hey you yeah you well helping yourself a special QR code with two extra can live two superstars in it of course you do click the link in the comment section below details there how to enter and make sure you are subscribed to the channel and like this video the final draw be taking place on Thursday evening good luck hey so Eva's this is super Sonico BBQ and today actually yesterday we did something pretty awesome and I'm talking about we the team that I am in at the moment shouts forever in a minute but we did something pretty spectacular I'm gonna let you watch look how good that bra Stroman looks look how good that broad strowman looks that is pretty proud ready to go as well which I'm really really happy about but as I was saying with it saying pretty phenomenal in last night's team event we got a sub Ziggler I don't think that really is anything this is a prize everyone who was inga life tip probably got himself Dolph Ziggler who was in the team anyway this is something special I was really really glad to be part of it so whilst I'm finish of this game of war I'm gonna take you the last night's team event and some tbg rewards boss were there but before we get started if you like what you see in a sub load I mean who wouldn't like this video as hard as possibly can and subscribe to the channel turn your notifications on so you don't miss a single video let's get right into it makes the burst training up waiting to get her prout let's get going we are going to complete timbering domination we are aiming for less than 16 minutes don't ask me how but 16 minutes has been achieved by someone in the past I don't know whether that's very doable but we are going to try so this is going to be hectic you said don't ask you how but I am going to ask ho I don't know because I wasn't in the team that did it wait some other network we're eating on a network according five minutes left max yeah I'm with methylamine swarming okay it's a network waiting on the network goddammit waiting on the network doublers yeah let's go see you on daddy he's called we came to play insert miss lyrics here I guess partner didn't Axford doublers it's not too much for a problem because I should still get it miss doubles not yeah no I know it was gonna be like oh my god you screwed up biggie every Kingston Oh crying out already you already start off what white right I'm now getting the event starts in 50 seconds no it doesn't the events already started there we go go home you're drunk it's dudas we are already one minute in I've not got a shard that's because it didn't tell on my doublers this should be pretty simple though let's go okay really Seth Rollins why why are you going after someone who is like way better than you but yeah I don't know how this could be done Patti but it's gonna be done somehow a parity is glitched yeah this is this is a great start okay here we go a picture meaning piggy really can go down to the last shard really Wow Gigi yes it's a roundabout I ironic sub a pause congratulations we'll get the bazooka Lois okay 40 minutes in already got a lot of shots done at the moment it's actually wicked wrestler so this is laws Gilley Fred Wiley as long as other people yeah I could though sure worn out but I probably missed someone and piss him off you didn't say my name oh my god what are you doing but you this for some reason that all his cars keep trying to attack him right do my by $12 or $75 so just do this all that time what kind of question is that Patti really is taking a nomination at least oh gosh can well give me another chance ready you're like just isn't as good as mine I know that I I was doing this a couple of couple of weeks ago with the last scene ring domination watts I got something like stupid like thinking when I was in the last minutes of one beforehand it was something stupid like I'm just trying to think of the exact it was something like the first sad pause I got I've hadn't even got a deck down because like the pause of the board down the picks and yet I still got free shards in the first the first game as far as our way it's 34 th PK yeah you haven't seen the tag match for the day to be T give me another shot give me another shot I don't go Lauren I like is just not there for the shots today nope touched on the maniac yeah I did see the top right broke a knife in a position that was pretty cool good Jerry McIntyre's not injured himself though Oh tiger shark congratulations I haven't a price icebreaker we wait – exactly the last shot again this revealed the don't mail you this Oh actually uh I got the first one the next shot was the first card today that makes up for it that makes up for it okay so we're a mess hall but halfway done let's go that's your opponent hello but if we're doing we're doing this well I wanted to be in the same discord chord then behave is gonna cost too much hassle get in there especially when is this like it's supposed to be a kind of a PG think it would just be there's so much ash so much muscle I've it the next time we try it and you're fairly stiff behind that the problems I had I probably probably do this even faster but boo Kelsie with the four-month free so thank you very much you the man you just on our shard or congratulations again why are you bragging about a man cuz I again cuz I again he's just gone quite he's actually scared now no my mother's came into the room of government magnate it their worries EVP bouts are full of parody who in supercut let's go how many shots have we got now who's actually tell you and give me a shot give me a shot help me out here now I'd like on point Bobby Heenan Bo Dallas toughness oh my god ready you have horrible shot like have you seen one they do move on here but them as many of these faders as possible it should go after the Vedas oh yeah I say that and a random WrestleMania 34 Sun Cold Steve Austin goes up the debater congratulations and of course alright Tarzan come down sorry Borla oh no shard yeah another shot congratulations miss okay we go get shot here Shirley kendo stick it's gonna go those are the last card now here we go pick table picked over big blah blah blah give me some luck come on oh no okay maybe it's not going to give you some luck we're still doing well I don't know how many shards have done nudists yes so there we go another Bader Vader Ron ruins everywhere perfect and then Bobby probably lastly oval Ashley God love