Community Impact Newspaper: Western downtown Austin transformation continues

Community Impact Newspaper: Western downtown Austin transformation continues

We just got a chance to go check out western downtown from aerial perspective. Got to see just how new and how much activity is really taking place out there. Including, of course, the Fifth & West condos, do you care to describe that project a little bit more for us?
>>Scott: Absolutely, Fifth & West is going to be an exceptional project for downtown Austin. It’s under construction right now, units be delivering in the Fall of 2017 The interior space and common areas were designed by Austin’s own Michael Hsu. We’re really going to have an exceptional touch of Austin on the project just a great product for our owners that are currently buying and then the units that have yet to sell yet, we look forward to bringing those online soon.
Yeah, the Capitol view corridor is really an exceptional influence on the design of the building and it created such a unique design for downtown Austin.
So for the first six floors of our building, our amenities spaces and parking they go up they’re in a square shape 33 floors are in a triangular shape downtown that create these really sharp cutting edge sides of the building for downtown Ausitn, that it’s going to be unique, it’s going to be beautiful. It creates an incredible downtown reflection of the city scape. It’s certainly going to be an exceptional place in downtown.
Fifth & West was designed for our residences inside their unit, and for our residences outside their unit. How can they live beyond their door? What sort of amenities could we offer from our building that we’re going above and beyond what was currently being offered in downtown. Fifth & West was designed to take all of the exceptional amenity traits from all of those building and combining them into one for an exceptional place for folks to live here in Austin.
Downtown Austin has certainly evolved, there’s not doubt about that. And the western side of downtown, what’s commonly referred to these days as the market district is no exception. You have have tremendous amenities for folks that are living in that area.
You have two grocery stores, Austin businesses that are located right there in the neighborhood.
I would say that it’s great for downtown living. It’s providing tremendous opportunity for folks to live a carless lifestyle down there. To enjoy everything that Austin has to offer right outside their front door, and of course the front door of Fifth & West.


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