16 thoughts on “Coronavirus coverage: KING 5 News at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 23”

  • If you have 110 deaths, you have a minimum of 3,000 to 6,000 people infected. Stay away from other people, Washingtonians, if you don't want to be like Italy. I give you 1 week!!!

  • Maintenance worker in a downtown residential high rise. I have to be there to ensure the trash makes it out to get picked up. Sucks my life isn’t worth 18 hourly but people need it I guess to live sanitary conditions. I just hope I don’t catch corona

  • Italy has become the flash point of the coronavirus pandemic, with a death toll at 6,077 and counting — the highest in the world. More than 2,000 Italians have been killed by the virus in the past four days alone. And their Quarantine at home…

  • So if I am working at construction, I am working by my self in the house. Is it still legal for me to work, or I have to stay home?

  • Bracha Brachaim says:

    The armor of G-d, is our protection, without faith, but disobedience make you a Target of evil. STAY at HOME is a good measure and all should hear and do at least this ! in physical sense fighting a invisible enemy , it needs also the spiritual component , for we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It is not for your own life only but for your neighbors too at least, st-a-y @ h-o-m-e ,Take the time you got now as an opportunity to learn to know about Father Yah and His son, you call Jesus,, but Yahusha is His real name, who is The One who can save you, set you free, protect you & heal you, by the blood He shed for you and me for our sins one and for all and forever.. think about what better chance you have? Yes stay home and start studying in the word of G-d and apply what you learned . to yourself and your life. Its not too late yet. By doing so you will loose your fears and worries , for Love is stronger than death.

  • Stay at home order will last 2 weeks. Everyone knows that in 2 weeks this Wuhan virus will just be starting still. Go buy a cardboard box because that is where a lot of people will be living if they can't go to work.

  • The problem is there is no agnollegment that this disease was here one and a half months before the first tested and confirmed case. Their facts are wrong so their math is wrong. With all these adolescents having school and now recreation taken away, crime will kill more then disease. WE ARE NOT CHINA. WE ARE NOT ITALY. Both have massively different age and population demographics. Both have massively different living cultures, and conditions. Both have massively less access to guns

  • Well even getting the unemployment benefits is not easy anymore even though they said two weeks get the money's but it is more than that. I don't know how people will going to live without income for last two weeks for restaurants shutdown and another two weeks for stay home order. What the hell , after two weeks virus will still there so what they going to do and nothing. People like us going to lose the home because we can't afford to pay mortgage.

  • MAGA Supporter says:

    Because we all know 2/3 yr olds will all follow the 6' rule😭💯. These are our infinite wisdom ☠️DA☠️ leaders???😷

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