Could Chris Evans Return as Captain America?! It’s Possible! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Could Chris Evans Return as Captain America?! It’s Possible! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– Could Chris Evans actually return to the Marvel cinematic
universe as Captain America? Never say never. “Avengers Assemble,” two words we waited nearly a decade to hear from
the mouth of Chris Evans, a.k.a. Steve Rogers,
a.k.a. Captain America, and when we finally got that payoff in this year’s “Avengers:
Endgame,” wow that was this year, sadly, we’ll probably never get a chance to hear him utter those words again, at least not on the big
screen, or so we thought. Beyond becoming the
biggest film on the planet, “Avengers: Endgame” also paid off over 10 years of storytelling across the Marvel cinematic universe, and one of those payoffs
was the completion of Captain America’s storyline where Steve Rogers used
time travel to fix things and spent some quality time with his old sweetheart, Peggy Carter. It was a great ending to the character who we’ve seen portrayed by Chris Evans across 11 Marvel films,
trust us, we’ve counted, and seeing his character
development capped off by Rogers passing the shield
and mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon. It appeared Rogers’
story and by extension, Chris Evans’ story, as well
in the MCU, was complete. – It’s beautiful. – [Dan] It’s also no secret
how much Evans himself has made it abundantly clear that while he enjoyed his
time wielding the shield, he’d also like to pursue
other projects in his career. – You gotta do this more often. – [Dan] But while the
prospect of seeing Chris Evans don the stars and stripes once more seemed like a closed door, said proverbial door has
opened up a crack it appears, and he might not entirely be done as Captain America just yet. – I could do this all day. – [Dan] The 38-year-old actor sat down with his MCU co-star, Scarlett Johansson for Variety’s Actors On Actors issue to talk about their time
together in the MCU. Johansson, who plays
Black Widow alongside him, asked Evans if he would
ever come back to Marvel. And he replied, “You never say never. “I love the character. “I don’t know.” Evans went on to say, “It’s not a hard no, “but it’s not an eager yes either. “There are other things that
I’m working on right now. “I think Cap had such a tricky
act to stick the landing, “and I think they did a
really nice job letting him “complete his journey.” Now considering we last
saw him as Old Man Rogers at the end of “Avengers:
Endgame,” what would it take to get Evans back in the costume? Well, fortunately he has
a few thoughts about that. “If you’re gonna revisit it,
it can’t just be a cash grab. “It can’t be just because the
audience wants to be excited. “What are we revealing? “What are we adding to the story? “A lot of things would
have to come together.” So while Evans was
previously ready to walk away from the character for
good, it now appears that he’s open to returning, with the right story. – I could do this all day. – But despite this openness to
possibly return to the role, he does go on to admit that Cap’s ending should not be sullied. “It’d be a shame to sour that. “I’m very protective of it. “It was such a precious time,
and jumping onto the movie “was a terrifying prospect to me. “I said no a bunch of
times, and there’s a million “and one ways it could have gone wrong. “It almost feels like maybe
we should let this one sit.” So if all the pieces were
to work themselves out in the future for Evans’ return, what could bring Steve
Rogers back to the MCU? Well, first off, this isn’t
something people should expect to see anytime
soon, especially with The Falcon and Bucky comedy
hour coming to Disney+ within the next couple of years. The MCU has a new Captain America now and they need to let that
character inhabit this role before bringing Rogers
back in any major capacity. However, there’s nothing
to say there couldn’t be a cameo in the future in
some way for an event film or maybe we could see him in a flashback or perhaps in some sort
of time travel shenanigan if the writers and directors
can ever agree for once how time travel works
in “Avengers: Endgame.” – So “Back To The Future”
is a bunch of bull (beep). – [Dan] Now this would also
allow fans to see an aged-up Steve Rogers in the past or
maybe an alternate timeline or whatever it ends up
being for some reason, maybe like working a black ops mission or just influencing events
without drawing the eye of his former Avengers’ buddies. But like Evans said, there
better be dang good reason for all this and not just
a cameo for cameo’s sake. Lucky for fans and Evans,
there might be a test case for this with the
upcoming Black Widow film. Now, despite her character’s
demise in “Endgame,” ScarJo’s returning one
more time to the MCU to reprise her role in a solo outing which is reportedly
gonna help bridge the gap between “Captain America: Civil War” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” And she isn’t the only deceased character expected to make a comeback. It’s also been revealed
that Robert Downey Jr. is expected to return as
Tony Stark in that movie. That makes two actors
returning to their MCU roles less than a year after
their characters’ deaths. – Whoo, it’s good to be back. – Although if you wanted
to get extremely technical about it, there’s also
like all of the characters that were dusted in “Infinity
War” and came back to existence in “Endgame,” so
it’s really not that uncommon. In all seriousness, while
we’re always happy to hear that Chris Evans is still open to the role of reprising America’s ass,
we’re equally just as happy to see him protecting its legacy. – I can do this all day. – Yeah, I know. I know. – ‘Cause, yeah, while a cameo
would be fun in the moment, there’d better be a good
reason for him to come back or otherwise, that dance may
have all been for nothing. Oh, that hurts. But what do you folks think? Would you like to see
Chris Evans return as Captain America and if he
does, what kind of story should he return for? And who else would you like
to see make a comeback? Hugh Jackman as Logan? Chris Pine as Peter Parker? Chris Evans as the Human Torch? – No. – Let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you like what you saw,
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