Convicted Killer May Be Freed With New DNA Evidence

Convicted Killer May Be Freed With New DNA Evidence

robert writer duly act was convicted of
raping and killing a woman in cop colorado back in nineteen ninety-six
however key will probably be it’s all very because new d_n_a_
evidence indicates that he is not the person who uh… committed this crime so was incredible as if you look back to
nineteen ninety six when he was on trial um… the cement found on the victim
didn’t even match delete even though there is inconsistent evidence out they
decided to of rest in any way convict and and he spends uh… years in prison
as a result so the reason why we’re bringing the story of today’s because
the death penalty is something we’ve talked about several different times and the death penalty is still something
that’s legal in uh… many states in the u_s_ and doesn’t make sense to have the
death penalty for instance in california the death penalty is still uh… houston texas it still use uh… so steve this was a story that was
very uh… important to you so tell us what you
think about it well uh… occupy i’ve always been the fear of death penalty
growing up you know i guess i still and in some
respects if if the person committed a terrible crime and we knew
for how to process it certainly that that was a person who did it i suppose uh… amethyst ata philosophical level i’m in favor of it
however uh… we’ve had so many mistakes and its
getting really out of control uh… in ninety in two thousand uh…
governor george ryan of illinois uh… he stopped all executions because
since at that point it was reinstated in illinois usa in nine in nineteen seventy
six twelve executions and thirteen
exoneration xoxo death row which means that have to be one death row were were uh… not guilty of the crime
and that is that is sickening to me and uh… couple days ago i was a
special on cast of might mike farrell and we watched a prized reading of the
movie west of memphis which is about the uh… west memphis three and that story is absolutely incredible uh… the level misconduct by the
prosecutors in the case and these three guys spent eighteen
years in prison for crime he did not commit and uh… and and the worst part of the stories
that arkansas just-released m six months ago and the release them on the basis of them taking what’s
clinton alford plea which is where they plead guilty to to the crime yet maintain her innocence and they did that so that the state
won’t be exposed to the lawsuit for false imprisonment for eighteen years spouse of these guys off are still on
the record uh… you know as having could in a murder three little
boys were eight years old me what the real killers are always out there and his you know because in this case in the that he was doing uh… he uh… had blood on the ship turns out it was in the blood of the
victim right but even at the time that they can make them they know that it was
in a seaman if the girl had been sexually assaulted so why wouldn’t convict the guy and and sit and wait now in that case it was
life without parole right but imagine india executed in a different state you know we might
have gotten the death penalty for that crime and then uh… and then unit you can find that mistake
was almost eight uh… i’ll use the in favor the death
penalty ok and isolation people say like hey what have you got more liberal on
and i think that is an example but it’s not because i got more liberal
on if i was shot in the guy get it you know that i think i come on the
opposite direction ok but that’s the problem it turns out that one blow all where it is sure that the guided it turns out we make mistakes for these
guys okay convicted of and get a life sentence or or even death sentences all right so artists react to the facts that part
before us and so in the daily case depth of the
last thing he said when the judge whose prosperity and uh… or or was put
in a way it’s he said that we know that you are
still out there don’t you care about that and the judge said all i’m very happy to
put you away and he’s been in jail since nineteen
ninety six when it wasn’t him however just so happened and how unhappy would he be if he had
been executed let me give you some exact numbers because i think that it gives
you an idea of how often this mistake uh… is made post-conviction d_n_a_ testing has
exonerated two hundred ninety people in the united states since nineteen eighty
nine and then also when it comes to d_n_a_ exoneration there about sixty
seven between nineteen eighty nine nineteen ninety nine and about two
hundred twenty-two between two thousand twenty eleven and the reason why you see
that huge jump in two thousand two twenty eleven it’s because they got a
