Coronavirus Testing: U.S. Residents Share Their Woes | NYT News

Coronavirus Testing: U.S. Residents Share Their Woes | NYT News

“It started for me with a
pretty severe sore throat.” “I started to feel symptomatic
five days after traveling.” “It’s different
than the bronchitis that I’ve gotten before.” “Everything had kind
of settled in my lungs. And I was just
coughing a ton.” “I had a headache
and felt feverish.” “It felt like I had a
bowling ball on my chest. Nobody’s willing to see me,
and nobody has the test kit and even C.D.C. is
refusing to test me.” “I traced back,
you know, my wife, she works at Amazon.
They had a confirmed case.” “Four different planes in four different airports. So I don’t know
who sat next to me or who I was in contact with.” “It’s one person coming
in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” “We’re going down, not up. We’re going very
substantially down. Not up.” “Anybody that needs
a test, gets a test. They’re there. They have the tests.
And the tests are beautiful.” “We have a president
saying anyone who wants tests can get a test. And I’m thinking,
That is so not true.” “It was just interesting,
because there was this kind of gray area
for a while of people who felt like they
were really sick and should have been
tested just as, even as a rule out. And the state
of Washington just did not have
the capacity to do that, because the government
had not supported us at that point essentially.” “I got through
to public health after about an hour,
and they told me that I did not meet the
criteria for being tested.” “They said, ‘There’s no
way to get tested. We don’t have tests right now. There’s nothing
set up in Delaware.’” “I looked at the C.D.C. website
and it said, call your doctor if you have the symptoms. So I called the
doctor’s office and they told me to go to
an urgent care facility. I called an
urgent care facility and they said that there’s
nothing that they can do. And they don’t have the tests. And they told me
to go to the E.R. And I called a hospital,
and they told me that they don’t have
the test either.” “I just felt like I was
getting the run-around. It was clearly
obvious that they just are under capacity, and
they’re not able to test.” “I eventually just gave up
because, at that point, the testing criteria
was so strict. It was, you travel to China or have you
been in contact with someone known diagnosed Covid. And I didn’t meet
any of that.” “As a nurse in an E.R., it’s pretty vital if I have
an infectious disease that I know what it is because
I could be spreading it to people who are
really vulnerable.” “I actually work in a building
that’s a fairly public place. There’s people of every
generation coming in there. There’s a private
school there. There’s a senior center.” “Southwest Florida is
full of elders. There is a lot of
snowbirds coming here. They’re all in
their 70s and 80s. I cannot get myself,
like I cannot convince my conscience to leave the
house just thinking about that, Hey you went
grocery shopping and now like
five people died. So I just self
quarantined myself and basically started
working from home.” “We stocked up on food
items as much as possible. I bought a 25 pound
bag of rice. We bought beans. We got ready
basically just to hunker down for
those two weeks. At this point, I’m
telling people like make — if you have a
decision to make, think about survival
and make the decision based on survival
for yourself, your family and
your community.” “We knew this was coming. The federal government is
just completely bungling this, and our lives are at stake. I feel like they’re
just leaving us here to die in Seattle.” “The most overwhelming
feeling was you are on your own.” “I’m just really
concerned for those that this is going to
affect the hardest. And I think we pretty much
failed at early testing, early containment. We had more time than
other governments.”


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  • In ohio and there not testing the ill.
    President Trump will you please help us and give us peace of mind please and stop acting like your doing. Take control president please! I get why hes acting this way, you cant turn on the tv without someone bullying him. I get it why but stop it and lets be a team!!

  • dave hightower says:

    No Tests…the virus goes wild. Countries that have the test… accurate tests like S. Korea they seem to get the virus under control. You can go on and they have tests you can buy from China. You get the test in about 7 days. You can buy masks and gloves on I have a friend in china.. he says that masks were hard to get for a while.. now they are all over. He says..WEAR THE MASK!!!! There is a study out that says the bigger dose of virus you get the bigger the consequences.. so a mask will help minimize big Virus dose. Most of the population will get it.. you just want to get it and get over it.

  • The best thing to do is just stay home and wait it out. Fliuds!! The only thing there gonna do in the hospital is iv bags with fliuds and you have to do that at home. If you think u have it you mostly likely do so stay home!!

