Court Reporter MAGIC! The Steno Machine

Court Reporter MAGIC! The Steno Machine

The machine is called a steno
writer and there are 22 keys. There are no letters on it, so it’s not like a regular keyboard. You write things phonetically. So there are vowels, but the letters are not on the actual keys and you can combine different
letters to create phrases. So you can type, “Ladies
and gentleman of the jury,” in just one stroke on your
keyboard to make you go faster, and then when you do that
you write it on your writer, it actually translates in our software. It can translate from our
steno language into English. So not only can we transcribe
the transcripts faster, but attorneys or judges can
watch it in real-time feed during court proceedings. – [Man] …housing units. – [Woman] So you were a
lieutenant in the housing units? – [Man] Yes. – [Woman] Okay, so similar
to what we discussed about being a yard lieutenant. Does that have some supervisory powers over other corrections officers? – [Man] Yes. – [Woman] In April, 2012, do
you recall exactly what your–


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