College Rojullo || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

College Rojullo || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

‘Who is this guy?
Can’t see his face.’ ‘Is this going to be love
at first sight?’ Uncle..
– What? Uncle? – Let me have my books back. Where to? – To attend classes.
– Even the doors to the classes haven’t been opened yet. Are you a fresher?
– Yes! This is my first day at college. My mom asked me to sit facing the south in the class.
– It’ll still take 2 hours to open the class doors. Only 2 hours? I’m yet to find my block and my class.
Also, I need to sit in the first bench. Please, let me in. Okay, I’ll let you in,
but what is in it for me? Stop! Where are you guys going?
– Where else to? To our classes. That’s a nice joke. Show me your ID.
– ID? You know what he means by ID. What am I to do with your money? I said ID, not money.
– You buy new clothes with these bribes. Cut it! The rules have become too strict. So, I need IDs.
– Is it a must? – Yes, it is. ‘I don’t remember even if I have my ID on me.
I never took it out in my 4 years of college.’ Is this yours?
– Yes. – But you look different in here. Oh, cut it! I’m sure
you too look different in your Aadhar card. Shit! Seniors are hazing the juniors.
– Hi! I’m Akshaya from Karimnagar. Hi, I’m Harika from Sultan Bazaar.
– Hi! I’m Naviket, from Medchal! Are the freshers being ragged?
– Yes, can’t you see? – We’ll be ragged too. I’m too scared of ragging.
– Even I’m too scared of ragging. With that beard, you say you are scared? How can I stand up against the seniors?
– The more you’re scared of them, the more they scare you. Also, if we don’t get ragged, who knows,
maybe we’re missing out on a senior like Arjun Reddy. It’s been 4 years and you both are still the same.
She keeps gorging and you drink butter milk as you are hungover. Now what is irking you?
– I want to rag freshers but I can’t find anyone. This is our last year in college!
– So, you want juniors to rag? Alright. There they are. Call them here. Which branch are you in?
– I’ll complain that you are hazing us. I get you are seniors, that doesn’t mean you can rag us.
I’ll complain to the Anti-Ragging Council. Sis, he only asked you a question.
Don’t you want to interact with seniors? You’ll need our help with your projects
and assignments. This is why we want to break the ice. And you want to complain over this?
– I’m sorry, ma’am. – Ragging can be healthy too. You know, relationship between seniors and juniors
should be like rain and clouds, not like a cat and a rat. You’ll get late for your classes. Get going.
– What did you even say? I didn’t get a word. Neither did I.
– How broad minded are you to use ragging as an ice breaker. My foot! I was scared shitless
when she said she’d complain. Let’s go now. Why are you so worried?
– Screw you! You made me bunk all classes. Now, I’m short on attendance, and I’m not
being issued hall ticket. Now, my parents will marry me off. Like I said, the more scared you get,
the more they scare you. Watch and see how I deal with them. Where’d she go? Where have you been so long?
– It is all set. You’ve to learn how to get things done. What did you tell them?
– It is the season of dengue. I told them I had dengue. They asked me for a medical certificate. That is no big deal.
– Lovely! I’ll go tell them I had malaria. Cool!
This guy has no idea what I said. Don’t tell me you were sick or that there was some wedding.
I’m tired hearing those excuses again and again. Go and get your parents.
– Sir, please, hear me out.. I’ve heard enough excuses from you already.
So, no more hearing. Fetch your parents. So, what now? You won’t issue me the hall ticket?
– No, I won’t. Please, get up.
– What for? – You’ll know. Please, get up. Come here. – What for?
– You’ll know. Come here. Some more. Sir, I beg of you! Please! I won’t repeat this again!
– Please, stop it and get up. – Sir, please.. I won’t bunk classes ever again. Please, sir!
– Fine, I’ll issue your hall ticket. Get up now! Thank you, sir. I won’t bunk classes ever again.
– Yeah, whatever. Now get going. I told you you’re short on attendance. So, get out.
– But the other day, you said we’d figure out something. That was the other day, not this day.
– We always used to figured out something, didn’t we? Things have changed. The rules have become stringent.
– Would a word from Teachers’ do? – Not anymore. Fine. How much is the condonation?
– Rs. 2,000. Won’t you pay the tax?
– You mean your personal tax? Fine. I too would be needing money.
– We’ve to booze tonight with that money. So, careful. We can booze anyway. Viswa, saw how I got my hall ticket issued.
You need to maintain such rapport with faculty. The taste at this place is really amazing.
– Really? Our friends came here the other day.
They recommended it too. – That is great! Just that it is a little expensive here.
– A little expensive? Place your order, please.
– One Butter Naan for me, please. One mini chicken biryani. ‘Everything is so damn expensive here.’
Yes, just give me a minute. ‘Nothing seems to be under budget.’ ‘I have Rs. 30 on me.
I need Rs. 10 for the bus. So, Rs. 20 is all I have.’ Do you make Idlys here?
– Yes, we do. – One plate Idly for me then. Are you nuts? You come all the way here and order Idly?
– Stop it! I’ve diarrhea, so, doctor said I should only eat Idlys.
I don’t even want chutney with Idly if you can get me a discount. Who eats Idly without any chutney? Food was amazing!
– Yes, it was! – Here is your bill. The bill is on me?
– Why is that? – It is my birthday today. Happy birthday! – Thanks!
– Please, take down another order. 1 garlic bread, Jalepeno cheesy balls.. and finally one dessert.
– Sure, ma’am. Screw these assignments!
– Here is your bill. I won’t pay always. This time, you’ve to pay up.
– What do you mean? I paid the other day. I didn’t have any money on me,
yet I borrowed money to pay the bill. So, you pay. It is my birthday next month. You all drink like fishes.
I need to save up to throw a birthday party. So, I can’t pay now. Fine! I’ll pay! Now, do not remind me
about that Idly incident. I’ve Rs. 200 on me. Put the remaining Rs. 400 on tab.
He’ll pay it next month. She always does this. The coast is clear.
Let’s go. Bye!
Guys, run! How well we escaped from him.
– Hurry up, guys! It was a successful bunk. Isn’t the view beautiful! Yes, it is! Bunking classes
and getting on top of water tanks, this is what life is. When we all meet at a reunion
many years later, we’ll still remember this. We’ll talk about such memories with our kids.
– College is all about memories. Greetings, people! I’m sure you all would’ve had
similar friends and faced similar situations in college. Few of the incidents which happened to me were reenacted here.
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