100 thoughts on “Conservative women: Daniels story a media plot to sink Trump”

  • When do these members of Christianic State start waving the Kentucky Koran around? Allah see you later, American Taliban.

  • American Magic says:

    these woman are not women of the lord..these women are from gossip girls…who are u women to judge anyone..disgusting ..may they be judge

  • David Powell says:

    "We don't believe Trump had sex with the Porn Star because there is no concrete proof". My next question would be about their cultist religious beliefs.

  • Madame Ovaries says:

    It's like watching Nazi wives circa 1938-39 as they slowly convince and entire country to believe an irrational ideology and demonize nay-sayers of Hitler.

  • Mitchell Boykin says:

    They're crazy they know she's telling the truth dim white wasn't his type or they would be in the same position ads she is

  • Why would you give Stormy Daniels story any credibility? I can think of a 130,000 reasons. These women must be on the White House payroll.

  • For those who had any doubt that AMERICANS ARE STUPID…this is the most convincing evidence…God, these folks are S-T-U-P-I-D.

  • Lazarus Woods says:

    Sounds like a cult? The that rund our country has a pass for anything. If he shot someone in the middle of Time square, they would support him. Stop putting these people on TV. NO MORALS, GOD WILL JUDGE TRUMP AND HIS FLOCK! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES….

  • Just bizarre on so many levels. CNN admits only 21% of Americans buy Trump's bullshit – and then gives that tiny minority a ton of airtime while (once again) ensuring the vast majority who don't believe Trump remain silenced and are given no voice. That corporate bribe tax cut for corporate CNN is already starting to pay dividends. CNN SILENCES THE MAJORITY FOR TAX CUT $$$

  • anonymous user says:

    So now that the truth has come out, do these upstanding Christian ladies still stand by their adulterous pussy grabbing president? You betcha!

  • No these women are married and know all men can be hoes and are…their husbands are hoes…who cares if Trump had the stormhoe…nobody….everybody in America Knows Trump was not a angel and has cheated…he won with women and men knowing he had whorish tendencies….who cares…we care about performing the job he was elected to do..

  • William Byrd, III says:

    You Could Swear That These Women Are A Product Of Inbreeding. This Is Cult Like.Have We Forgotten About Jim Jones.Trump Could Tell These People To Jump Off The Roof Top And They Would.Don't Drink The Kool Aid

  • Frances Magnus says:


  • These birches are a fucking disgrace to this country. They are in such denial is not even funny. They have to be on trump’s payroll.

  • Tasha Vladimiroff says:

    You should ask these assholes again now that it’s out. Yes he knew. Yes he paid her yes he’s done this many times.

  • Yes, these women should listen to CNN, and Stormy Whore Daniels, because they've just got a nice wholesome reputation. Listen, fucktards, you're never going to get rid of Trump, forget it. Accept the fact that you lost, and you will lose again if you keep listening to the worst "news" outlet ever: CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media. YOU CAN'T WIN! No matter what you say, no matter what you try, no matter what you plot against him, no matter how hard you cry and protest, you just can't stump the Trump. Liberals… :v :v :v

  • Well, I imagine they wouldn’t have a thing to fear…….. they’re all old and ugly so grabbing the pussy is out …… nothing attractive but the sofa which you can barely see with all of the fat asses in the way……over the hill ugly bitches…

  • Lol he could get a b.j on camra by a porn stare any these woman would say his dick fell into her mouth she needs to keep her mouth closed lol🤣

  • mynume2015 Wholly says:

    These old hags want to talk about her but he was involved sexually with her.That ignorant black fool is okay with how Trump is racist.These hags are just old ignorant weak minded cult whores

  • These dumb ass women.. I really feel sorry for them because they're so ignorant.. LMAO. So because she's a pornstar no one will have sex with her is what they're saying? Don't they know president Trump would f*** a snake if somebody holds its head. This is the kind of people that back up Trump mindless, idiotic, absolutely mental deficient. I bet these ladies boyfriends and husbands really love them

  • When the fuck did Trump turn his life over to God? Before or After he cheated on all three of his wives or after he decided to run for the Presidency and needed your blind mindless support?