  • SJW libtard wrecker says:

    you got the flu and you survived .. like the other 99%. stop crying about it. there was no test… no confirmation just hysteria…

  • Here is the deal. Government CANNOT do everything. They can’t see around every corner. They can’t cure every illness.
    It is childish to think that government is magically capable of perfection and can magically make everything for everyone.
    More than likely Coronavirus was worming it’s way around the U.S. long before anyone died from it. China tried to hide it long before finally admitting there was a problem. Sick? Stay home. Wash your freaking hands everyone. Clean. Don’t touch your face. Don’t hang around or on a bunch of people.
    And guess what ? We are on our own, you idiots. Grown up. All you have is your family and friends. The government isn’t your friend and can never be your family. You need to be take care of yourself.

  • In the UK people with obvious symptoms is also not being tested they’re just been told to stay home :/ Those numbers being told to us everyday are lies. Most countries must have high numbers right now they just don’t test people to hide them

  • Nickolai Gypsy says:

    i had the bird flu in 2014 around june and it lasted for almost a month for me!
    i remember the heaviness in my chest and the constant wheeze in my lungs!
    i tried elderberry syrup ,antibiotics, echinacea and all of that was good and helped me out a bit but the best thing i did was drink garlic tea!
    all i did was take 4 bulbs of garlic ,chop it up in to bits, add a tea bag into a cup and added hot water and then i placed a plate on top of the cup
    to hold in the steam!

    the next day i felt 50% better ! i could breathe better and i could do my chores without feeling horrible!
    then i took another cup of tea again and the next day i felt better than i did yesterday!
    by the third day i forgot i was sick and i just felt normal.

    i was sick for 2 1/2 weeks before i drank the tea and i should have started with that.
    the DR gave me antibiotics because i had ear infections that was separate from the flu, i dont think antibiotics work for flu..
    if we could just look for herbs to help fight the flu ,it might help us fight this pandemic-along with normal medicine .
    the problem here is how long until you get normal medicine in this pandemic we are facing???

    in my neighborhood ,it would take you days just to get a hospital bed for something not catchy.
    its best to stock up on oranges and citrus -give this corona virus a real good fight!!!

  • Jons Jay Digravio says:

    The reason China is kicking every American journalist/worldwide journalist's out is because there lying about the "recovered number amount and death amount" and don't want the media digging up information on China's secret cover up . We are not seeing the recovered percentages around the world that china is claiming have recovered from cov19. Just look at the USA cov19 numbers 116 deaths 106 recovered . I think china killed everyone that had the virus in the beginning of this whole thing. That's why satellite images were showing those phosphorus heat chem trails from burning inferrneries. The world recovered amount for example is not in line with what china is claiming.

  • 1. Testing free? Doubt it.

    2. Not enough testing kits.

    3. I guarantee some states aren’t following every single protocol given by this orange.

    And there is the issue about Trump planning to give some Americans direct cash during this pandemic. What BS. Nothings free. Just expect to pay back high taxes next year.

  • Where are those one million testing kits? Which agency distributed them? Which states receive them? How many kits were sent to California?
    How many kits were sent to Alabama?

  • Remember all those strong and independent women who loudly exclaim they don't need a Man? Give them the gift of proving their devotion to their beliefs for the duration of this "crisis". As soon as it runs its course those same women will quickly go back to their Man hating feminist ways and you will not be shown an ounce of gratitude.

  • Trump was trying to get people to calm down so they would stop hoarding food so needy people could buy some!!! He saw a pa wick beginning and needed to stop it!!!

  • HairStylez Onthego says:

    I should have been tested too! The coughing alone is vicious. Kaiser Permanente and USA politicians get your Sh!t together. This is ridiculous.

  • Haider Ali Khan says:

    India is rescuing 800 Indian students from Iran, all Muslims.

    Pakistan didn’t rescue a single student from China from Corona Virus.

    Guess which country’s image is tarnished globally for treating

    Muslims as second-class citizens?

    (truth is truth no matter of which country i belong, im a pakistani and this is very sad, true journalism is saying right things without manipulation)

  • If these people have not been tested, how do they know they had the virus? They are only speculating. They are definitely making great points though. Glad they are better now.

