Coronavirus: Medical Workers Rush To New York City As Bed Spaces Fill Up | NBC Nightly News


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  • My Country, South Korea, The people couldn't get doctor, because The Government did seling mouth of my people with lying corvered all of Nation and with treatening that they said to " if you said something against Government about Covid19 then you must be in jail" So my people now are just staying at home and sometimes take some painkiller. If the people go to hospital then they must pay big money about 500USD(it just test money). And The Government say to people that South Korea medical system is world wide number one even better tjem Germany, USA, UK, Etc,… Hm..m…m….

  • Why does my mom have to work in a hospital in new york.She moved out of our house so she wouldnt get our family sick.Plz god protect my mom?

  • Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, our Blessed Hope! says:

    You all are a bunch of ignorant, dumbed down, sheeple! You gobble up the media LIES & believe these BS crisis actors who can’t even keep a straight face, freaking grinning from duper’s delight, knowing a bunch of brain dead zombies will believe their horse ?. But if you look at actual TRUE FOOTAGE taken of hospitals in New York & other American cities, you see THEY’RE EMPTY! The media even used the same “ER footage” it used for Italy, THE EXACT SAME FOOTAGE, and you morons fell for it! The real p.andemic is the level of STUPIDITY in America and how gullible people are to believe a word the lying media says!!!! Here’s the TRUTH:

  • Andy Smith-Akins says:

    It's all a lie. These places are quiet and ambulances are sitting still. Hospital staff is being laid-off around the country. Why would anyone believe anything from the MSM?
    "It's easier for the government (media) to lie to the masses then to convince the masses their government (media) lied to them"

  • God, forgive us!!!!!! Help us through this sad moment!!!! Please Give hospital workers the strength, the love they need, bless them cause they are the front line in this war.

  • I love how they think all those patients have the coronavirus just because they have the symptoms. The test kits aint even get to NYC yet but they saying confirmed cases smfh.

  • Today, the government’s failure to obtain the Trilogy Evo Universal and the Press who are so afraid of becoming obsolete that they have turned themselves into a joke for viewership have done us All a terrible injustice. Sending Jared Kushner into negotiations for something we paid for? And Who dropped the BARDA BALL?

  • We Deliver BEXIT FC says:

    This is afucking lie seriously I've seen people in newyork askin paramedics if they been over run and GUESS WHAT THEY AREN'T!!!

  • I love USA because I went to school in Hawaii for 7 yrs. Hawaii is like my home. One thing wonders me, I heard that US released virus to Wuhan. Is this true?

  • Sam Loves Pills says:

    I never thought I’d see anything like this except in a movie. It’s unreal, it’s invisible, it’s cruel and it’s telling us we need to treat nature and animals better❤️?

  • Something about this cornovius ain't rite because its airborne should have killed the virus in the air. Such as HiV aids the airborne kills that but not this
    People is dying left and rite. Since we got this new technology 5G network. I think y'all should research it.

  • Jerry Barnette says:

    The governor wouldn’t lock NY down and didn’t enforce until it was too late when this is over we need everyone who didn’t act out of office

  • Yo I can’t smell or taste anything. Should I be concerned like I went to my doctor he just gave me a azithromycin and it’s been 2 days I still can’t taste any food or smell anything but I can breathe thru my nose fine

  • Leon S Kennedy says:

    This is what happens when government do not act quickly to contain the virus when there is a pandemic looming. A good example is Italy when the country acted too late, the result? Hundreds of death every single day. Its like every few minutes, the dead drop on the floor.

  • China Lied at the start,and they are lying now, they were doing research on Bat Virus in a lab across the street from the main Wet Market in Wuhan China.Fake News is covering for the CCP same as the WHO and the U.N.

  • All the money the US spends on defense building jets , subs , carriers, ETC. I dont think there a person who feels safe right now.. Hmm somebody dropped the ball. big f ing time!!

  • NY is perhaps one of the most populated states… a greater percentage of close range of social communication, of which “distancing” would be very difficult.

  • We are doing what the cornoa virus is doing to our bodies. We are overtly wasting all of our white blood cells (medical workers) to treat corona so they all ge infected and we are weakened to the second wave of infection. Wake up America.

  • In medical book 1988 coronavirus is the common cold. They patented the coronavirus in 2008. Glaxo Smith Kline patented the Coronavirus. The common cold is the Coronavirus. Research it

  • The people are dying and the orange guy "TRUNP"IS HAVING FUN!
    TRUMP! NURSES NEEDED MORE TOOLS to heal passions , isn't enough

  • The video is like "this woman is begging for plasma donors to save her husband's life… HeY MaKe SuRe To SuBsCrIbE To CnN"

  • The people who are sick should stay home instead of go to the hospital ? the doctors can’t really do anything to you accept antibiotics..if sick people to the hospital then your getting the doctors/nurses sick which is bad

  • The Truth Channel says:

    Theyve been showing these overflow hospitals for 3 weeks now and there isnt a single video shot with a SINGLE patient or DOCTOR or NURSE at any of them. I feel like a complete fool for getting sucked into this garbage. Somethings bad off here and everyone can feel it. When you have video of one of these OVERFLOW hospitals FILLED with patients, doctors and nurses? Let me know.

  • To Those who are jocking about this situation:
    # Please don't forget that people have lost loved ones.
    #If you or any of your family, friends, or other were touched by it, you wouldn't be so distant from reality.

