Cool Jobs – Radio DJ

Cool Jobs – Radio DJ

[Pulsing Music] (Army Pfc. Tyler McBride) We are back here on The Morning Scramble. I am Pfc.Ty McBride, aka “Cheese.” I am a glorified hype man on the radio. Originally, I am from Kansas City, Missouri,
but I spent the second half of my life in South Bend, Indiana. My favorite thing about the job is definitely
the music and the creativity that comes with being a DJ. We usually try to prepare for the show the
day beforehand and it can take anywhere from one to three hours depending on what guests
we have and what events we need to talk about. I think my biggest ambition in life is to
work at ESPN and I think this job gives me a great platform to be able to kind of practice
and hone my skills before I get there. Next song, “California Love” by Tupac. My name is Pfc. Ty McBride but on the radio
I go by “Cheese.” Tune into “The Eagle.” We serve America’s best.


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  • Not many Military deejays left, but I did the Dinfos school honor grad of class 11-71, did news in Saigon, and then announced the end of the Vietnam war on military tv in 1973. It’s a great MOS (Army job)

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