lot better about collecting d_n_a_ evidence testing d_n_a_ evidence uh… so it you know but steve made this great white about
all the people who were convicted of murder in crimes before our two thousand how many of them and were either executed or given light
sentences uh… before this time and yes it any here that the two of the nine
hundred and saying well i mean given how many people in jail they decide that
they are number understand they’re not doing this for
pulled at this testing for all of you would showing kiddingly it’s for a very
very small amount of people where they think there is you know possibility they might be
innocent and it’s a really important dates because it takes time it takes
money case resources it takes a manpower so they do and i’m
very few cases and yet they still have that kind of a large number within that
context yeah we’ve gotten the wrong way too many
times your you know look if you’re a person of any conscious you can’t be there the death penalty knocked on a philosophical grounds but
on practical grounds were killing the wrong people let’s let’s keep it
real uh… i mean it even even in this
conversation wiki polls and as a mistake i mean every i mean and maybe it’s just like it a mob
biosphere’s that’s the in the senate and when you hear about some of the
civilians are you there’s obvious obvious evidence with
either of lack of of a credible eyewitness or street address in before
d_n_a_ that the cemented massacre the disco at the end of some of the plea
dealers forget somebody convicted of that particular crime it’s not like it’s unconscious
convictions these occurrences decisions to get the wrong people and they don’t
give a shit they just want to get somebody or they
get a particular kind of person they want to get you know what i’m getting at
so its is no it’s not a mistake it’s a mistake
by fifteen percent of time uh… doesn’t think right now the time
it is time to get somebody stalin’s houston texas fisher over and over again
signifi racial discrimination in these kind of prosecutions especially
for a life sentence started now in this case resent what they do we
have a citywide right that give so i think even the larger issue the larger issue is prosecutors who got out the connection then they’re not actually doing their
job to job is to seek justice it’s not to actually put people away right but
often times of course that’s not how they deal with a view it as was my
prosecution rate right was my percentage of conviction so right or wrong doing i
got to get a guy now have is a t_v_ guide and especially if you’ve already so the
case forget it you’re never going to admit a
mistake europe lockport and put them away based on your own ego in your
career by that guy’s guilty or not it sixty and going back how can you still be in favor of
executing people given how it’s playing out you just can’t if your decent person i
know maybe that’s too hard for you but that’s the reality men and because
you’re saying i don’t mind exterior door people all one of the time assist outrageous by the way in
california there’s a ballot initiative in november to finally get rid of the death penalty
spin at in on the books a slightly seventy-eight california and by the way
its cost the state of california billion dollars pleased to receive
california dot org to uh… find out more and pink possible
just donate because there has to be polish of right now the polls indicate
that um… people in favor of this ballot
initiative are five points ahead but that could change very quickly and uh… univ on that we said jack we
spent four billion dollars execute thirteen people we’re spending three hundred eighty
million dollars order that turns out to be to execute a person and it’s crazy is absolute creased
because that money should be spent less if we get education let’s just keep it
in in that promote justice that money to spend to help victims families to deal
with their losses instead on on programs that people crime we have less to quote the murder dot
their immediately spent and up to a hundred from ways that’s better as they were wasting on the system any
of your conservative who cares about you’re getting the budget under control
when she was still up four billion dollars duty reading education system in
california so uh… acts that ballot initiative is
a no brainer for me in november deftly death penalty yes it’s not as a
safe california act and they will replace california’s death penalty with
a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole so it’s not like your b z on that people
who are convicted they get life without parole i’m time it has no brainer and an issue
as i’ve ever seen


