27 thoughts on “Conservative Media Is DOMINATING, Far Left Media FAILING”

  • Daniel Manning says:

    Tim you keep saying the same shit in a different way trying to show how many "viewers" you get compared to CNN. We get it stop being such a fucking tool

  • Love your homework tim. Well done mate. People appreciate the work you do so we don't have to. Internet is a very big place. Xxx

  • Matthew Harris says:

    Stop calling yourself a liberal. You couldn't elucidate a single liberal position you hold when you were on Pakman. You are an infiltrator and EVERYONE knows it.

  • Matthew Harris says:

    If the righr is all about stopping the violence, then why was every politically motivated attack in 2018 committed by the right?

    Don't worry, shithead. I know you don't actually have an answer.

  • Matthew Harris says:

    "Lean right on identity issues". That's a hell of a way to say they sympathize with white supremacists.

  • Matthew Harris says:

    "Fox News doesn't repeatedly publish false content"

  • Matthew Harris says:

    Here's just a short list of Fox news lies, you dishonest sack of shit.

  • Matthew Harris says:

    "Now that it looks like I can get more ad revenue from roping in Der Trumpwaffen, I'll jump on that bandwagon".


  • Robert Haley says:

    Fox news has always played both sides at least a little bit. Sean Hannity started out with Alan Holmes. Colmes lost his job because wasn't popular and, frankly was no match for the more aggressive Hannity.

  • How moronic is it that even a news outlet calls for the response to supposed "HATE speech" with acts of VIOLENCE. Hate speech is free speech and even with cases in which people may call for violence, two wrongs do not make a right!!!

  • ArticVikingChic says:

    No surprise on Fox Newsโ€™ viewership, they are the only site that hasnโ€™t been constantly harping about the Russian trump scandal

  • Patriot 2020 says:

    Fox news is junk after the father died and the liberal kids took it over. They are equal to cnn now pushing liberal lies to the American people. All American MSN is communist propaganda and will be ignored….Vote Trump 2020!!!

  • Jenariel Illenia says:

    Emotion – Logic = Insanity

    Seriously people, you can be compassionate and caring without abandoning logic. It fact, embracing facts and logic makes the things you then choose to care about FAR MORE MEANINGFUL. People are recognizing this and running away from the hate and insanity. How is this a surprise?

  • Madison Atteberry says:

    I'm convinced that when CNN falls, when MSNBC falls, when television falls and all that is left is the internet and radio a battle, similar to what we are seeing with internet and television, will rage and it will be bad. It'll be a battle for dominance for the public's ear after the public tire of the conservative shows on television. Those 'misleading stories' Tim mentioned will play a factor in it.
    It'll be Hannity vs. Sargon, Dana Luash (wait, that's not spelled right, right?) vs. No Bullshit. Both sides have said things and done things that would irritate the other. Right now Left leaning organization, like The Young Turks, have their attention focused off of each other. But once these organizations dry up then the truing will slowly begin.
    Maybe someone reading thinks the opposite but with the way things in the media have been going I wouldn't be surprised if it comes into being.
    Tim's numbers are great, now. But I don't think it will last when all these organizations finally fall. One of the issues people will leave, eventually, "But it's too complicated, so I'm not going to talk about it" Tim has often said this. This will come back to bite him. One example he said that was for flat tax, can't remember the episode but I wish I did.

  • CNN is right wing it's just that the Republican party is far right. I'm center-right. The vast majority of educated people across all fields vote for Democrats.

  • People are sick of the clown shit but the news doesn't matter much in the long run, the establishment is still in charge churning out the propaganda either way.

  • Justin McCoy says:

    Tim is absolutely right and its scary. Growing up fox news was a joke and the people pushing fake news and fake outrage, now its very much the opposite and fox tells the truth more the liberal media

  • Just saw your video, nice work and its always good to hear an independent voice that is fact driven. Keep up the great work brother!!

  • I do not know. It is too early to tell. If I had to make a guess, it could be possibility that Fox is actually moving toward the Left.

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