  • 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party! says:

    This proves that wisdom does not come with age!

    I hope all of their mates heard this interview so that they will know that all they have to do to get away with having affairs is to lie just like Dotard Trump!

  • Jonathan Burleson says:

    Trump supporters obviously come in all flavors. That's really what got him the electorate. Check this out ladies for Trump!

  • Nicki LovesDogs says:

    If Donald gets kicked out and Pence takes over we Really have a problem. I don't know whether you actually want that to happen.

  • lamont sible jr says:

    Well. Donald Trumps lawyer admitted (pleading guilty) he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep her quiet about her affair with Donald Trump.

  • I love conservative women b/c they like when strangers squeeze their vaginas and have sex with their high school daughters.

  • sixties schlitz says:

    The Democrats can't understand this because identity stereotype politics are a flustering issue with them sort of like still trying to understand that the sun sets in the west and that beer and hot dogs at a major league sporting event are hmm a bit exorbitantly expensive.

  • These women are really retarded!!! Those white women are laughing at that black woman trying her hardest to fit in with them! She’s willing to sell her soul all so she can be a part of a group that doesn’t give 2 flying fucks about her or her family and friends!

  • "If he slept with her, that is between him, the Lord and his family." Egads!
    So let's just sweep it under the carpet shall we church ladies?

    Cause we know that if our husbands cheated, we would work through Jesus to fix things.
    OMG! These are the wing nuts who support that disgusting pig.

  • Tovoris Moore says:

    Since it doesn't matter about sleeping with someone while married why the hell did bill Clinton get impeached lady explain that to me please?

  • You u believe a porn star stripper or a hibitual lier president of the United states. I believe the hibitual lier of the United states. Most White people is so gullible and corny

  • Katina Harris says:

    this was all before they found out he paid stormy, all of his people in jail, so sad I wonder what they will say now

  • Kimberly Colliins says:

    Oh my god oh jeez poor religious freaks are wrong how do they feel now, Suck shit you idiot you voted for the orange freak

  • Stormy Daniels has to pay Donald Trump's lawyers now $300,000 because she lost the lawsuit. Bill Clinton is a rapist.

  • Tiffany Elliott says:

    Your only proving common sense in the Republican party TRUMPS the lieng porn stars money hungry agenda 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jennifer Wilmore says:

    The final sentence, "Whether he slept with her or not. Whatever. That's between him, the Lord, and his family…" That's Democrat rules taught to the U.S. by the Clintons. Sorry you don't like your own rules CNN…oh, and if it happened, it happened over a decade ago, not in the White House, with a mature woman, not with a child intern, with a NDA, not a perjured legal document meant to obstruct justice. With Trump being a germaphobe, I call BS on the whole thing.

  • I don't understand how you can be a trump supporter and consider yourself a good person after everything he's done

  • Marie Jeanne Würrer says:

    Dishonest CNN , manipulating es always. People wake up , start watching different information.
    X22 Report, or others .
    CNN you can not trust.

  • Jessica Jimenez says:

    “…and despite Stormy Daniels claims, they still don’t buy her story.” The narrator makes it sound as if just because someone claims an accusation, they must be believed. Wtf??!!

  • Let me tell you about Conservative Women of Dallas:
    First, none of them have sex with their husbands after they marry (well).
    Second, none of the white ones even associate with anyone not white.
    Third, if these bitches "married well", they employ illegals on their ranch, which gets subsidized by taxpayers.
    Fourth, these Women proclaim the Lord's word, but they are Mean as Spit.
    Fifth, how do I know this? Because I grew up with women like these.
    They are viscious Texas vipers, stuck in the white supremacy days.
    I guarantee each one employs a maid that is not a U.S. citizen.

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