Controlling the Media: Putin’s Propaganda Machine (Part 2)


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  • antonio gutierrez says:

    esto odio y rechazo de los rusos es culpa de los americanos y la union europea en vez de tener como aliado a rusia lo alejan ….saben muy bien q ucrania es parte del vinculo cultural e historico de rusia y lo q hacen los americanos es dividir alos hermanos y q peleen entre ellos … por q no sacan un documental de los nazis q hay en ucrania y q son los q desetabilizaron el pais es muy facil criticar al otro echar la culpa al otro pero es q los russos estaban tranquilos con los juegos olimpicos y estos americanos como de costumbre con sus ONG estaban preparando el golpe en ucrania asi q esta claro q es una reaccion normal de los rusos ….ahora la propaganda americana dice q rusia quiere invadir el mundo q putin es el diablo pero la verdad es q jamas putin va aser bien visto por occidente por q tiene su propio opinion de vista y no se deja amenazar ….por q no va con los intereses de estados unidos …a estados unidos le importa un carajo rusia… para ellos esta bien q se desintegre se enpobresca y se desaparesca …

  • Brand Bioc-har says:

    There is no doubt that this language, this discourse of rage, resentment, paranoia and nationalist violence is the greatest symptom of Russian State tyranny. Anyone in the rest of the world who supports it is complicit in a growing threat to human rights in Russia and elsewhere.

  • So sad to see.. realy, I like to follow all dispatches and it's journalism is more brilliant then any main stream media..
    But it's funny to see that professionals like vice even get corrupted.. when putin puts on his "propaganda" it's called propaganda but when our lyibg leaders from the Netherlands or the usa use their propaganda it's given and taken as truth… they're all lying world leaders who are defending their sinking ship I realy hope vice will wake up to this so they can use their given blessing of journalism to provide truth instead of broken stories. .. God bless

  • If Hitler were alive, he would accuse his enemies of being Nazis. It's just so easy. Kind of like blaming Obama for everything. Even Russians are doing it.

  • Well we have state propaganda in Germany too, I think its everywhere just western media try to tell you it is "free". Then why there are almost no live filmed scenes from Afghanistan or Iraq war? I would rather believe in what someone say then I what I see myself and it es not about what is the truth it is more about how you interpret it today.

  • I know the Russians aren't a group of innocent schoolgirls. But it is perfectly rational for them to be concerned about the United States. To call this urgent concern "paranoia" is absurd. The United States Government likely IS trying to beat back Russia at every turn. I think we would be shocked to learn what our government is doing to poke the Russian bear. Thing is, I don't give two damns about Russia or Ukraine. But I've had a government that is obsessed with destroying them since the day I was born. So much money has been spent. It's just a damn shame.

    Quite frankly… I believe someone should do a story on the Vice Propaganda Machine.

  • there is some truth and some bs in this video…. but whats there is the most here is irony and hypocrytism

    its a big fail but nice try nonetheless lol ;P

  • Revolutionary Socialist Media says:

    Nationalism is a powerful weapon to hide things that are bad. Putin and his oligarchy mask the fact that most wealth is centralized in their hands. Russian salaries are less then 400 euros a month and Moscow is too expensive for ordinary people to live in. Mixing both Russian nationalism with stalinism, the Kremlin is now in full control of both the media and the state. Workers need to unite against ethnic nationalism and the lies spread by Vladimir Putin!

  • Александр Иванов says:

    Americans are the same stupids who believes in own state propaganda, because they [Americans] have been trained by Rockfeller's and Rothschild's media in their childhood.

  • fuck you vice you cunts are apolagists for amerikkkan imperialism all the main stream media in Amerikkka is controlled by the fucking CIA

  • no americans in the united states have ever said "we should invade russia" …well theres probably a few in the conservative party.. actually wait no i forgot most of the conservative party loves putin because he has strong christian values.. uuuhhhh… lets see…. nope… nope never heard of any americans who want to invade russia, guess its putins media trying to make the russian people paranoid of the west..

