100 thoughts on “Companies Step In To Manufacture Much-Needed Medical Supplies | NBC Nightly News”

  • Christopher Santana says:


  • companies that couldnt manufacturer for our own country because of crappy democommunist policy that banned them from making things for their own countries.

    trump has been giving the states the power to decide for themselves (10th amendment) and offering ANY support from the government. at the same time, getting rid of that crappy democrat policy that banned them from making stuff for ouselves since they love china so much. which is why they spend more time defending china that helping america.
    And the media panic you push is just as shameful

    you accuse trump of wanting to be a dictator but since he never has wanted that, you complain that hes not taking more of a dictator role. which is what he would have to do here. 60 million were infected with h1n1 yet we still never panicked like this.

    toxic trump derangement

  • Stewart Professional Services says:

    Nationalizing the entire industry will inspire volunteers. War Profiteer ? jail blows man!! A real lockdown.⤵️

  • China told you gave you two months and now you do what China did.
    Mocking vilifying laughing about Chinese people dying in China and Wilbur Ross said USA companies leave China as diseased and even call Chinese people sick man of Asia
    Karma visits USA in greater proportions
    No use hiding the numbers by refusing to test

  • I have this theory that if one person can go out on their way to show compassion it could start a chain reaction people will never know how far A little kindness can go

  • It took Obama 68 month dto do anything on eboli and swine flu as a matter of fact obama was Golfing and gave 6 millon $ to Iran

  • It took Obama 6 to 8 month to do anything on eboli and swine flu as a matter of fact obama was Golfing and gave 6 millon $ to Iran

  • How about private companies forced to make hand sanitizers and toilet paper? People are driving all over town for a single square. In other words the best way to keep people isolated is to supply enough tp.

  • Sralaine 007 o-007 says:

    You See people When we are Relying on China/ others for Everything then this Crisis Exist…. and Shorted and Frustrations build up

  • What’s the point? The virus will get us all. Most of us will be sick and recover with a year immunity. But millions around the world will die. There are billions of us. Humanity can survive this. I might be one that dies. It is what it is.

  • Thank Obama for sending everything to China. China thinks they can control the US and bring us to our knees but didn't figure on Trump's ability to get big business to make it happen the American way thanks to his constant Make America Great.

  • I think it is time for the major outlets like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, NBC, NYTimes, WAPO, WSJ, etc to stop giving

    Tboi free airtime to lie to us. He is killing people. Then he could relax and joke around with his Fox News buddies while we die.

  • No Time to Play says:

    Well, many say that masks won’t mitigate the corona virus and refuse to wear them; that’s why the cases are increasing day by day. If you don’t believe me you will wear it yourself very soon

  • "what missiles were to WW2" yeah except they were invented toward the end, and weren't ever built in any significant numbers. Bombs is a better analogy.

  • Freddie Stranger says:

    Vanessa Hudgens WITH HER STUPID Remarks About People Dying Should Get Off The Planet. Celebrities ARE NOT HEROES. Doctors and Nurses Are

  • Trinacriafitness Trinacriafitness says:

    this is insane to think we aren't prepared for anything like this… how can that be possible after SARS?

  • More people were killed building WWII missiles than were hit by them. The V-2 was not a successful weapon for Germany!

  • If you need a face mask, just use coffee filters, rubber bands for your ears and a stapler and make your own…….. They are cheap and they work…..just a suggestion…….. Overcome Adapt America…..

  • I bet the reason why your are seeing younger people is we all saw the statistics from china. Under 50 very low risk relatively. Those people continued to go out a lot. The older stayed in etc. Took more precautions. Plus people cant afford to not work until they are forced to. That combined with the public transportation system and crowded environment created a lot more problems. Likely the Virus is aerosolized at least somewhat and they just kept peddling the just wash your hand don't touch your face. Obviously its spreading much easier than that.

  • This is everyone’s Wor. If you wouldn’t send our troops into battle without bullets. Why would you send doctors, nurses, support people from house keepers threw techs without gloves and masks?

  • Too bad I see so many sites that say Trumps coronavirus info. I will never watch anything that has to do with Trump. I'm a nurse. Trump is a moron and liar in the first degree.

  • Not once has Trump set foot in any hospital or talked to those working on hospital wards.
    He expects medical staff to compensate for his failures, without adequate equipment and without proper protective clothing, as he brags about what a great job he's doing. Utterly despicable.

  • China separated the coronavirus patients into a separate hospital. And the rest of the people that needed help into another hospital. That would cut down on the amount of mask, ect for the workers working with these coronavirus patients. Makes a lot of sense to this retired nurse.

  • lessons learned:

    -PRIVATE SECTOR comes thru!

    -SMALL BIZ is backbone of the US

    -CLOSING BORDERS keep us safe

    -DEPENDENCE on China=bad

    -MANUFACTURING in the USA=good



  • Are these hand sanitizers for bacteria. Yep. This is a virus. Not bacteria. Be ok if you add salt to the sanitizer. Otherwise it's worthless. Keep a big bowl of salt water and lemon in your sink. Use as needed. Good advice from a hospice doctor when I was taking care of a patient with AIDS.