  • I'm in Manitoba, Canada and yesterday I tried to get a test. Not sure if I have it but I answered the online Manitoba Health quiz and it told me to call Health Links. I call 50 times and get a busy signal. So I call direct to my nearest testing site. Long hold but get through eventually. The girl was lovely. I apologized for camping directly and she tells me that is allowed. I tell her my symptoms and my contact with someone who has traveled that is showing symptoms and is isolating at home. She tells me I definitely meet the requirements for testing and to come on in any time. I go straight there. They turn me away telling me I don't meet the requirements which are (since I haven't traveled) to have been in contact with someone who has tested positive. Where I live only 5 are positive as of yesterday so the chances of meeting that requirement are slim. I could have been hacking up a lung and their response would still have been you don't meet the requirements. The guy simply told me he'd speak to the staff as I shouldn't have been told to come in and that I can only come in if Health Links gives the okay. So opposite of what the girl in the phone told me. Beyond frustrating. So I'm isolating at home. I have a father and daughter with Asthma and a very sick family member in hospital I'd love to visit. I feel very stuck but am also very sick. I wouldn't go visit the ICU while sick but would love to know if I have covid so I can visit sooner rather than later once well. But I'll never find out if I have it. Would also be great to know cuz I'd love to help people if in fact I am immune in the future. But now I'll never know.

  • pinkwonder power says:

    This is an UNPRECEDENTED PANDEMIC! Tests for the coronavirus weren't stockpiled in a warehouse somewhere. WHY? BECAUSE IT HADNT HIT, 3 MONTH, 2 MONTHS AGO! It takes time to maneuver testing for a whole nation in days! Support the effort New York Times!!

  • Make a wish Make a wish says:

    This thing is going to be worse in the next week is so many peoples infected and they don't even know just thinking how many more people got infected now do the best to take care of yourself because I'm going to be any Hospital available I would like to everybody be safe you and your family

  • Angela Martinez says:

    We cannot focus on blame. Instead, it is important to think about the lessons we can learn from this period, so that when it happens again, we will be better prepared. I honestly think everyone is doing the best they can, including the governments of all countries. Government is not the solution to all our problems, and their focus should be predominantely on issues of national security – which I think coronavirus falls under. We must stop placing all our burdens on it. I think we can also look at ourselves and our roles – as employees, employers, friends, family members. I'll admit I was quite unconcerned with this news about the virus back when it started to be mention. That's my takeaway – that we must take more personal responsibilty for our safety and that of others.

  • My plan would be to mail out everybody a home personal test kit.
    That way people can all stay home, and you can gurantee everyone that has an address is tested, meanwhile another team is working on mobile testing and can concentrate on testing the Homeless, atm it's just not good enough, this is world changing stuff here,
    Stay safe America ??????.

  • Rest assured that today Trump (calling himself a wartime president), invoked the Defense Production Act, which means that companies must produce more paper towels that the President will throw to people during a to-be-scheduled rally near you. There will be MAGA hats and "My War Time Hero President" T shirts for sale.

  • ScarlettMiller says:

    The next thing to come is a vaccine for this so-called coronavirus. Are you willing to take it, because I'm not. That sneaky Bill Gates in Washington State has wanted to reduce the population for years, and what a terrific way to do it via vaccine! Plus, if anyone cares, the Trump Admin said 'testing is available' beginning March 3, which equals 33, the number of high-ranking Freemasonry. I'm sorry, but I just don't believe a word of this. I think it's a bunch of bologna! Some elderly folks can't fight the flu off because they have lowered immune systems. Does that mean they have coronavirus? No! If you get the flu, don't panic. Do what you would normally do. What bugs me is there is absolutely no toilet paper where I live! We have to use Kleenex. Better than nought, I suppose. 🙂

  • Okay they are saying they are testing men and women for corona virus, what I need you to answer for me is what about us other 55 genders? When will we get test facilities? Is it the same as for men and women? I need to know where I can get tested!

  • When China first imposed draconian measures to halt the Covid-19 outbreak, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, among others, described them as "medieval". In one particularly notorious WSJ opinion piece that caused a diplomatic spat, China was called "the sick man of Asia."

    Now, of course, the number of new cases is falling dramatically in China but rising in Europe and the United States. Suddenly, every Government is closing borders, restricting the movements of people, shutting down businesses and schools, banning large gatherings and/or putting millions under quarantine.

    When you see nations or people in deep trouble, react with compassion and humility – because you may be next.

  • even here in Texas. My friends just got back from Europe and wanted to get tested, but were told that they couldn't get tested unless they were symptomatic. Here I am immunocompromised and displaying symptoms and can't get tested unless they test positive.

  • The UK just caught up to us in deaths, and they're situation really just started. The US has had this going on for a good few weeks now, community transmission for weeks now, and deaths are still only over 100. Uh no. Not adding up.

