Couples Vs Fashion || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Couples Vs Fashion || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Sushanth! How’s my new beret? My Beret! That’s a cap, right? It’s called a beret, not a cap! Hey Guys! What’s up? Look who’s back on my channel Since I am a fashion student my understanding of fashion is pretty good Sushanth doesn’t seem to understand my fashion And passes a few comments the other day I was complaining to my friend and she said that she also has similar problems So I was wondering if you guys are on the same boat with your husbands and having similar conversations So let’s start the video… Janu! Yaa! Why are you wearing my t shirt? My t shirt! But I am wearing it! You keep wearing it and ended up stretching it… now can I even wear it? I don’t have nightwear and it’s so comfortable Okay. Let’s go shop! That T shirt is also mine, right? NO! It’s ours baby! Look at this! NO! This top looks nice! This is a top? It’s a tube top! where are the sleeves? Baby! I think you can use it as a skirt also… do you want to try it? Bro, do you have a bigger size? Baby! Look at this, it looks nice and casual Orange colour is nice! This isn’t orange, it’s yellow! Baby! How’s this? I’ll wear this for Gautami’s cocktail… it will look really nice Looks nice now! Look at this, I can wear it to work and it will also look nice for a party I don’t have any clothes for office! Baby! Christmas is near! So you want to look like Santa Claus? Go pick something else We are planning to go to Bali next year no? This will be nice then! You can buy it then no? Okay nevermind Okay come and take it! I don’t want Take it! NO I don’t want! But we came to buy night clothes no? You took everything but that! I’ll wear your t shirt for another few days Jahnavi! What’s up? Gau! What’s up? I just bought clothes for your bachelorette! I am trying it! It’s my bachelorette and you’re excited? We haven’t even booked a hotel yet! We finalised one place no? I saw one hotel and each website is giving different prices.. looking for the best deal Just download Trivago no? It compares the prices from all the websites and gives the best price Oh ya! I think I’ll do that Okay. Bye! Let me download Trivago! Let me admire myself! You didn’t book the hotel yet and you’ve already finished shopping? How are the two related? You know what! This dress is perfect for the party tonight. I’ll shop for the bachelorette again! Shopping again? Free Wifi, Pool, By the beach! four star? or three also! This is nice! Close to the beach also! Okay. I’ll book it What’s up? Gauuuu! What took you so long? Why are you carrying a sack? Did you look at this sack? It’s not a sack Sushanth, it’s a tote bag! Bags need a zip otherwise it’s called a sack! How’s this? Why are you wearing a bangle on your ear Don’t act smart! These are hoops Hoops! How’s this? It’s too big for you You can’t even see your ear Jahnavi, is this too small? Show it to him How’s it? What is this? 3X? Take it! Do one thing, go stand there til we shop They can’t lift a bucket at home and they can shop alone Janu! I am here Baby! I am getting facial done. Give me 10 minutes Why do you sound like that? Facial! Okay. I’m waiting. Come quickly! Two minutes Sushanth! I am getting my eyebrows done! Okay bye Jahnavi! It’s been an hour Tell me if you’ll take time, i’ll go out and come back I am done. Getting my upperlip done Finally I’ve been thinking I should go to the parlour for the longest time finally got everything done today I feel so nice I can’t tell you You said the bill was 5K no? How look exactly the same! I got my eyebrows done, my upperlip done and even got my hair styled! I even got pedicure, manicure, waxing done That’s why it was 5K! How do you not see the difference? Facial also got done now! No difference! You!! My dresses, my glasses! My stole, my hat, my tops, my bottoms, my more dresses! All set! Jacket? Why do we need a jacket in Goa? Guess what! It’s winter in Goa also Was that a joke? Okay, but did you book a nice hotel? I saw the reviews on Trivago and booked it Breakfast? Complementary Swimming pool? Yes! Beach facing? Yes! Spa? Yes! How far is it from the airport? 45 mins without traffic and 1 hour with traffic How did you get so much information? Trivago! I read it on their reviews that it’s nice and cold! Carry a jacket I don’t have space! What do I do? Noooooo! Pleaaaseeeee! I need to add my slippers and shoes also! Sushanth Please! NO! I’ll let you use my sunscreen! Fine! Let’s leave? I am ready That’s it? Ya! You won’t wear pants? No! I’m coming like this only It’s called a kurthi dress What do you want? If you can wear leggings it will be nice and a duppata will be great! Don’t try movie dialogues on me I know Fashion, this is it! Atleast do your hair? At least comb your hair no? It looks messy This is called a messy braid This is also like this only? Yes Hi! Baby! You didn’t buy anything? Of course I did What? Lipstick! Your favourite! i’ll try How’s it? It’s pink only no? You have so many in this colour! Tell me one thing How many black shirts do you have? All my black shirts are different They are all different, one is half sleeves, one is chinese collar, etc Just like that red and pink isn’t the same. The tone, shade and texture is very different It took me an hour It took me an hour to find this shade Do you know many shades I tried? Okay. I just don’t get these colours. Baby I am so sorry. didn’t think I will get this late Am I late? Happy anniversary This is so cute… thank you! Go freshen up! The food is already here I’ll arrange it okay? I’ll be back in two minutes… that’s it Surprise! How do you like it? It’s nice… really nice! Thank you, but I didn’t get you anything Go get ready Baby! You still have the bill, right? Why do you need the bill? The cost doesn’t matter I bought this for you Actually… Sleeveless doesn’t work… my arms look fat! I thought you liked sleeveless The strappy sleeveless looks better Please! But thank you! I love it! You have the bill? I’ll exchange it tomorrow But thanks! Did you see the stuff I have to deal with When they don’t know fashion they can just tell no? Why pass statements That doesn’t apply for you? When? Baby please baby please don’t go! I’ll be back in half an hour baby! No baby! It’s not the matter of half an hour You know I don’t like it! NO! I can’t be like this lifelong! No Sushanth, let’s be like this lifelong. Nothing will be happen Baby! You can’t be selfish ! Have I ever stopped you from doing something? You’re putting our relationship at risk! Please understand baby! I have a meeting in the morning Boss is killing me I’ll just get a light trim and be back! No baby! Who’s important your boss or me? You want me to quit? YES! Ya okay… whatever Anyway if you guys relate to this episode give it a big thumbs up And comment about your experience and let us know And to get the best deals on hotel download Trivago right away It compares prices across multiple platforms and gives you the best price They have many filters and you can get the hotel that you want at the location of your choice How cool is that… anyway Before you go download don’t forget to… BERET Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!! Click on the link in the description below to download Trivago!


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