  • Maria Gonzales says:

    How did Apple get a hold of mask. Right now local and federal govt are bidding on these products to have available. I hope Apple didn’t outbid the govt so their brand can make headlines.

  • How about toilet papers? We can't reuse toilet papers. Manufacturing is done in China mostly. Trump is on bended knees.

  • Together, we need to show our appreciation to these companies. These companies are stepping up to save our lives, just like the women and many others did during WW2. We need to show these companies that in times like these, if they do the right thing and not necessarily what's in their stock holder's best financial interest, that in the end, their will be great rewards from the appreciation society will show with future patronage. This might set an example for other companies to do the same.

  • "Supply shortages" is what happens when criminals are in control, the moves taken now are too little, too late.

  • Tax & Business Zone Los Angeles says:

    Critical need hospitals. President Trump open your hotels as hospitals. Why wait for tents and other alternatives when you supposedly own hotels the world over. Besides, your hotels will be reimbursed in the billions by the US government.

  • Don't we get those masks from China, I guess we burnt that bridge. Going forward we need to promote and give more loans to our small businesses instead of turning them down for a loan. I am currently sewing as many masks as I can to help.

  • Everyone be kind to one another and help each other through this hard time. It's going to be. Along road back to normal, sending love out to the world right now ❤️

  • racist white christians abuse asian they do not respect asian religion and culture evangelist in usa trying hard to spread christanity in poor asian countries . phillipines is now christian coutry china and korea will follow

  • The Good News…Christ died for you, loves you, has a plan for you. Believe in Him and you will receive everlasting life. All these things must take place first. You can read all about the end times in His book. The Holy Bible.

  • Irony here. As left was trying to destroy Trump with impeachment Trump was trying to get jobs from China back to America. Those jobs included the manufacturing of medical supplies and prescription drugs.

  • That is what make America so great…that the spirit..of business ..coming a time of survival !!?✨??

  • Liar ? Liar ? Liar ? Liar ?
    Unfortunately Josiah Hall these political representatives
    Media representatives
    merely reading the teleprompter
    fulfilling whatever scripted narrative put before them to broadcast…

    Media representatives
    Political representatives
    Are representatives to people who are actively leveraging or blackmailing the representatives into their agendas.

  • The white male will lead us all forward to safety and prosperity. We always have in the past, we will in the future as long as we remain a majority white country. Thank you to the white western male for all that you do for us each and every day. Thank you.

  • Nurses and doctors needs masks and all safety gears, their replacement in time. Don't make things more worse. I can't belive they are running short in USA.

  • Because the politicians are using this to push agendas not actually do the work. In the time of a national crisis politicians aren't supposed to be in charge of the day to day activities on the ground. Just like in a war the politicians aren't the ones driving the tanks and shooting the guns. There should be someone in the equivalent of a general or general staff at the national level driving this, not politicians.

    All you need to distribute the supplies is a network of warehouses all over the country near airports and highways. These can easily be leased by the Feds. Then you decide what goes in those warehouses based on the emergency. Do you need food? Water? Medical Equipment? Decontamination Equipment or whatever. Then every day there is a roll up of demand across each state in terms of what is needed in each state and each state would have a similar supply network within the state. Manufacturers deliver to the federal warehouses and then those distribute to the states and then from there it goes where it is needed. If the US Military can set up supply chains in war zones around the world with no infrastructure, then there is absolutely no reason why they cannot do it in the US with all the infrastructure intact and in place.

    But at this point they are more worried about bailing out banks and companies that are sitting doing nothing versus paying the money required to set up the distribution network and coordinate delivery. In WWII the bail out was spent on mobilizing manpower and equipment to actually do stuff not sit on their behinds.

  • Had anyone noticed, this virus fell on blue districts? Especially on movie stars, singers, and athletes. Also seems to be attracted to those who consume C9H9NO3. Were those shiny silver ball hairs I seen on Lester's tie? pleasing his master's again, I see.

  • ?Shame on do nothing Nancy Pelosi dragging her feet again accomplishing nothing for Americans suffering with coronavirus. Speaker Pelosi is a perfect example why we need term limits. She’s political and selfish on everything because she hates President Trump and wants him to fail. If President Trump fails we all fail Nancy Pelosi you angry selfish woman. Work with both sides of the aisle or retire and check into a retirement home. Remember yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a present. So do something Americans demand it.

  • So complain helps we have to make them it will take time this lady knows try to help stop complaining if there were avaible you have then called supply and demand

  • The prime example of what happens when you depend on other countries start making stuff in the United States for next time make enough of it for everybody you’re to be commended for using and reusing the same product over and over again instead of throwing them away for so many years reviews of products makes a lot of sense don’t get it twisted come on man

  • It's awful, but how was anybody to know to be prepared and up to speed for something like this? You just can't pull all these supplies, ventilators, other equipment out of the sky overnight when you don't have enough. And who's to say if the world was 100% well prepared that some other newer unknown deadly virus strain wouldn't come along that nothing we were well prepared for would protect or save the world?

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