connect your iPad to the Internet

connect your iPad to the Internet

hi everyone so today I wanna do a video which basically is about connecting your iPad to the Internet now a few days ago I had like problems connecting it and stuff like it just didn't connect there was just a time work it just didn't connect but I've I've solved that problem now and now I'm going to tell you how you can do it now basically what you want to do is you just must like this button yar go to your settings and if you can't find your settings you'll just go to here so basically go to the home page or press this button to go back to the home page and just type in settings and whatnot I'm just doing all the steps just for people that are first-time iPad or whatever users who go to settings and you want to go to general which is here and you'll find it next to the mail and picture it and then you want to go down from the top to the bottom and you wanna go to reset and then I clicked reset neck were all set I pressed I press this little one here reset network settings and so it all go on to the Apple so I'm for about 10 seconds and then you should go back to here you'll go back to here and then you'll go back to settings again and then you ever your room network is you will be locked out from it so get the password from your internet box thingy and type it in in capital letters and if that doesn't work then type it in in non-capital letters but make sure you type them in in non-capital letters and so then it should be working so that I found a video that helped me fall it might not work in my resettle my stuff but in this this video helped me and so now I can do the same for you so hopefully you got what you wanted and so that's all I've got to say hi


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