Coronavirus: how do I know if I’m infected and what happens next?

Coronavirus: how do I know if I’m infected and what happens next?

For many of us, this is the
challenge of our lives and it is going to get a bit worse
before it gets better, the case numbers will go up but, as in
China, they will come down again. The important thing is to
support each other and stay calm, and eventually there will
be a vaccine. The symptoms of coronavirus are
a cough, a temperature, in other words a fever, and
probably shortness of breath. Some people also experience fatigue
and joint pain, as they do with flu. It’s not like an ordinary cold where
you get a runny nose and sneezing, and mucus and phlegm. If you have those symptoms you should
stay home for seven days and look after yourself, and if you have a family, everybody
should stay in the house for 14 days. There is no cure for this yet but
you can make yourself feel a lot better by taking paracetamol and drinking
lots of fluids, and resting. If you start to feel worse, and this may be
a problem for the elderly and those with medical conditions already, then you should
call NHS 111 or get in touch with your doctor. Nobody should go to the GP
surgery or to the hospital. You should also call the doctor if you
haven’t recovered within seven days. All of us need to be taking the basic
precautions that we’ve been advised about which means washing our hands all
the time, not touching our faces and if you cough or sneeze try to do it
into a tissue and then throw it away. It’s also a very good idea now to keep
your distance from other people which means two metres away
if at all possible. The advice we’re being given is
shifting all the time but there are simple measures that we can all
take to protect ourselves and other people. So, we will get there and when we
get a vaccine for this then we can actually stamp it
out completely.


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  • RichRay Films by DJ Sharp says:

    I believe some people actually caught Covid-19 from the testing sites. If you can breathe properly but still think you have it, just rest, drink lemon/turmeric/honey tea, and/or green tea, green smoothies w/blueberries spinach, blackberries and strawberries. Avoid soda… it weakens your immune system for a few hours. Lots of rest and proper nutrition builds it up!! Exercise to help keep your lungs strong(cardio). You can go for a bike ride, a job or run or run in place at home… jumping-jacks etc. Wear your mask when you leave your home. Wear gloves too. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. When you go back home. Take off all your clothes and shower. Even wash your hair. I work in Newark and New York so I will be taking more days off this week. The numbers are high in those areas.

  • Isn’t it strange that the countries that have 5g implemented has the most cases of COVID 19. Indonesia has a large population but limited infections, same with India. Iran, Italy etc has most infections.

  • মানব সেবায় তন্ত্রবিদ্যা says:

    I urge the concerned Ministry Health Officer to contact me as a last resort for life to get rid of the Corona virus forever.

  • Call 111 or the doctor yeah right if you can get through!!! What your not being told is if people were really ill in December then the chances are you have already had the coronavirus!!!

  • Robert Pickacard says:

    She forgot to say that if you haven't recovered within 7 days you grow bats wings and hang upside down until someone comes by and then you swoop down and drink all their nutritious blood. Tip: stay out of the sunlight can cause irepriable dmage to the skin.

  • “CORONA VIRUS” ALL CORONA VIRUSES are classified as a “COMMON COLD VIRUS”. . CORONA is classified as a CLASS 4 (+) Single Strand or (SS) RNA VIRUS and that is the (a) COMMON COLD VIRUS!

  • Michael Antoniak says:

    It's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine hey Andy did you hear this one they put a man on the moon yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Nicholas Dickens says:

    The vaccine will be years away it’s feared.

    We all need to keep our distance, be mindful and careful – and kind. We only have one life, and must live it – and respect others.
    Keep calm,
    Keep away from others.
    Be kind.

  • i have shortness of breath is that bad?? please someone answer

    like i feel like im not breating that much oxygen is it because im nervouse?

  • Island tested 100% of folks. among tested positive half was asymptomatic.
    that's why w must apply strict social distancing and avoid meating each other , ''I'm ok and feeling well'' is not an excuse, you or the other person could simply not experiencing symptoms, but spreading the disese.

  • This is Population Control.. funny how it broke out in China so overpopulated to the extent of implicating a 1 child law.. Seems like its hit the overpopulated countries first, countries to follow being collateral damage. Either way.. the less people on earth the better in their eyes especially with global warming at peak concern.
    This is Survival of the fittest if your not fit your draining human resources.
    Power Greed & preserving earth at all costs. Thats my theory!

