Conqueror’s Blade News: CBT Sneak Peak – Resources, Crafting, Armies & Ambushes

Conqueror’s Blade News: CBT Sneak Peak – Resources, Crafting, Armies & Ambushes

Welcome back warlords We just wrapped up an amazing open weekend where thousands of players poured into the servers and really helped us do a great stress test Now if you haven’t heard already, the closed stage of the winter mayhem has been extended by four days and will end on December 23rd So if this is news for you What are you waiting for? Head over to the website right now grab yourself a pack and join the carnage! But perhaps what you’ve tuned in for is for a little bit more Information of what’s coming up in the CBT early next year, maybe some features that you would like to learn more about That’s exactly what we’re going to do. Let’s jump right into our next sneak peek So let’s start off with how to build your army, a key element towards becoming a feared Vicious but successful warlord. The central point for your warlord is your personal camp which can be located at the city of your choice. It acts as a hub for your gathered resources and allows you to craft build and do research One of the first steps would be to unlock the unit type that you want to add to your army. Unit types can be unlocked by using honor which you earn in battles. By going to the unit tab You will see all the different unit types sorted by region and heritage: archers, cavalry, spearmen, etc Once you’ve made a choice unlock it and your warlord will be able to build squadrons of that unit. To do this, you’ll need to first hire some recruits at any friendly city and outfit them with the crafted armor and weapons they need. It’s important to note that your squadrons grow in strength with you. The more battles you have with your units, the more veterancy points they acquire and these points can be used to research upgrades and buffs for them in the tech tree found in your personal camp. Now then, let’s learn a bit more about the art of crafting for war. In order to craft all of the armors, weapons and siege engines you’ll need for war. First you’ll have to go out into the world and gather all the resources. With a caravan, you’ll be able to take them back to your personal camp where you’ll put them to good use. Basic resources such as iron, copper, stone and wood can be found in the mines, mills and farms near the cities you’ve conquered or those cities friendly to you. However, in order to forge rare items and equipment for the most elite units and armors in the game, you’ll need to find some very rare resources. These will be scattered throughout the lands hidden and faraway. Greed and ambition to raise and outfit the most powerful armies will draw warlords to these remote locations to fight and kill for these precious resources. With everything safely delivered back to your castles, you’ll be able to start crafting and building your weapons of war. Remember though, the location you move your goods to matters in Conqueror’s Blade. For example, You wouldn’t be able to build a squad If you have your equipment in one place and your recruits in another. Now that we have a few basic squads with us, it’s time to go out into the open world and search for glory and riches. While you’re out and about, you’ll surely encounter many dangers such as other warlords or even bandits. But if you’re lucky, some of those enemy warlords will be moving around with their own caravan, making them slow and an easy target for you to capture. And if you’re really lucky, they won’t have a lot of backup to defend themselves. If you want to attack someone, you’ll need to be faster than them and close the gap between you. Once you’re there, left click on them and select pursue and this act will shift you from the tactical view and bring you directly into the battlefield. The continent and location you’re in, will determine the look and feel of the battleground. When you’re engaged in battle, other nearby players will see this and they can choose to come and join in and fight either with you or against you. It’s not just other players you need to watch out for either bandits will attack you while you explore the open world. They may demand coin in exchange for safe passage or they may start a fight with you. Winning an open world battle will grant you bronze experience and precious resources. Especially if they had a full Caravan with them. The open world of Conqueror’s Blade is unforgiving and savage. Warlords are in control and you can win or lose your hard-earned resources very easily. Be cautious and always travel together. You, the players, dictate this world’s conflict. So with that we’re gonna wrap up this sneak peek. I’m gonna let you guys go so you can jump back into those battles while the winter mayhem closed testing phase is still open. Thank you so much for watching everyone. Leave us a comment down below If you’re enjoying these videos and also tell us what features you’d like us to cover next. I’ll see you next time


15 thoughts on “Conqueror’s Blade News: CBT Sneak Peak – Resources, Crafting, Armies & Ambushes”

  • Awesome job with these videos Miguel. I love the positive and eccentric vibe you always bring, on top of speaking clear and fluently. I can not wait for the open world to come!!! I hope things continue looking up and moving forward. Thank you to everyone who has been putting work into this game, and for keeping us up to date, and tackling any problems that have arisen during these tests.

  • So many Questions. Is it possible to speed up a caravan with different type of wagons, oxen or horses? Does it matter if you are pursued and change the terrain? E. G. You are pursued by Cavalry while having foot soldiers, you choose to enter woods. This should slow down cavalry in pursuit. And when it comes to a fight, does the terrain matter? Foot Soldiers hiding between trees against cavalry should have an advantage, the cavalry can´t charge against them. Are troops slowed down when they have to run up hill?

  • Søren Pedersen says:

    The open world thing seems a bit Dangerous. i am thinking of players just attacking you just to ensure you dont get resources for your troops while they dont rlly care much for what ever you were carrying but just want to F you over and at some point become rlly hard for 1 person to raid because i think many people will be in some kind of clan and allways move in groups of 3 or something like that

  • I hope the resources Gathering and crafting is not going to be too tedious and time consuming. I really don't like to play endless Open worlds. where you can go any where, Gather any thing. and Build/Craft any thing. It's just not fun. I'm like "i just got in to the game. now what……this is boring their is nothing to do…." . to give more examples. I don't like MineCraft, SimFarm games. Or survival games. Like Ark, Or Conan Exiles. There is no fun to the, there is nothing to do. Why spend all time walking around doing nothing. I hope this game is not like the ones I've listed here. The Combat is what really Brought me here. So spending hours just exploring, Gather any thing/every thing. and Build/Craft as the goal of the game….. Is just . I could never like and enjoy it. :/

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