  • not quite possible, she was looking for Globulin γ from donor who was cured from covid19, thats a expensive withdraw process and takes at least 100 upto 1000 peoples to get enough dose to dose one person.

  • Sudden Revelations says:

    So airlines were flying everywhere in January and February and now the end of March and society is about to collapse. In New Orleans it was the Mardi Gras. My coworker said she saw mom's with toddlers playing together at the playground. I was out running at a local college and saw a bunch of kids standing close together their parents letting them out to play. In China they ordered all people off the street. The rest of the world just didn't get it.

  • Silver Back Stacker says:

    This is getting crazy. They tried to recruit me to work on those front lines… but I have too many risk factors. I'd end up among the dead and my family would be left without my income.

  • Dear all ..
    this is a time of crunch .. we all should help our dear or near ones .. for that you just have to help him/her by giving social rating on . Grounds of your rating should be .. personal hygiene , social distance , lockdown rules followed or not , he/she is well or not , they use proper PPE(Mask, sanitizer social distancing) or not .. these are some points on which you should rate your friends or relatives . That will help them in improving there health hygiene in this critical time . In this time we can't help them physically but as a social being you are helping them in a efficient way . This will help are govt or world in fighting COVID19 .
    Stay safe, stay healthy

  • Chandrasekharareddy Ponguru says:

    I am retired agricultur professor, worked 7yrs in Ethiopia. I did research on African Herbs, Arabian and Indian herbs, cured health disorders of several hundreds. Now I am confident, can cure patients infected by Corona virus. I don't know why international leaders are not responding to my message. Prof PC Reddy:8790471108-whatsapp, Facebook Ponguru CS Reddy

  • Jeremy W. Norwood says:

    It has happened because of the incident which allowed infected personnel working in the biological laboratory located in that very province of China to infect the surrounding general population…. Once it got out of the "secure" setting of that bio lab it was all over, there was nothing anyone could have possibly done short of incinerating the entire region via nuclear detonations… and that opinion isn't an option, it wouldn't even be remotely close to being a proportional response to this particular strain… it is only a mildly genetically manipulated strain engineered specifically for the ability of increasing viral communicbility in the truly deadly weaponized diseases. Of course no one in the proletariat masses can ever know about this, nor should they be made aware of it honestly… they would react horrifically, demanding blood in return for what has been inflicted upon the entirety of humanity by this inevitable mistake that just happened to occur at one of China's facilities…. when in truth it could have just as easily been something which could occur in any one of the several dozen nations with "secret" military biological weapons research laboratories.
    Yet, the average person just simply doesn't want to have to think about(or even know about) these kinds of simple fundamental truths behind the protective veil which is all they see or believe is actually the entirety of their reality… and honestly most probably could not handle the whole truth regarding just exactly how fragile in reality all of this globally balanced, & basically well ordered, social engineering experiment really is… Because it is simply all that anyone living has ever known, and it has been more or less stable for more than 70 years now… what would happen if the whole thing was abruptly upended and this illusion of a stable reality abruptly ceased to exist for them?
    It would be absolute & utter disaster on a scale never before seen in mankind's recorded history. Chaos would rule the day across the entire length & breadth of the planet; affecting every last still living human being on a fundamental level, regressing humanity and shredding it down to it's very core belief systems, destroying all that we now live by…
    Anarchy is simply not a sufficient term, because that doesn't even begin to describe what could potentially happen to the world if any one of these doomsday scenarios finally does occur. This time we were actually rather lucky in that what escaped our control wasn't one of the truly terrifying bugs… but who really knows how long our luck can truly hold? Another couple of decades, maybe even a century, certainly not much longer than that… if we haven't colonized something outside of this one planet by that time, then it will very likely never happen for our species at all, and then we shall inevitably go extinct in short order. Poof… like we were never even here.

  • Mythical Truthz says:

    Has anyone read or heard of a book called The eyes of darkness? it says in this 1981 published book that in 2020 the world would have a pandemic and the virus would attack the upper respiratory system and the book also says it was created in a laboratory in Wu Han China.

  • LIES! If this was true, those hospitals wouldn’t be parked. Secondly the hospitals and coroner confirmed these are POLITICIANS making these stupid and unnecessary call for beds and hospitals based on ANTICIPATION! It’s Fearporn! Wake up! We have to take our country back by shutting off the fake news and head to our state capitals to say we are not accepting this BS one day more!

  • Joshua Allison says:

    Video Americans Ask Why Are Hundreds Of Hospitals Are Empty #FilmYourHospital #coronavirus This whole thing is a hoax, promoted by the media and government spreading lies.

  • Please say this Prayers
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  • NYC hired 3,000 nurses at ~$100/hour but they mistakenly believe that their employer will provide them with masks/gloves. There are NYC OB/GYN doctors who don't have masks 'because they're not high risk', their patients have fevers but they're not testing them for covid-19 'because they're not high risk'. Good luck!!!

  • TogerThe Tigerking says:

    America is now in bad state that they declare war on the viruses. Amazing and the Doctors tried there best to survived. This is war huh?

  • Put the proven and tested cure leronlimad into all the hospitals and you will have ZERO deaths from critically ill patients on respirators. Just having ambulance, bed , respirator, morgue as the only solution is mass murder.

  • China starts to report asymptomatic coronavirus cases


    Stay home if you can …
    Stop going out to take u dog for a walk… or outdoor exercise… you puting at risk u life if you share elevator and lobby, apartment biulding…its just not worthy

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