  • Your infected if you go to the shops and become a arrogant arsehole and strip the shelves bare,stopping the NHS, ELDERLY AND THE VULNERABLE GETTING THEIR SHOPPING. .

  • Vaccines are dangerous, they ,whoever " they " are, create a virus THEN create a vaccine, for what? Order out of chaos? NWO motto? Georgia guide stones depop agenda?

  • southsideskate says:

    lol im not listening to this old bat! im going outside all the time. bring it on covid you don't scare me hahahah!!!!!!!

  • Saneliswe Cele says:

    I think I caught the flu because I watch too much of these scary Covid virus clips. CUT im heading out momma must switch off the WiFi im gonna die because im scared not because I have the virus.


    Dr. Neil Medley, of Andrews University, Michigan, discovered prevention.

    Copy and paste the title on youtube (THE END OF THE CORONA VIRUS, DAKILA PESQUISAS)

  • Me:Watching video with my hands touching my face

    Her:Says not to touch my face

    Me:Later coughing and thinking I had coronavirus because I touched my face

  • Does someone have to stay in isolation their whole life if they have it . What about someone had was homeless. Was on the street.

  • I have only some sort of diarrhe now for 7 days and no others symptomes that mean that i can be positive for the virus !??

  • Except GP surgeries are refusing to deal with this, even refusing to deal with it over the phone. They tell you to call 111, which is gridlocked. Instead you're referred to the website, which tells you to stay at home, or call 999 or 111. 999 will tell you either to call 111 or check the website, unless it's completely critical due to lack of provision at the hospitals.

    See where there might be an issue??

  • I have a slight cough and I’m literally so paranoid rn cause I have asthma which would make it a lot worse if I do have the corona virus ? I’m actually so scared

  • I had a fever but now it’s gone. I cough now but idk why. But I don’t have shortness breath so what does that mean?

  • This is misleading. The Health Editor suggests that you need all symptoms – cough, fever etc. However, NHS advice is that you need either a new persistent cough or a fever (or both). It would be better to direct people to NHS111 online if they have one of the symptoms. Poor show from The Guardian.

  • Christian Mohammad De Jesus says:

    I have fever, shortness of breath and sneezing a lot the worst is there is a street cat went inside our house and bit me

  • The UK government have handles this terribly i hate the fact they are not testing us and telling us basically to go back home infect your family too and die in your bed ?

  • I feel tired my throat kinda hurts n my nose is clogged but I slept with the fan on all night so it might be that because I was gold

  • Don't let copaid-19 scares you, if it's your time to die then you'll die and no amount of preventive precautions can guarantee your safety.

  • Have you 'TRIED' calling 111 ???? you can't get through… massive queue of people waiting…. More great advice that doesn't work because it's flooded with requests.

  • Personal Subliminal says:

    I had the virus early before this became a Pandemic and I thought i was just feeling down with the weather and I refused to get sick so instead i WALKED 2 – 4 miles a day on my treadmill at home and got over it super quick (Yes, it was harder since I had shortness of breath but i stayed at a comfortable pace). I did end up passing it to a friend and she ended up in the hospital and also to my daughter who had a temp that shot up to 104 and my husband who worked it off. The main thing I remember about it was that nothing I took would touch it and the headaches were worse then i have ever gotten. I believe i got over it super quick because i walked it off. Has anyone looked into this? Because I keep hearing get rest if you have it but I know I would have gotten it worse if I didnt walk.

  • Connie Elliott says:

    About 3-4 weeks ago I was told that I had an upper respiratory virus but I'm still running low grade fever 99.1-100 and still cough from time to time, not like i used to haven't had aches or pains have had a headache a couple of times.not really sure what to do, I've been staying a home and only going out for necessary supplies not sure what else to do.

  • I do not believe the numbers given by China, Russia, and Iran people in these countries cant talk against their governments reports

  • Does the shortness of breath has to accompanied with chest pain ? Or is it more like our breath goes up and down bcoz of being worried – what if I dint have caugh and fever but just weird breathing

  • j hope my husband says:

    i dont have symptoms .. but i kinda feel hard 2 breath … no caugh no sore throat sometimes fatigue…. maybe becoz i have anxiety or something…do i need 2 test for covid19 .. m scared

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