100 thoughts on “Coronavirus deaths in U.S. top 1,000 as hospitals overwhelmed | NBC Nightly News”

  • Open a huge factory and mass produce masks and give out to people. Thats the cheapest and fastest way to stop the spread. Trust me!

  • Coronavirus Update:
    Today (so far)
    Confirmed: 85,327 (up 10,754)
    Death : 1,293 (up 220)
    Recovered:1,864 (up 1,248)

    USA is no.1 one now.

  • Coronavirus Update:
    Today (so far)
    Confirmed: 85,327 (up 10,754)
    Death : 1,293 (up 220)
    Recovered:1,864 (up 1,248)

    USA is no.1 one now.

  • Seriously? U.S. overwhelmed? Or certain particular locations?
    Stop treating our President like crap. You never would have even considered treating Obama like you do President Trump.

  • NBC loves drama what funny is we lost more people from the regular flu and auto accidents. Their are more black male attacks on white people who get killed by them over say the last 4 months then have died of this virus. Black males attack white people that cause injuries are not even reported a hate crimes.

  • SEE EVENT 201 ON YOU TUBE OR INTERNET! massive viral pandemic simulation done 4 months ago , they chose the CORONAVIRUS for the simulation. An economic collapse could cause the New World Order socialist society! see you tube video where one world order is discussed by the United Nations – 'Global Government Series: United nations and a new world order' at Yale University.

  • No stories NBC about ALL the deaths ANNUALLY from influenza and pneumonia?? Hospitals are overwhelmed? As of today, the death rate of Coronavirus is 1.4 % of all infected Americans. There's a reason I don't watch NBC anymore and do FOX. The propaganda and sensationalism is less.

  • Shut it all down to stop death, I mean, planned parent hood is deemed necessary for womens health… how many of the 3000 abortions in the last how many hours were female, I mean you're trampling on that future womans right to have an abortion…right? Wait, let's get back to the over a thousand CV since what, January? Sorry I went down a rabbit hole.

  • NOTICE how the three states that are the worst are all FAR LEFTIST states (Calif., New York and Washington) who refuse to listen and think it was a hoax by Trump. The stupidity by the left is staggering!!! THEY will be the ones who will suffer the most since they believe the lies from the left media. NO, I do not feel sorry for any of them!!

  • Lol this is the republican’s fault. Trump did nothing and now we all suffer because of this orange clown. Looks like that wall did some good, didn’t it buddy? Yup, that wall sure did protect us like you said it would. Lol republicans are a joke. All you ever see them do is put their hands together and pray. Lol your sky daddy won’t protect you.

  • so after over 1000 died, Obama finally came out and spoke 6 months later during swine flu? And here, Trump is giving just about daily updates. What a great difference and cares about Americans? Trump 2020.

  • JesusChrist5000 says:

    It is interesting to note that liquor stores are still open and are still considered "essential" in this quarantine. Now according to CDC for the year 2017, the number of alcoholic liver disease deaths: 22,246, Number of alcohol-induced deaths, excluding accidents and homicides: 35,823. Not to mention alcohol related homicides, suicides, and dismemberments. Yet there is no media hysteria and political outcry to ban alcohol use. I am not a teetotaler, but I do want to raise awareness that the government does not actually care for your health and safety and that this whole COVID19 thing is a ruse to distract us from Central Banks robbing us of our future once again.

  • America has won again. Most number of infections of any single country in the world. Continue ignoring it, and hospitals will be so packed, then the number of deaths will also be number 1 in the world. America is so great right now.

  • Shirley McBride says:

    The best answer to all this is prayer. God's gonna do much more for us than all the Government's 💰 God Bless all of us around the world in the name of Jesus Christ.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • God of Virginity says:

    Even when deaths are beginning to pile up in the country people still say the same things leading up to it back since it was overwhelming china and europe
    "It's just a flu bro, it's only New York hospitals, they'll contain it"
    We are going to experience so many deaths by the end of this and America's legendary stubbornness is going to largely affect it

  • COVID 19…

    When it started in China … people here in the States… didn’t take it seriously..
    Those who were on vacation or working there fled…
    Not understanding …some probably had it.. and brought it with them..

    When it was in Europe… same thing

    People don’t pay attention to social distancing.. or hand washing and other measures..

    We Americans… some who were abroad… brought it back.
    We Americans.. here … ignored it

    Now it’s here.. spreading…
    We have apathetic college kids on spring break ..
    We have folks exposed .. who test but before they get the results… go to a gathering, or hop on a Jet Blue flight to Florida..
    We have teenagers coughing on produce ..
    We have Selfish social media whores licking toilet seats … joke or not..
    We have politicians saying one thing and … violating common sense.
    Ditto with some / many tv personalities ..
    and news personalities.. ditto..

    We have obviously sick people going out and spreading it

    We have people who JUST Don’t Understand…
    We have many who are apathetic

    Business are shutting down.
    Restaurants are going to a pick up or delivery only service..

    Has anybody considered the “what if” that ANYBODY in the food service profession might be infected .. carry it around for many days BEFORE they actually get symptoms and get sick?

