Corporate Racha banda || Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Corporate Racha banda || Chill Maama || Tamada Media

Greetings! I welcome everyone to another episode
of ‘Corporate Racha Banda’. Like in every episode, we have a person who is here
to talk about his plight. Please welcome Mr Sakalakala Vallab. Does he any issue with his eye sight?
– He was normal like us all until he landed a job 6 years ago. Since then, he developed many health complications.
– What is the reason behind his health deteriorating? I-I will answer.
I-I was normal like everyone else. I became this way because of my manager.
My manager is a big time idiot. Ma’am, I finished my B.Tech 6 years ago.
I-I didn’t land a job. F-Finally, I got a job in customer service.
– How is your manager responsible for your deteriorating health? That idiot is responsible for all.
Look at this. I used to look like this. Now I look like this.
I-It is all because of that asshole. What is your manager’s name?
– His name is Ingam. He means to say Shambulingam.
– I see. – Yes, that’s what I said. He is an idiot of first order.
He ruined my life. If Mr Shambulingam is here,
bring him up. H-Here he is. He is the idiot
who ruined my life. He is that scoundrel. So, are you Shambulingam?
– Yes, I am. Who is he? – He is my son.
– He didn’t go on you at all. Why did you carry your father here?
– My dad has been in customer service for 15 years. He developed many health complications.
So, I look after him. Why are you smiling? Are you smiling at his plight?
– In my profession, I’ve to always keep smiling. Someone, take him to the toilet.
– I can’t hold it anymore. Let us take a commercial break
in the meanwhile. Tell me, what did your manager do to you?
– He ruined my life. I landed the job in 2012.
In my first year of work, I lost my hearing. Why won’t I if I keep taking calls
for 8 hours straight every day? Also, customers keep hurling abuses.
Those abuses still make my ears bleed. And in the second year at work.. I lost my right eye. Only my left eye works now.
It is all because of this idiot. Usually, there is some time between two calls.
But he says I can’t look away from the screen in the meanwhile. He says I need to look only at the screen
as I’m getting paid. Is it fair? I lost my sight. And in the 3rd year, since I keep talking constantly
with the customers, I lost my ability to speak properly. I can’t pronounce words properly anymore. You can ask my friend.
He’ll agree. And it is because of him. Look how he is still smiling. You know what happened in the 4th year of work?
My wife left me. And you know why? Constant exposure to the computer screen
hit my manhood. So, she left me. Since then, he has been taking care
of my needs. Don’t get me wrong when I say needs. I mean to say my day to day needs.
Ma’am, look, he is still laughing. Look, I didn’t do any of these on purpose.
Am I holding a grudge against him? No. I too have pressures and deadlines to meet.
Even I faced all the problems he says he is facing. Also, he isn’t doing it for nothing. He is getting paid.
– That idiot is talking about pay again. Ask him how much he pays me.
He paid Rs. 10K per month in the first year. He paid Rs. 12K in the second year
and Rs. 15K in the third. You call that a salary? He ruined my life.
He made me like Vikram from the movie ‘I’. Too bad I don’t even have a heroine.
– Even I started with a salary of Rs. 10K. I faced all that he faced and now I earn Rs. 50K.
Also, what he faced is nothing compared with what I faced. Also, I don’t have much in my hands.
I don’t own this company. Anyways, if he wants
I can take up his matter with higher officials. How can you say you’ve nothing in your hands?
It is because of you that his life is ruined. To find a solution to this problem,
let’s invite the lawyer and the doctor. Where is the lawyer, doctor?
– He is busy fighting his own divorce case. Since, I’ve seen him function in many episodes so far,
I think I can fill in his boots. What do you say? His own divorce case?
It too should’ve been brought to our show. Why are you laughing at me?
Ma’am, the doctor is laughing at me. Doctor, what is your take on this case.
– After studying Mr Sakalakala Vallab’s case it is clear he is anything but his name. Also, physically and mentally,
he has been battered really bad. And to cure him, he needs to undergo many therapies.
One for his hearing, one for his eye sight and one for his dysfunction. But who’ll bear the expenses for all these?
Lawyer alone can answer it. But since the lawyer isn’t here,
I think you and I should decide that aswell. From the experience I gained on this show,
according to Section 10:45 Shambulingam is the reason why Vallab’s life is ruined.
So, Shambulingam should bare his medical expenses. What do you say Mr Shambulingam?
– Like I said, nothing is in my hands. Wipe that bloody smile of your face!
– He always laughs at me. Ever since you walked in here,
you’ve been laughing. I’ll slap you if you laugh again. Please, slap him hard! He deserves it.
– Are you not responsible for his deteriorating health? Even my dad’s health deteriorated. What about it?
– Don’t you dare raise your voice! I’ll get you both arrested. Shall we make them sign the agreement?
– Yeah, sure. – Dad, don’t sign on it. Don’t give me those looks. Sign on it
and get out of here. If not, I’ll get you both arrested. Fine, I’ll sign on it.
– Vallab.. Are you now happy?
– You are a Goddess, ma’am. Did you get justice?
– Yes, ma’am. I got justice. That’s all I needed. Nothing else. Thank you.
Only if I could get a cup of tea. He too wants a cup of tea. This week, we were able to solve Mr Vallab’s problem.
Next week, we’ll meet with another case. See you. This was ‘Corporate Racha Banda’. If you liked it..
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