100 thoughts on “Convicted Killer May Be Freed With New DNA Evidence”

  • I'm more concerned with the matter that a man was convicted of rape and sent to prison based on, what seems to be, a faulty trial.

    The prisoner and prison staff treatment of rapists is brutal. Put aside the argument for death penalties, think about the fuckery that this guy dealt with on a regular basis during his time in prison, all for a crime that nobody was sure he committed in the first place.

  • That's easier said than done, but here's the problem. If they executed Breivik, the white nationalist will look at this man as a martyr to their cause.

  • SirDanOfHell says:

    Kill a person for having killed someone else? That's not philosophically moral; that's hypocritical.

  • megabeaver23 says:

    and what would that prove? That children should be babied and treated as a bright jewel of purity? what of in cases where it turns out the child was lying and as result a innocent person is killed?

  • seems that you don't understand how DNA testing works. There is far less error in this than human error in a court room. By a long shot.

  • This video changed my stance on the death penalty. The "justice" sytem doesn't want justice; it wants convictions. Guilt is irrelevant to the monsters who profit off of ruining/ending the lives of others. Before, I only thought about the motivation for the prisons to get prisoners, foolishly forgetting about the motivation for the prosecutors to get convictions.

  • UniversalPotentate says:

    This 9+ minute clip is the shortest one today. O…M…G!
    5 minutes people. 5 minutes.

  • no matter how severe the crime .no one should get the death penalty. I'd rather have him or her rot in prison for the rest of there days. the death penalty is the quick and easy way . It doesn't bring back loved ones and its certainly sad when people think they need closure by having the same criminal that committed the crime be sentenced to death . however you look at it. its murder. Life in prison. knowing that they cant ever see the outside world again.Caged like an animal. Sounds reasonable

  • So a dead kid is going to lie? Or maybe 10 dead kids are going to lie? How about that little 3 year old who gets raped by old men, recorded, and sent around to a bunch of perverts. They should be fucking killed for that shit.

  • No it isn't the only possible explanation of that one fact, but I think it is a good illustration that there is at least some fundamental problem with our justice system. Every person has certain preconceived notions. Those go into decisions. A system with judges, jurors, lawyers, police, witnesses is bound to have profiling at some stage. Sometimes racial but not only that. It would be difficult to lay out every facet of the proof need to support this in 500 characters.

  • This is what Americans just don't get: Prosecutors are not, on the whole, good people who go home at night and agonize about whether the person they are prosecuting is really guilty. The prosecutorial function, by its very nature, attracts the kind of person who is so megalomaniacal that they don't really care about substantial justice.

  • Million Dollar Rabies says:

    Well, technically more people commit suicide on death row than actually make it to the needle, but if you factor them into the equation it's still terribly inefficient. And another question: do you want punishment or rehabilitation, even if they aren't always the same thing? Because just putting someone into a cage with other people who share their values for several year straight isn't going to do jack shit.

  • No im not kidding you. Considering how many innoncent people that have been put to death in the United States alone due to corruption, racism and plain stupidity from law enforcement every one should be against it.

  • If you dont know the diffrence between killing a baby and a abortion you probly shouldnt even try to argue on the internet.

  • I would have thought humanity would have evolved during 10000 years of civilization. Apparently it didnt include all humanity.

  • Thats really besides the point. Punishment for a crime, atleast in the western world, is supose to incumpase both incarceration and rehabilition so that a person might once more enter society. Some people, like Ed Gein/Manson and so on, might be to dangerous to let out and will spend their years in prison.

  • Because the death penalty is; A – More expensive then life imprisonment, B – Run the risk of killing the wrong person and C – Judicial punishment is not, and shall not, be for once personal revenge.

  • enlightendbel says:

    Yes, I agree, but where most people are against the death penalty for reasons of errors, my primary reason would be that a death penalty is a way to easy way out for the type of criminals on the level of Manson etc.

    I never understood how people find vindication and closure trough legal murder. Even reflecting of the sadistic part of our nature, life imprisonment seems a much more satisfying punishment in that light.

    That you don't end up killing innocent is just an great added bonus to me.

  • As ive stated countless times before on Youtube; There is a really big f-ing diffrence between a real person and a feotus. The rest I cant commentent on since I really have no clue what you have written.