the AI oh I know heart I don't think another billion 60 minutes yeah we've already pulled more pic doubles in the whole solar ardi Wow jealous I'm quite lucky in my ring domination I got loads I think it rewards you if you spend you know you're feeding your does anyway it's cavity I don't honestly think you will I think you need something else to push you over the line I'm give me a shot hey ultimate Barbera that's crazy coach it's good actually doing really good at the moment really really good Odin 88 that's put in later Bader again I swear it's purposefully trying to slow me down just gonna say guys don't keep asking about the qr-code thing you may shot give me a shot give me a shot tear my shirt looks not the best night I'm not surprised you bragged about too much you heard you have to pull this guy down a peg or two cards done honey gotta go down to lash cord yes I've been sons house a long long time again long long time again I'm gonna change the lesson I'm like deed Jesus Christ never you want to go really really fast then the game says they nope like that moment right there is a point there's no point for that moment right there there is no point for that man right there okay I get here you're waiting on the network you only get done quick no you're not but yeah but then I had of all charges I had literally every single charge I needed when it's go and put it on I three minutes left to go and it's freaking Tynes me out and I'm invited to get two or three cards actually done um real I actually missed out gained all the cards charged it was very bad let's put invader again we say for card pay for cars HBK she's probably Ashley barber lastly and don't judge me there we go it's a Braun 500 people in it right now Oh our Camry perfect I'll give me some luck mr. love give me some love yes done quickly not quite they're not far off being done though I like the new animation as well 30 minutes in the previous record as far as I'm aware is 16 minutes that's what I've been told it's exactly what I wanted a game where I didn't have to face anyone yeah the rock from Michaels and dango a pic doubler being nice to me right now hey another shot it's a free shot in one survey well we're down to the final free shots four shots depends if the other guys are still going I think they are three more minutes absolutely we did it we've done it already we've already done it forty nine eight five eight thirteen minutes ah sick well played minutes favoring domination done you guys I'm really done you really picked up on that because I had you the might see on the stream I had so many problems at the beginning no now we've seen it we were watching that's crazy what dude that's 13 minutes insane and there's evidence well we've all screened it is that yeah well everyone who ever for hey you can't do a team event in in a short that's fun well you've just been proved you can 13 minutes and how many seconds I'll put the screenshot in chat yeah there we go so let's get a table Ziglar Zig or zag girls to bring domination before dam boom that's not single for me unfortunately it's not a pro but is this is if I profile anyone on the thing someone it's a pro it's another single part of their yeah yeah yeah it's in chat yeah persons finish yeah I think it might be 12 I think it was for this 23 hours 47 minutes yeah it's all over 12 minutes 12 minutes and 5 seconds that's sick no I reckon if I was saying if we do um if I do it on mobile next time we don't have the same problems we had the beginning I don't think I don't I think we could do 11 minutes of all I don't I honestly don't think 10 minutes is doable we can try it I means like we can go for it but I just don't think it you love to us such good chard luck are there are many games you played in that and ended without a shard I don't know when they can find our team shots those who got the most you almost 14 dude fellas I was saved by that that crazy luck on the second from last I've even look at that yeah you and Gil smashed it Jason some whitey as well well most of us will end up on the same ones you know Paz must've been terrible Brandi one is doubting by the way they're gonna scream right now this was a screenshot from YT them the guys in the team 23 hours 47 minutes left and Dolph Ziggler is completely done so we did it in it just under 30 minutes to complete a hundred shots set some kind of record he's a record team magic right there absolutely insane 12 minutes we finish the entirety of team ring domination in 12 minutes and not only that it was a little documented it's on video with my screenshots the screenshot is there we've got evidence to show it happened it was awesome so I got a couple shout outs to make for the team we have got ourselves Shawn Michaels as well but let's go to the team ring domination as it goes team shards I still got some doublers I didn't even use Freddy with comical shards he actually went hard to get himself that Shawn Michaels budget 27 Jesus Brian 19 I'd have 14 myself yd 60 lost 1580 14 guard eat well Darren he willing Mitch I'm out so that I'm going evident cause I got a charge in fairness he named yet eight shards in the first one so we only expected to get eagle our card so yeah this is freaking awesome everyone's got one though the team name Irwin so there it is we smashed ring domination in a record time of just under 13 minutes 12 minutes we don't know how many seconds it was it doesn't count that it was under 13 minutes so let me know what you think in the conversation below absolutely amazing and thanks to all the guys in requesters and Oh leads me to say like this video for that huge huge record and subscribe to the channel I I was as you held in the video I was legitimately really really elated by us getting this it was an amazing achievement so I'm ready really happy it's gonna take something to beat that I think we can do it in another 10 minutes but it's gonna take the game to be perfect as well no network errors no cards just as you saw Brandon Lee attacking mine cuz I would have got way more shards if things thing go against me but alas we've got attentional as we needed and we did a few more afterwards so make sure you take notifications on which is the big Bell icon until next time now I have been supers I'm gonna barbecue you have been awesome and one last thing and that is to yeah


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