    Each and every food preparer or delivery person is a potential Typhoid Mary….(if you don’t know who that is… look it up… and multiply it by many many fold)

    I expect in the next week or so.. we will hear in the news that food delivery will be canceled.. because it was determined to spread Coronavirus even more..

    < steps off soapbox >

  • Ricochet reefing says:

    I watched this video for the sole purpose of how the media would fear monger and deceive me for the day….and promptly gave it an obligatory thumbs down..I encourage you to do the same.

  • Psh, Murica is now number 1 in cases of infection!


    Watch out Italy, we're coming for your death toll, and we'll be number 1 in every way. EVERYONE LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This report is outright treason and Trump should order your execution. It was explained that numbers would go up this week due to numbers being compiled from testing and not due to an outbreak. This is designed to cause fear and to cripple this nation. You are terrorists and you will NOT go unpunished forever.

  • CUOMO IS WITHHOLDING MASKS!! nurses in nyc dont have masks while he sits behind a warehouse listen to what he says "we need more masks! oh we have enough, oh were giving them out on a need basis" im telling you i know nurses here in nyc they are not getting the masks he is withholding them!!! please repost i am not lying!

  • Such a tragedy that now it's even safer to NOT to go to hospitals, but rather hope to develop immune system against Corona at home.
    Going to hospital means you will encounter dozens of infected.


  • Lifting with Grandpa Charlie says:

    Wow ! It was only after a 1000 deaths from Swine Flu did Obama declare a National Emergency. Luckily Obama had the Left Wing Propaganda outfit called MSM.

  • MelanatedRN #reparationsnow says:

    How y’all got all these Black ppl as the face of this virus when it’s more Caucasians that’s dying from it🤔

  • OMG 1300 have died out of 330,000,000, can someone please do the math so I know how long I have to live? Thank you.

  • Is it that bad? Memories are short and we soon forget as people. In the H1N1 (swine flu) of the 2009/2010 pandemic, nearly 61 million people in the United States were infected alone and caused 12,469 deaths with 575.400 deaths worldwide!! Has the media and politics done a great job in overplaying this pandemic? While no pandemic is a good pandemic, I guess the nations took a much quicker approach to curb the spread of the virus compared to the H1N1 back then. We can count our blessings if there are any blessings that this epidemic is not like the previous one ☝️

  • We kept saying China and Iran lied about their numbers. Now I’m not sure if I can trust the US numbers. Same for Italy, Spain, France and all other countries. I guess when sh*t hits the fans, it’s just difficult to get the numbers right.

  • The Network News Corporations are peddling fear, as a way to further support the leftist globalists attempts to derail Trumps successes and impending prosecutions. The truth will be revealed. “Don’t believe the hype” – Chuck D👊

  • Getting Along Alone says:

    YET,..the fuckhead President wants the Country back up and running without showing any concern over the sick and dying. Selfish PIG!

  • 10/0 Catfishing says:

    2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: 23,000 – 59,000
    flu deaths. Just regular old Flu. Where's the panic over this?

  • Fake scripted bull spit ! Horrible. Why did all of the sheeple run out and buy toilet paper ? What do you mental morons need it for ? How happened to the fake China trade deal story ? The real news is at gematria effect news. All of the mainstream media outlets work under a Masonic code. We the people are being mocked through numbers through the tv. The mainstream media are the real psychopaths ! 🤮

  • WHO: Common Cold is Coronavirus

    Under this disinformation – "common cold," 16,000 Americans died and sickens at least 29 million.

    World Health Organization: Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that range from the common cold to MERS coronavirus and SARS.

    Virginia Department of Health said that most people become infected with coronaviruses that cause the common cold at some point during their lives. These infections often occur in the fall or winter.

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals. Many people have previously experienced a coronavirus in the form of the common cold.

    The CDC estimates that this flu season has seen at least 29 million illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations, and 16,000 deaths, but Japan and Taiwan both stated that American coronavirus deaths potentially in the thousands) are being buried in untested infections, and in fatalities blamed on the seasonal flu. If those deaths were tested, the results are not being made public.

  • It's happening to your town, community, street, house and many don't get it but they will — soon:

  • Mary Catherine Gallagher says:


  • Listen I’m not necessarily trying to say the virus isn’t a very important issue that shouldn’t be looked at but just remember 30,000 people starve to death a day and 3,000 die in car accident per day, yet no one seems to even bat an eye at that

  • Anthony LaRocco says:

    We are spreading like wildfire, this is getting horrible fast like pouring gas on a fire. I called this 3 weeks Ago look at my comments. Our market is next, sorry Trump as a a Licensed Series seven broker I am calling this to.

  • john satterlee says: coronavirus won't wipe out human civilization, everything that is happening in this world not just coronavirus but other disease, more disasters, wars and rumors of wars to name a few was predicted by the bible 2,000 years and God is trying to get this world's attention to coming events like the Rapture, 7 year tribulation and 2nd coming of Christ. If we think things are bad now after the Rapture will be the 7 year tribulation which will be the worse period in human history especially the last 3 1/2 years. The tribulation period will be a million times worse than today's world. Don't trust in the government to help you repent and turn to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and salvation. The only and easiest way to heaven is through Jesus and Jesus alone so accept Jesus as Lord and Savior before it is too late.

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