100 thoughts on “Coronavirus controversy: Chinese official suggests US is responsible”

  • SHUT UP CHINA ! HOW DARE YOU ACCUSING USA ! Stop blaming someone else And tell your people not to eat exotic food everybody know where it came from . SARS from China , Corona from China is not new anymore .

  • This is what happens when the almighty dollar becomes more important than people. Shipping jobs out of the country because its cheaper..

  • You can't tell all American businesses to manufacture in America… but you sure as hell can tell China to ban wet markets

  • "We lie, we cheat, we steal. We also have a course to teach this. That is the glory of America's continued progress." —— Pompeo

  • Lilbit of Southern Spirit says:

    Self sufficiency 1st! This virus is a huge eye opener for us in the US. I believe this was a test for our enemies to see how we handle it! I will say that AMERICANS must heed the instructions & warnings from our President. Be cautious, protect yourselves & families.

  • As a Chinese leaving comment here from Wuhan under great danger, all I wish is that people and government from western world are willinf help the miserable Chinese people to fight against evil.

  • A lt of comments that things made in China are cheaper, obviously they have not made any recent buys of computer products and mobile phones! What is the price of the latest iPhone that is made in China. Only the institutional investors in these companies that have their products made in China benefit. The consumer does not.

  • Oh……..china , and its enslaved puppet people..communist thugs run a cult drivin land of dictatorship..ZHOE is kissing the
    President of China…wonton!!

  • there president or king said it was from them and now there like wait a minute maybe we should not had said that dooms man kind i always thought it would be russia from what the media has been saying

  • Almost every corona virus came from China and the guy who found it in China was forced to be censored… There is no need for transparency China showed how they silence their own people . Wuhan is the source.

  • Greg Stevenson says:

    The Chinese Commie party needs to be abolished and in order to do that, stop all imports from & exports to china. The U.S.A. needs to be more self sufficient. The slogan "Made in The USA" needs to be a household phrase once again. God will see us through this! ✝ ??

  • Ronald Winters says:

    Now you see how stupid Trump is. When there aren't Americans to attack and humiliate he doesn't know what to do

  • Ronald Winters says:

    Funny how there hasn't been a worldwide conference or meeting to tackle this instead of letting panic set in everywhere

  • ? Saying the US started that virus in China is a JOKE, why? cause China is dirty, look at their wet markets and the nasty cross contamination that happens there smfh gtfo of here

  • Eric Standefer says:

    China will pay dearly for this, not through retaliation, but by natural selection. They are a rouge regime. Say goodby to Amazon people, and tell Walmart they better start buying American.

  • let's get this straight china ; I worked as a ranger at the Grand Canyon and, up to 3 years ago everyone who came from china wore masks so explain this china ? coughing and asking for asperin is a straight up sign of infections – do not think for one minute you china have fooled anyone with blaming usa for this outbreak when you have had this virus for years but, did not tell anyone.

  • This Chinese official would blame his mother if that what he is communist leaders would tell him to say…to the Chinese government I hope you get the cornovirus

  • Whole world is suffering
    1000s are dying
    Millions of $ and doctors are struggling in curing the virus
    Trade has stopped
    Cities are locked down
    And whole world knows where it all started
    So stop blaming US

  • Gaming Gameplay says:

    Lijian Zhao that's the name i won't forget for the rest of my Life because he's the most Stupid person i ever seen in Social Media

  • Remember when Chinas midget dictator in North Korea said the US will get a Christmas present. Well this is it. Just took a little longer than he expected to get here

  • China created this virus. Article upon article were put out in 2015 concerning investigation that China was creating Biowarfare years ago. Israel was investigating them. China has made high $ amount from Iran and USA. And it seems anyone who has done business with them gets sick Iran has had over 12,000 cases of COVID-19 thus far so what does this tell you?


  • Cindy & Matt Ramberg says:

    Obviously China is FULLY at fault. What's worse is the MSM spreading the Chinese propaganda (e.g calling it "Wuhan" is racist, etc..) all because "orange man bad". Equally as bad are all these morons stating that this proves why we should have M4A??? China has it…Italy has it…etc…look how well that's worked for them.

  • Corona virus was deliberately spread by 300 American military personnel in Wuhan during the Wuhan military games.Wuhan c.c.t.v. fromtrain commuters proves and shows American rubbing their hand with virus on commuters railings.Fort Derrick .Biological Germ warfare in Maryland is where the virus came from.

  • rockingoutdude too says:

    If products are made here can we afford to pay american workers. Product prices would be skyrocketing. Would you pay 300 dollar Reebok tennis shoe. Jobs are going to be available in America but will anybody pay for the product at high price.