  • Ionlymadethistoleavecoments says:

    These people obviously don't know they're being lied to. In essence they don't know how little they don't know. It makes me wonder if we have a similar thing happening in "western nations" and just don't know that we don't know.

  • Fabrizio Magaña says:

    We should also thank American Government for all those years they supported dictatorships all over Latin America

  • vice deberia hacer un documental como los medios de comunicación se alinearon en comparsa con hilary clinton, que tambien es la utilizacion de los medios de comunicacion en ee.uu. y el mundo?


    Usa using every fucking popular channel in the world to destroy russia and to says russia is the enemy of peace in the world ( i ve got bad ideas before about russia and putin but it all changed) please peiple dont watch media it s all used from certain autorities

  • Seems that the Putin Government is doing to Russia what the Hilter and the Nazi Party did to Germany. They're putting the idea into the people that they are the superior nation and that the world is their enemy. And anyone who doesn't support Putin is an enemy of the state. People never learn.

  • Hahahhahahhahaaa, this has GOT to be a satire piece on SNL or the Onion, right? I mean, the in your face, blatant propaganda US media is nothing but honest and above board and keeping American political influence out…….right? Hahahhahhaaaaa, jeeze, how much worse is this shit going to get before THEY even can't take their own crap anymore?

  • funny how Vice shows those kids with this singer Noize MC, who singin on the stage fully NAKED. Show'ing some nationalists meetings and show like its whole people of Russia. Vice is shity channel of US propoganda. No facts, no different opinions, shows only that crazy nazi, that every country has.

  • Lol at all these russian propagandists thinking vice news is an american news outlet when its infact a canadian news outlet lmao. inb4 russians be saying "BUT CANADA IS A PUPPET STATE OF THE US REEEE"

  • American exceptionazism 卐 says:

    So many triggered western fascists snd their ukrainian nazi friends lol)My Russian ego is pleased)Greetings from Crimea,nazi cunts.And dont forget 1945 lesson)

  • Ikhsan fahri pratama says:

    Dude, if Putin got reelected, it is because he really worked in his country's interest. Not Propaganda. If democracy is leadership of the people, 80% of Russian preferred Putin. If the democracy the western media talks about is of taking turns in leadership, it is childish. But to finding the right guy in the right position, guided by the people's interest, is wisdom. This is Russian-styled democracy.

    We can see "American Democracy" implemented in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. I am certain that Russians don't want it. Maybe anybody wants?

  • Its just a matter of sides these TV Channels are taking. If you take the Russian government's directive, then you are a propaganda machine labelled by the West. If you take the West's narrative then you are a fascist or imperialist labelled by the Russians. Well, from a neutral perspective its really hard to tell who's telling the truth. Just a matter of interests on both sides.

  • These morons consuming RT as news deserve to be deported. " Hi were Russia Today..breaking news PUTIN is hero! In other news US trying to kill all Russians but Putin will stop them" Its real clear its just a Kremlin cheerleading outfit

  • I'm a French graduate student and a researcher who would like to write a thesis about media in Russia and other authoritarian regimes after my MA, if I ever decide to follow-up with a PHD. I would like to know if Moscow is safe for African people ? I've heard a lot of harrowing stories. But it would be a life-defining experience if I could live there for the months necessary for my researches. What should I do ?

  • What a dumb documentary. rusia with putin will show usa how to run a country usa media stop you fucken lies about rusia putin even with this propaganda keep calling our friends in the west you what a guy

  • A rabid bunch of brainwashed zombies.I feel a bit sorry for them on how badly they are cheating the Russian government.People despise Putin.

  • Russian domestic tools for anything that is wrong in the country,, blame NATO and the west Chuck in the words Nazis and fascists and their favourite word if all else fail western propaganda. God Russia has so much going for it ,it could become alot better than it is .

