2 thoughts on “Coping With Negative Events – Publisher's Desk”

  • Hervé Kacou TV says:

    15. They are all fighting me! But I say, "Amen!", because we are at the time of maturity. And it is to the good and ripe fruit that everyone throws the stone. And as a mediator, Paul said in verse 7: I tell you the truth, I do not lie. Paul says that because those who were listening to him did not understand anything, they would look at one another in astonishment. Paul was preaching to them a Gospel which was different from the one they were used to hearing in their synagogues.

  • Ismaël Zoukou says:

    Kacou 135 v 36. … They believe and prefer religions, and holy books and dead prophets and demons. For Salvation, they have already chosen Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism, they have already made their choice and they say: "O God, I surrender myself to you! Lead me!".

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