  • I am wondering if we should be giving testing priority to "HEALTHY" people, if a healthy person has the virus and doesn't have any symptoms then they are more likely to spread it, if a person has flu like symptoms they won't be going to work or the mall or a restaurant etc. and therefore less likely to spread the virus.

  • I feel like I have it right now. There’s no testing in UK unless it gets serious. I’ve bought some tests from Alibaba, not sure if they’ll work. Will take 10 days tho.
    We went to Disneyland Paris and had close contact with someone who was real sick. There was no mention of covid-19 much in mid Feb, especially in France, sometimes I can’t breathe, but not serious enough for me to call emergency.

  • I pity America, I'm not religious anymore but good lord, God bless you all and I hope the best for everyone who knows that your governing President is not what you need.

  • America, I think you guys need to brace yourselves. The fact that there needs to be criteria (seeing symptoms) is not the way to go. EVERYONE should be tested whether there are visible symptoms or not. There needs to be precautionary measures to reduce the possibly spread. It's unfortunate to hear this, it really shows the stupidity of Trump.

  • The country that lived by eating out needs to go back to home cooking so they always have a good food supply like small parts of your country.

  • 五角大楼自干五 -我的脸呢 says:

    I am a Chinese. The president of the United States is no different from the terrorists in the Middle East because he has been talking about the Chinese virus rather than the cov-19. They are instilling racial discrimination in you, causing conflicts among different races, or the people will get into trouble with the government. The president of the United States serves only Wall Street. Most Americans are getting poorer and poorer. Am I right? Why can we Chinese defeat the virus? Because we are united! Why can't the United States control the virus when it is more developed than China? Because the president changes his mind every day, and he's fooling you all the time. He's only trying to save the stock market, not the patients. So you should unite to let the president control the virus. If he has no ability, let him resign! Chinese friends always support you!

  • Seriously though if you are an ordinary American citizen you need to realize you can't count on the government to help you.

  • They keep pushing this narrative that people from China or recently traveled from China can spread it…no! Italy has one of the largest counts of it, and they've spread it to more cities and countries. We need better handling of it here in US along with better education on the issue

    1 Create a virus and the antidote
    2 Spread the virus
    3 Demonstrating efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, the ordering of the equipment, the hiring of labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.
    4 Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.
    5 Quickly plaster the economy of dozens of countries.
    6 Stop production lines in factories in other countries.
    7 Cause stock markets to fall and buy companies at a bargain price.
    8 Quickly control the epidemic in your country. After all, you were already prepared.
    9 Lower the price of commodities, including the price of oil you buy on a large scale.
    10 Get back to producing quickly, while the world is at a standstill. Buy what you negotiated cheaply in the crisis and sell more dearly what is missing in countries that have paralyzed their industries.


  • Shawnee mollman says:

    We don’t have tests. South Dakota has not been tested for a week now because we don’t have the equipment necessary to do so… please save these people. The criteria needs to be re-evaluated and we need to do better!

  • Clay And Putty Videos says:

    Is this a slander attempt against Donald Trump? Slandering Donald is getting annoying and lame now. Donald is doing a very exceptional job at reducing the virus proliferation.

  • Even with high fever and potentially coming across hundreds of people with the virus, they said I wouldn't qualify for the test two days ago.

  • Hans Otto Kroeger says:

    Donald Trump: "The tests are beautiful…." No doubt about; they are colorfull, have such a fine structure, are so soft to touch, the tests are really "beautifull"…. Hahahahaha!

  • Lisa Rosenkoetter says:

    You have to be rich or practically dead to be tested. You have to meet "certain" criteria. I pray things change.

  • “As of this week, South Korea, a nation of 51 million, had tested about 250,000 people since Jan. 20, when the outbreak occurred there. In the United States, with a far higher population, less than 15,000 had been tested by Friday, according to published reports.” (Los Angeles Times)

  • I can relate to everyone's frustrating story. I too have mild to moderate symptoms of a Covid-19 and have spoken with my doctor’s office and a triage nurse (which took over 4 hrs. to talk to each department due to high call volumes) concerning my upper respiratory infection. I was told the same guidelines of travel and coming in contact with a positive case are the only criteria the CDC are testing for!? Where communal infection isn’t a testing requirement even if you’re hospitalized with positive symptoms? The US Government is months behind the curve and waited too long to take action. We’re all on our own with this virus! The sad thing is: I’ve only been out of my home for groceries in the past two weeks to avoid contracting the disease (due to an immunity disorder) and I was infected there…so it’s everywhere now. I feel like I’m being left to die in my own home. Now, I need to buy some more medicine and immunity boosting supplements to help fight this infection and being forced to leave my home knowing I might infect others weighs heavily upon my mind. Best Wishes to Everyone!