  • Gussie Vann and Anthony Graves both convicted in 1994. Exonerated in 2010 and 2011.
    Michael Roy Toney 1999, exonerated 2009. Diead in car crash 1 month later.
    Herman Lindsey 2006, exonerated 2009…
    The list goes on and on try wikipedia "List_of_exonerated_death_row_inmates"

  • Brandon Ferreira says:

    curing cancer was just an example and though the possibility is "quite low" the number of abortions a year is astounding ONLY IN THE US, the argument is VERY relevant. so many abortions a year stop many lives from doing something miraculous. on top of that the fact that we'll never know what they might do is angering in my mind.

  • I see your point. I should have considered that. But DNA evidence aside, there's other evidence they use to convict murderers.

  • You haven`t really given a respone or an explanation on what your input was about in the first place. Why would I for that matter "Shut up and Watch some porn." when im having a discussion?

  • It sounds like the USA should -besides abolishing the dead-penalty- also look into a way of improving the methods and procedures of what is going on in these court-rooms.

  • snowbaordguru says:

    Says the religious hypocrite. Not all the people on death row are guilty. Besides, a life is a life no matter what age when it comes to religion.

    Did Jesus say "turn the other cheek"? or "Give him the chair!"?

    Shit for brains, Ha. That's awesome coming from you.

  • Forget practical grounds, who are we to say someone should have the right to live or not. The death penalty is a hideous and senseless punishment motivated by vengeance and not justice!

  • megabeaver23 says:

    and those are extremes, we cannot allow our emotions to cloud both our judgment and hummanity. There will always be the possibilty that we are sending innocent people to die the most important thing is that we do not sink to their level and give them a quick release for what they did. Yes in your case it would be wrong and horrible but what does that say truly about society that turn around and does the same thing. The important thing is that we keep a humanity they lost and be the better exampl

  • I've actually thought of that, recently. It should only apply to people who are undeniably guilty. That's the only kind of death penalty I can agree with.

  • To me it seems a better approach to that would be to tackle the sources of crime and focus on rehabilitation so there's less repeat offenders. Also stop criminalizing so many things (the drug war comes to mind).

  • Republicans don't want to spend $4 let alone any part of $4 billion on the Education problem in California or fixing the prison system.
    Republicans are against education, I can still hear Santorum: Obama is ‘a snob’ because he wants ‘everybody in America to go to college’

    Republicans need to keep their base ignorant to the facts, so they will just follow and tow the party line !

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    Death penalty i NEVER right. Not even on a "philosophical level", no… I'd even say ESPECIALLY not on a "philosophical level".

  • The legal process includes the provision of expert witnesses, requirement that two competent attorneys represent the defendant, special security, etc. And in the case of a death sentence, the court is required that a series of appeals be available to the convicted person, first through the state and then through the federal courts. All of these special requirements add up in terms of time and money but they are what is required to make killing a human being pass constitutional muster.

  • I'm not in favor of prosecuting someone in every case. I think what happens too often is prosecutors and the people affected by the crime want to see "justice", but they don't care if it's the wrong person. They just want to have a sense of revenge. It's human nature. However, I really do not think you have to prosecute someone in every case. If there is not decent evidence, prosecutions should not take place.

  • I absolutely hate what my state (Nebraska) does with its death punishment. We've moved to lethal injection and it's been that way for a while now. However, my state obtained the chemicals from a company that did not ever intend for the chemicals to be used for death penalties. It's a compound sold by I believe a Swedish company, but we bought it from a distributor from Asia (Japan maybe). All I know is original company wants the state to relinquish the chemicals. I completely agree.

  • Death penalty costs more than a life sentence. There is no evidence that it acts as a deterrent to crime. The only thing that it does is bring "justice " and by justice, I mean revenge. I don't see any real argument for the death penalty. As a society, we have a legal procedure for killing someone. Having a procedure doesn't make any more right than killing someone without a legal procedure

  • Obviously Dewey was convicted by the White racist court system because he was a Black man.
    What, he was White? Never mind.

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    I don't condone war either. Self defense, yes.
    War on any matter is foolish, there are no "just" wars.

