I'm Filipino, residing in Canada. THERE'S NO WHERE ELSE I'D RATHER BE. AND I AM VERY THANKFUL.




  • How about we enhance the supply chain by heavily investing in local manufacturing, raw materials, and reserves similar to what the USA is going lately? Rather than outsourcing almost everything and simply exporting our supply chain over decades of negligence? How about someone also answer the question of what will possibly become the limiting factor in vital healthcare shortly, namely the ICU numbers, ventilators, medical oxygen, and other variables of critical care, what is our capacity at the moment? how long to get online, and what would overwhelm the capacity in terms of numbers? anyone?

  • Nicole Drayton says:

    Why is the government not doing enough to stop the spread NOW?? Look at other countries?? The time to act is now!!

  • Lisa Mastrangelo says:

    Instead of prolonging this , people still going out spreading this virus , we need to just have a total lock down and get this under control and over with !

  • You're all lying we see it with their own eyes there's people still crossing the border right now that you're all lying

  • What about the farmers how is that going to work. How can u quarantine them. How can social distance apply to them that 30 men bunk together
    U ppl are a damn joke

  • People please note Trudeau did not write this or any speech it’s lip service from the UN. The United Nations ?? devils did and he is simply a puppet of the UN and WHO who through sustainable development and smart growth continues to pillage Nations. It’s all in the UN ??sinister Agenda 21/2030. Never give control of your country to a weak leader or sinister institution designed to control YOU. This is far to late. He had to wait to be told by the WHO when to make these announcements. PUPPETS! All Nations did too except for the most stubborn Leaders of nations. This is who you re-elected Ontario, Quebec and foolish Liberals out of B.C. Maxine Bernier Warned you all of both the Liberals, Scheer LibCon, NDP , bloc and greens all liberals long ago. Now you liberal voters will be responsible for who you gave your power over to on Election Day. You had a choice with the Bernier Peoples Party of Canada ?? based on his sensible platform. UN data, Look up nonprofit American Policy. Org before this is censored by UN controlling networks like google, Facebook and YouTube as instated by Secretary General Guterres of the UN ?? Jan 22, 2020 sinister speech to his excellencies on 75 Anniversary. All of them are controlled frauds.

  • This is a huge money grab for the super RICH! We shall see in the next financial report and I will be researching on where all that money is really being spent.
    That is a lot of lettuce. Untraceable funding.
    Indian band office chief & staff have meetings just so they can steal all Federal funding that is allocated onto Federal reservations always leaving the member's vulnerable. The Red Cross donations that was sent into our community never reached any of the member's.
    The chief & Councilors stole all that Red Cross funding and bought new vehicle's with Red Cross donations that was over 2.5 million sent for our member's. Now the band office are only giving every band members $150 for each member. And the rest of the few million the chief & Council split it all up amongst their own families. While the rest of us poor member's suffer no matter what we say.

  • Is the Great Leader who admires the Chinese Government going to finally close Roxham rd or is he going to continue to allow illegals to enter the country without medical screening and only a 12 hour quarantine

  • Giving money out is nice but the problem cant and won't be solved when we continue to allow flights and people to cross our borders daily. Especially with next to no screening even admitted by noncanadians in the airports… to top it off they take spots for free healthcare some canadians are in dire need of and who actually pay taxes to deserve it. Throwing money at these problems will never solve them. Time to stick to our promises for once.

  • Zhang Changyao says:

    I hope all the Canadians can spend the most difficult time together. All Asian compatriots, if you have a large inventory of masks, please share it with your community. The area where you need to wear a mask is where there is no air circulation because the virus will remain. Come on, Canada!

  • CBC I wonder if these joke reporters actually believe what they say or if their eyes are shut while they say it. You all really need to start asking real questions before this mess starts infecting your life personally when it could've been massively prevented. Remember that smh

  • I don't understand people. If the Government did nothing, people would complain. They are rolling out plans to help, people complain. So which is it going to be folks? Since you complain about everything anyway. And there is a long and very very detailed video on here that explains everything that is there TO DATE… that means, this (As he said several times) That is what they are getting done quickly, and what is expected.. Does not mean this is all. And yet people are asking questions in the comments about things he has stated several times. Especially when the reporters are not paying attention either and asking the same damn things over and over. Come On folks, give your heads a shake and realize that something, is better than nothing. So quit complaining about it, and move on with your days. Personally, I'm content with what they are doing. I lost my job before this all happened, and didn't qualify for EI, and now with this, it has been a long time, and will likely be a long time before I DO get working again with this all going on. Everyone right now has issues of some kind or another. People need to be more kind and understanding, and complain less.

  • Denesh Bhaskar says:

    Im going make it in life. Seeing people ask for hand outs is such a joke. Reality is averge person wont get anything with so uch red tape. Its such a hassle.

  • Gregg Hollingshead says:

    This aid package is a complete waist and is only adding to the country's debt. People need to be responsible when its comes to an outbreak, stop hoarding supplies like it's the end of the world and stop asking for a hand out. Chill out and use this time to spend with family and try to save money for the future.

  • David Cammeron says:

    The emailing of applications for benefits cannot work in this case. There's just too much people. Perhaps what should be done is is using the voting list and using already deposit information for people who is already on benefits. Pensioners ,social services and EI. This is an emergency, you have to use emergency means.

  • 2019 Camaro SS 1LE says:

    POS Trudeau and RCMP should be held responsible for infecting Canadian Citizens during this virus ? epidemic. He allowed this to go for years/months/weeks/days and now decides to close the illegal gateway into Canada. WTF he allows us to be infected and sides with illegal immigrants.

  • Dischord Canada says:

    So in New Brunswick we are under state of emergency and as a self-employed contractor for Long & Mcquade I can no longer go teach music to my clients over there since the state of emergency closed down the music school. Since I don't have EI, would I be eligible to the Emergency care benefit, $900 every 2 weeks, or would into the Longer-Term Income Support for Workers?

  • Real Talk The Truth says:

    Just stop buying stuff from China. Don't do anything form of business with them. Stay safe. Life is more important! Say No to China

  • We in Kurdistan have prices for goods in stores that have been reduced at the request of the Kurdistan government, and the prices of medicines have also been reduced
    But the downside is that it is allowed to open small stores in Sabah only, and for large stores, they remain open from morning to evening, and with a lack of productivity, what is more is the question that there are some people who sell products outside stores and they increase the prices to 3 or 4 times
    The truth is, this frustrating one, they will collect an amount of $ 100 a day, and all they do is buy products before they run out and sell them for very large sums.

  • I wish to point out a terrible deficit with respect to appropriate medical and practical responses to the toll the Coronavirus is taking in Iran while the government pursues policies of denial and obfuscation. Xxxx people have died and it is an uphill fight to bring useful or effective practices to this current scourge. I think that without a public outcry from abroad, these ineffective and dangerous Government policies will only continue.

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