  • what the actual issue with testing is it the actual tests being expensive and or timely to process or not enough staff to process them?
    i read it takes 6 hours from processing to a result but at what capacity is this taking place, I'm assuming a couple of several can be done simultaneously but would be great to ear from the people who work in these labs

  • Salvacion COVID 19 says:

    I do believe that this was not taken serious, and it got out of control very quickly, in the hands of ignorant people. Who have no idea of anything.

  • This virus has been circulating the world since November 2019 when if first popped up on the Wuhan radar. Wuhan has 11 million residents, China has 1.4 billion people…Wuhan has a MAJOR international airport that had flight going all over the world up until the beginning of March, Cruise ship sick passengers were moved to the US on flights with health passengers who then scattered around the US. 

    They are working on 5 g testing! Look this up with the word corona virus. There are millions that have this virus that have not been tested. Funny how all these Politans & celebrates are saying they are positive yet regular sick folks can not find a test.. My Father (he was much sicker then me) & I got sick in January with a respiratory infection all symptoms with corona except fever. (which have learn that many positive test patient also did not get a fever) I was tested for the flu = negative. We were both given antibiotics, my father same meds they are giving in Singapore & for me additional meds. In my state the Governor went to court during this time or after to block giving info to the pubic about how many cases there were. Which is an outrage he works for US, yet he was not protecting us. 

    Just found a you tube channel this week from a guy that lives 20 minutes from where we life who had tested positive for corona the same period we were sick! He was contacted by a business associate who had been at a convention in our area with 200 people & he caught the virus then had a meeting with the guy who had the you tube channel. So this was in my area and spread quickly with all these 200 convention goers who were going out to restaurant, bars & interacting with locals from Hotel workers, bars, restaurant, airport workers, cab drivers, rental car offices etc then hopped on a airline back to their cities.

    The Illuminati have an agenda. Look up “this is a call for an up rising” you tube channel. Think about how Hitler was able to convince the masses to go along with his sick minded plan. Now think about what our government world leaders are really up to…Always question the Government!!

  • I talked to my doctors office and they gave me the website address as well as explaining how to determine if and where to get tested. It turns out a testing facility is less than 6 miles from my home. The entire process is very simple.

  • Just call in and say "I have recently travelled from Italy/Iran/China and now I have symptoms."

    Lie to save lives of those around you, people. LIE. Or we all suffer the consequences. If that is the stupid little game they are playing? Let's play

  • "SPREAD the WORD not the VIRUS " We are FAILING each other as HUMAN BEINGS.
    … and if you are still ALIVE in November … VOTE !!!

  • can get their serum samples, do a neutralization assay against pseudovirus to confirm the existence of antibodies. In addition, why laying off >60% of CDC staff in late 2019???

  • Testing availability is a joke my dad died 10 days in hospital of a chronic cough/fever and day he passed my mom was in er 104.1 fever then 2 days later she was in the hospital 5 days with pneumonia…released had to return; ER stood 6 ft away from her…next day cardio office visit; ended up in a "different " hospital ~ day was home (passing) 200+ visitors paid respects … mom is improving now…. guess what? We were told "All tests were Normal" by hospital in Junction City Ks. So Dad was given over too hospice…Mom was told "bacterial pneumonia " but nothing confirmed; now we are told No one tested for corona! Seriously ERROR in care & Neglectful in "intentionally not testing & not telling us they didn't " ~if you ask me…

  • Even if you cannot get tested but you have symptoms, you need to use good judgment. These people obsessed with getting tested. You idiots, you can go see Dr for your symptoms and start getting treated. These are Trump haters, even when they are sick, unbelievable. What did you think millennials, when you allow millions of people illegally into your country? Did you stop to think we don't have enough housing? Hospital beds? Doctors? Schools? Instead when citizens expressed their concerns about illegals who come here with families sick, citizens called racists by your kind. Now, you are complaining govt letting you die. No, you are not priority, illegals are.

  • California9750 says:

    What difference does it make btw not tested vs. tested? They just need to stay at home for 14 days. Presume everyone is positive. If you are sick, go to the hospital. No cure yet. Grow up.

  • Everyone lives are different some don't have families and are in Shelters too for basically I telling everyone try too follow guideline and keep up with your hygiene.

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