  • blood thirst says:

    God said for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ out Lor.Romans 6:23
    Even God give capital punishment…revelation 8:21

  • Jeremy Bourget says:

    Why does it cost more to keep someone on death row than keep them in prison without parole. It seems counterintuitive, doesn't it?

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    First of all, defensive war?
    War is waged by either an attacker or a common dispute. If you'd be waging defensive wars there'd be no wars.
    Yes you can participate IN a war, but that doesn't mean you created it. But if you've instigated the war, you are the warmonger.
    There are no just wars.
    Second of all, why are you comparing war with death penalties?

  • All comments below are by one person who doesn't believe in the death penalty on any level at all. Not at all in any way. If someone tried to kill them but got caught they would want to kill them. If someone killed their child they wouldn't want to get revenge… that's fucked up 😐

  • Elizabeth Faraone says:

    I don't agree with capital punishment, not because innocent people are killed, as they often are, but because I believe killing is always incorrect, unless a person wants their life ended.

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    And you have evidence of your "God"?
    How about the fact that christians slaughtered people just for not believing in "God" or having a different belief?
    How about many of the Presidents of the US, how about the overwhelming amount of believers killing millions of people? Hitler's to name one. It's a tired argument that cannot be used.
    Belief and ideology are different. Belief or non-belief doesn't have to reflect on a persons motives or ideology.
    Owe you? As in you enslaving us in your beliefs?

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    I do not really believe in "Good" or "Evil".
    It's just a description of a cold, malicious person without any regard of others. Most often an egotistical person who claims he is right and it goes before any other person.
    In other words, just another word.
    People can believe whatever they want, that does not mean i or anyone else has to respect mine or their belief. But i do not claim myself better for it. I am just as "Good" or as "Bad" as anyone else.

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    Indeed, but the defender may not enter a war at their own volition. There's the difference.
    Yes, there is a moral difference, but that doesn't mean those morals are right. The victor always writes history. In Romes eyes as conquerors and "winners", what they did was right. According to them, their morals were true.
    But i do agree that there is a moral difference. But it isn't Black and White.

  • Contrefaire The Blasphemer says:

    I never said taking someones life in self defense was right or justifiable. It isn't realistic tho that in such a grave situation you wouldn't do it. But that doesn't make it right.
    You control your own actions, even in a situation that is forced upon you.
    War is not the same thing as capital punishment or self defense as an individual. It's in the best interest of the nation and it's leaders.

  • dddfffgggyyy says:

    If you spend 16 years in jail unjustly, it should be like the fucking lottery. Million dollars in damages he deserves…

  • *Sigh* You're just spluttering random shit that I don't even care about. I am talking about the rape and murder of little children. There are adults on this planet that want to RAPE with toddlers and babies. THOSE people if they are to ever act on their feelings should have something worse than 8 years of jail heading their way. And i'd be fine with prison (I guess…) as long as they were out in a 4x4x4 cell where they could stand up and they are given just enough food to keep them alive. PIGS.

  • he's against it because death penalties are irreversible… life sentences aren't… While it's hard to overturn a conviction it's not impossible. As is shown in this video, in 1 state 1/2 of the death penalty convictions were overturned. He's upset because innocent people are being killed while with a life sentence there's a chance those innocent people will be set free. That's the only reason he's against the death penalty now, at least from this video.

  • Michael Jackson says:

    I already have & I don't agree with it 100% but you're right, it's great. Almost all of their episodes were great.

  • Is against abortion, because "it's killing a human being"
    Is FOR the death penalty…
    Who's more hypocritical? You. That's who.

