Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News

Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News

over the years we have seen lots of
robots at CES that promise to do all sorts of things have, be smart home
assistant and talk to you and answer your questions this one is designed to
do nothing apart from being absolutely cute and be a lovable companion it’s
called Lovot and if I cuddle it it will go to sleep in my arms wake up
Lovot wait wake up and he’s awake again you may have noticed the massive
camera in his head that is so you can take pictures of you and also so they
can patrol your house and make sure no burglars have broken in apparently they
come in pairs so you’d have two of these roaming about your house while you’re at
work making sure that everything is safe and sound the retail price is expected
to be more than five thousand dollars so that’s quite an interesting price point
because it reminds me a little bit of a Furby do you remember those toys people
went mad for a few years to go oh well it’s a bit like a Furby but a lot more
expensive now a lot of the robots we’ve seen
before at CES haven’t gone on to be a commercial success maybe they were
biting off more than they can chew will this be the one to capture everyone’s


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