  • China shut the hell up and stop blaming American soldier! Change your eating culture and focus on hygiene! gross!! even asian hate chinese

  • Classic Chinese blame game. When is the US govt going to take the big American manufacturing companies to task for chasing profits to the nation's detriment? Get them all out of China NOW!! Set them all up at designated Export Free Trade Zones along the east and west coasts and along the gulf. Reliance on goods from China should now stop. Or farm them out to other low labor cost countries in other parts of the world. China doesn't need nukes, its got enough biological weapons in its arsenal to get USA and the world to their knees!!

  • Every year viruses come from China. I wonder why? ? Absolutely terrible. Sooner or later we all gonna die because of these rat eaters

  • Money is king people.
    Everything thats on the table is about making that cheddah. War, our biggest money maker. Cheap labor, as supposed to expensive labor? Nike's cost like$4 to make over there. It comes here and they charge you $150. Get it?

  • Remember when most people in the United States believed Oswald killed JFK and now we know the truth.
    It’s history repeating itself but now killing innocent people around the world ? are dying.
    Think people, don’t listen to any news agency, do the research.

  • It's time to boycott Chinese MADE. When Trump visited India we loved him and honoured him because he represented world's oldest democracy. We both are greatest democracies in the entire planet. It's time to make our countries great again!!. My dream is even the small village in Africa should buy the product which is stamped MADE IN INDIA AND MADE IN USA.. Beautiful names, literally gives me chill

  • ~hmmmm?~China seems it is in the Akashic Records for a long time~sadly enough the Akashic Records is now open for them to pay the price of their actions deemed unworthy to mankind~but hey ignorance loves stupidity~sadly enough man cannot be superior to another man when all is equal in the unconsciousness until man is awakened then he shares what he knows about leaving Maya to itself and now is no longer a witness to who he was but has found true self the way Buddha did and is on the path to return home with a Bodhisattva to all sentinel beings~when a country that was hiding for years now its truth shows what they really wanted and now are not going to get it because all the while a Bodhisattva was in place for them and they abused it severely and chose their ego instead~

  • Connie Jennings says:

    You are all a day late and a dollar short. Millions spent on risk assessments and you all just went lalalalala in your heads. All of you are at fault. To even trust China about anything. Years of their stealing, sneaking, cheap contaminated crap. They are natural-born liars.

  • China has blood of the World Corona Virus Victims on it's Hands. There is no way this Virus originated from the Wuhan Wet market but from a structure just 280 Metres away by name Wuhan Institute of Virology. This is in reality one of China's Biological Warfare Germ Labs. China should be hauled in front of the UN Gen Assebly for a detailed explanation – failing which it should be kicked out from the world Body. We have had enough of Chinese mischief for long.

  • American pharma CORPERATION making huge profits of their own people buy dirt cheap frm china selling on to the people at outrageous profits NOTHING will change.

  • We don’t want Chinese good , everything made is China cheap , poor quality and toxics ,all synthetic clothes from China is mean a piece of plastic , We need made in USA or at least made in Mexico

  • This virus doesnt came of a bat thats sounds even funny…is a weapon !!! Some bastard made it and infected some people. Whats next a virus from a crowd ?! Wake up !!!

  • Charles Rogers says:

    Its time to stop all business with CHINA!! , EVERYTHING THEY SEND HERE IS JUNK ANYWAY!!

  • We need to quit relying on China or any other country to supply our needs. We need to start early and educate our people in the skills needed to cut this dependency. It's been going on for decades and politicians along with Big business execs have made millions of dollars while we sit quietly by and let it happen.

  • If they don't pay for this pandemic, they will not close wet farms and wild life trade. They will be another pandemic cause by bats or porcupines next time. 10 trillion dollars fine and sanctions are needed.

  • The CCP has most of the world, plus many liberal Americans wrapped around their little propaganda finger. And their argument is strengthened by none other than Iran and Russia, which no doubt give credence to what the CCP is saying.
    " The CCP doth protest to much, me thinks" William Shakespeare.

  • ….and is this so farcical? What does Moscow Mitch have to say? Trump is capable of ANYTHING conning the dumbfuck repubs!

  • The Chinese Communist Party must be held responsible by the world and pay for what they have done. They let the genie out of the bottle and then try to blame the U.S. Military for this. Reports are coming out that CCP let their people celebrate New Year in the streets of Wuhan, China where this came out of, spreading the virus in China. They don't even care about their own citizens much less other countries. The world must not let them get away with this! Fake news reporter have the gall to ask why we are calling it the China Virus. We call it that because it came from China and it is their fault it has spread. The only good thing that can come out of this "Horrible Plague" is the dismantling of the Chinese Communist Party. That is if the U.S. and the World is brave enough to do that.


  • god bless the chinese communist party. 1918 influenza pandemic originated in a Kansas military base / Canadian railroad car. that loud mouth doctor was warned many years prior for political statements

  • Sushant Kashyap says:

    Goodbye China, along with India, the whole world will not buy goods made of your county.And this will be a good lesson for you guys,

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