37 thoughts on “Competitive Advertising – BMW and Audi”

  • Salar Zagatto says:

    i got no idea too, but bmw awarded 77 times for best international engineering, which means u got no shit too 🙂 Michael W 

  • Audi created Quattro because they can't make a rear wheel drive that can handle properly!! My M3 will destroy an RS5 or any Quattro Audi anytime and on any road!!

  • What is your point of mentioning if we have heard of BWM's handling "LATELY" in reference to an advert that is over a DECADE old… NO SENSE in such a comment…. And WRONG AGAIN… I own a 2012 NISSAN GTR… So STOP branding people like you know them. LOL! TROLLOLOLOLO!!!

  • iputtheinternetonmyback says:

    DUDE, chill out audi boy. I dont even know what your point is and why you bothered replying to me because quite frankly i dont give 2 steaming shits about what you have to say to me. And that model is an e36 3 series

  • LATELY…. DUDE…. Did you even watch this video??? Tell WHAT MODEL is the BMW… So… HAVE YOU USED YOUR BRAIN LATELY???

  • DievansTheory says:

    You've actually managed to have no semi-correct point in your last comment. Good skills.

    Also, ricer definition: Trend-following wannabes who add lots of badly made aftermarket parts to their Japanese imports in an attempt to make said import look fast.
    G'day ricer.

  • DievansTheory says:

    Not finishing doesn't earn you 0th place, but, if you really know your shit, you'd know that 🙂 Also, of course I am a ricer. Because I have completely stock exterior on my car. Last little note, "This conversation never had any point to me." You cared enough to write a whole paragraph as to how much of an idiot I am to you. G'day ricer.

  • DievansTheory says:

    You see, at a track, if your place is "0", it means you're either disqualified, or you couldn't even start the race. G'day ricer.

  • DievansTheory says:

    @buyrinn Aaaaaand you want to know why? Audi was banned from WRC for having an unfair advantage with quattro.

  • DievansTheory says:

    @rook1e5 So hold on, you're saying Subaru AWD is better than audi? Well just a quick note, Quattro = TorSen system. They've been using it since 1985. Subaru has started using TorSen since 2008. And can you guess what every other company still uses to this day? Why its the old VW AWD system, known as viscous coupling. Go educate yourself, then talk. Fucking dumbshit. Oh btw, there is 8 different TorSen AWD systems. Including HALDEX.

  • Is anyone else more impressed that the Audi managed to trace four very well geometrically aligned circles instead of just one?

  • @danthedan20 go get life and you will see that quattro evolution stopped with URQ.. best AWD`s are Mitsu Evos, Subaru and some offroaders..

  • @danthedan20 because google has to know what the best awd system in the world is :p google GTR and see what that gets you.

  • @CitrusJuicebox it depends on mass distribution. if the engine's center of gravity falls in front of the front drive train then you can have all sorts of bad behavior.

  • @TheDriftRidge 😀 lol JDM cars are very ok, thou they are much more cheaper, they are very VERY reliable and its fun to drive them..

  • @close2madness it depends on car.. old xdrives are ok, like old quattro, but new ones are pretty bad, I`ve heard that BMW offers "active" differential on x6 and other cars so its much better.. but without it… I better drive STI or EVO

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