  • bradley ross says:

    They definitely make some good points against the death penalty I have heard before. I used to be in favor of it for reasons of it being a deterrent and being "cheaper". However, research I did swayed me out of those opinions. Plus, there's the chance you kill an innocent person and a person without the money for adequate legal representation is more likely to get the death penalty. It's all screwed up, let's stop having executions

  • Zarion Wildclaw says:

    I have two words for that guy: epic lawsuit. I am with that guy. The death penalty is good AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT GUY. If an innocent IS executed, then it should be perfectly legal to kill the execurioner, the convicting judge, the DA the oversaw the trial, AND the arresting officer. This would hopefully deter more innocents for being killed.

  • How fucking dare you "welcome" me to the internet. HOW DARE YOU. I was talking about one thing and YOU were the one who started talking about other shit. I TOLD you that I didn't care about that stuff and I DID NOT give my opinion on them. I KNOW WHAT THE ISSUE IS AND WHETHER IT'S COMPLEX OR NOT. I KNOW. I UNDERSTAND FULLY. So maybe you can, you know, stop acting like you're above everyone and just get off this website.

  • James Liebman of Columbia U looked at ALL capital cases between 1973 and 1995, and found that 68% of the cases were reversed, to a life sentence or less. His study found 3 states had 100% failure rates, and all but two states were over 50%. US Justice Dept looked at all capital cases in 1989, and found that 76% of cases were overturned. It does not deter crime to a significant extent. All of Europe, Australia, and Canada have banned the death penalty.

  • The death penalty can only be used against murderers. And it should stay that way. Our morals and the law says that Sandusky is reprehensible. But I can show you plenty of articles where despite the laws, a teenager consented to a sexual relationship with an adult. One in my area a few years ago ruined the adult's life to the point of a suicide. Even though the teen girl had a diary where she called herself a "predator." People can consent to being killed, but _no one_ enjoys it.

  • Amazing reply to the content of my message.
    Also, age has got nothing to do with the validity of an argument.

    The content of an argument DOES.

    I'll ask again, where do you draw the line?

  • Sulaf Elkhalifa says:

    Most of the time, these people are mentally unwell. Anyone with a conscience will be 100% against executing someone with mental problems. No one just decides to kill 10 people just for the sake of being bad.

  • Alkohollokaust says:

    show me some evidence that the death penalty is a deterent? Do states and countries without the death penalty have higher crime rates than states with the death penalty or vice versa?

  • Alkohollokaust says:

    what about all the murder cases with no dna evidence available? what about all the murder cases that get botched? Theres 4 people exonerated from death row that was sentenced in the 2000s with some as late as 2006 and dozens more in the 90s even after DNA forensics was widely available and theres still no 100% accurate conviction rate. Still think its worth the risk?

  • "Death sentences only hurt criminals" tell that to the 140 DR inmates exonerated since 1973, or Frank Basil McFarland's family, an executed Texas inmate proven innocent AFTER the fact via DNA, or Carlos DeLuna's family, another executed inmate proven innocent. So no, you're dead wrong, it doesn't JUST affect criminals, it kills innocent people, too, not that it means anything to you, after all, you "pro-lifers" don't give a shit once they're born. BTW, a cluster of cells is NOT a baby, moron.

  • Unfortunately, you can't because they have complete immunity from charges/punishment, all because the SCOTUS feels they won't be able to do their job if they can't be held accountable for breaking the law in the midst of their duties, even on purpose. As a result, said poor innocent schmuck spends years on DR or even dies because DA tampers with evidence, and DA isn't held to answer for his crime. That's what happens when you have a bunch of self-serving douches running the mechanics of death.

  • I'm totally against fhe death penalty; however, and correct me if I'm wrong, isn't most of the money we spend on death row convicts paid by the state to pay the attorneys & other costs that have to do with the case & not the death penalty itself? So even if we got rid of the death penalty wouldn't we still be spending the money on cases for life sentences?

  • @smarty3000 death penalty cases have far more appeals then other cases unless the inmate waves his appeals. California has more serial killers then any other state, and the largest death row population in the country (something like 700 inmates) yet in the last 40 years only 13 have been executed. Executing a man is not something that most states take lightly.

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