  • чем тупее человек и чем больше ЗОМБИ нодОВЦА,тем больше будет мнить себя умным и патриотом!!!! я не делаю из Путина кумира,хотя,четырежды голосовал за него,я всего лишь благодарный россиянин,который видит и ценит заслуги Путина!!!!!!!

  • There is some next level of conscienceness going on here! My ancestor must have loved Russia and been sad to leave it; taking part in Pugachev as a Cossack is my theory! I hope that Russia will become democratic in the future!

  • i live in Moscow and I can tell you, people… this all is a fucking truth. country full of crazy idiots, who thinks that America wants destroy… everything

  • Stewie Griffin says:

    Mostly older Russians who were born in USSR watch our TV. Younger people, on the other hand, have common sense. They know that our media is nothing but lies and propaganda. They have nothing against the United States or EU. On the contrary, they wish we were more similar to some of those European nations. I love my country, it’s just that Putin and his friends stole it from us. I don’t care about Russia being “great” or standing up against the United States. All I wish for is good quality of life and my rights as a citizen to be respected.

  • Putin cleaned Russia from corruption & poverty. He is good for Russia & Russian people. This video & many other videos like this are propaganda & to spread hating of Putin because putin made his country super in military & economy. Russian people loves putin. Western leaders & western people hate putin because putin made his country super. Western made many videos like this to decline Russia but they never succeeded because Russia 🇷🇺 is super power country. God blessed Russia.

  • Karate Kid Forever says:

    Some man killed by his wife in thw kitchen by the butter knife.
    Russias commentary Americans made that happen. USA is resonsible for that.

  • Trudeau controls the media in Canada by giving $600million dollars to the government owned CBC television so they will say nice things about him since they get bags of cash. He also gave $600 million to the general media to bias them in his favour. Trudeau signed a law to censor the internet so no one will say the truth about the idiot. Trudeau tried to be access to all bank accounts so he could exploit folks savings. Trudeau is a disgusting dictator that will be booted out October 21. A woman said he groped her in the past. Justagroper is jerk of a buffoon.

  • he wants a world war??? now in 2019? this guy needs to sit down and have soe vodka – or maybe lay off the vodka..

  • all the stupid comments here is why we need a one world government…. Why is that seen as a bad thing? one world economy .. one world army (no wasted time or money on wars; and better used developing vaccines and cures. Better and even faster growing technology for exploring and pushing human life into thr universe, we would then soon be a type 1 civilisation (and we will never reach even type 1 untill we are all united and have full abd easy access to the whole world. No passports… Think about all the greatest minds working together…. This is what humanity needs… not 100+ squabbling leaders that get nothing done Cuz of selfishness and greed…

  • Abby från Ryssland says:

    Guys, as someone from Russia – yes, this is basically what most of the country on the periphery thinks about the West. And not because they actually do – because they're taugh to think it, they're taught to feel it. TV is a killing machine in any country, and the poorer the country, the more influencial it is, cause not too many people in small villages can afford having Internet connection or have it at all, but most of the people have the grey box at home. Expecially old people, who don't have much to do with their lives.

  • It's like if America went into a small part of Canada and got some land with the Canadian citizens support. Would We Americans really think we were that badass. That's how lame Putin looks.

  • Could you imagine if we Americans took so much of our time to think about Russia. We don't care about Russia. There like a bad girlfriend always thinking of US but we don't really care about Rus

  • Every fucking day they spend billions on blame and hate USA and west. As a russian who is living in Baltics, only when I was 18 I started to misbelieve in some point, and 2 years of RUS-UKR conflict to be 100% sure, this is most ugliest " patriot" feeling using ever. Sad fing is that 90-95% russians disagree

  • Putin is very good at maling Russian people believe they are under attack. First it was RIA Novosti, TV Rain, CNN, BBC and on and on all to simply make Russians believe they need the state to protect them 😆

  • pathetic, they call others fascists but they act like ones. but it also looks similar to what is happening in US, Trump and the whole war on "fake news", everyone who disagrees with Trump hates america and is supporting migrant "invasion" according to Fox News

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