Colin Quinn Explains How the Seven Deadly Sins Manifest in Social Media

Colin Quinn Explains How the Seven Deadly Sins Manifest in Social Media

-Super Bowl, do you care? Is this something
you’ve invested? -Yeah, I mean, you know, I don’t
like the fact that both teams wear the same uniform, so it’s
going to be confusing. -Yeah. They’ll probably try to
find some way to have contrast. -Yeah, I don’t know —
I don’t know who’s gonna go for the white jersey part, but yeah. It’s interesting, though,
in this sensitive time, they’re still called the Chiefs,
right? -Yeah.
-Yeah. Okay. -They’ve kind of gotten away
with that. -Yeah, they have.
They got a pass. I guess because
it’s upper management, the chief versus Washington. Which even Washington is
actually himself in trouble for being a slave owner. So this is like — pretty soon,
the most offensive part of Washington Redskins
is not gonna be Redskins. -Oh, you think
it’s gonna be Washington? -Yes. -They’re going to change
the name of Washington, D.C.? To Redskins, D.C.? [ Laughter ] They’re going to be like,
“This is weirdly better now.” [ Laughter ] How did you come up with the
title “Wrong Side of History”? What was the game plan there? -Well, just because everybody thinks they’re
on the right side. One thing everybody has in
common is everybody feels like they’re one of the good people
in this planet. There’s probably maybe seven
people on this planet that think,
“I’m part of the problem.” So everybody ends up
on the wrong side of — We keep thinking
we’re gonna change. We keep thinking —
Everybody thinks they evolve. But only externally. Like technology evolves. But human nature stays the same as the seven deadly sins
never change. Only now they’re digital. Facebook, envy. Twitter, wrath. Instagram — Pride, lust,
gluttony, greed, and sloth. [ Laughter ] -That really says a lot about it
as an app, yeah. [ Applause ] Are you aware at times, like, “Maybe I, Colin Quinn, am also
wrong about this?” -Yeah, of course.
-Yeah. -I mean, but even when I’m wrong
about it, I’m like, at least I’m one of
the good ones that knows
he’s wrong about this. -So that’s really — since we
can’t actually be good people, the best we can be is, like,
know that we’re wrong. -Exactly.
-Yeah. If we can admit that part, then we’ve made some
real progress as a human race. This is your ninth time on
the show. Thank you so much. -Yeah, thank you. Like I say, on this show,
it’s no pressure. [ Applause ]
Thanks. But it’s no pressure on me
on this show because if I bomb on the show,
I just go on with my life. -Yeah. -My wife has to show up
tomorrow. -Yeah. -And everybody on the staff
knows I bombed. [ Laughter ] And she has to like — and then,
she has to sit through the morning meeting, and they
can’t say, “By the way, we’re never going to have
that unfunny bastard on again.” [ Laughter ] So instead, they have to have
meetings where they’re like, “Okay, so yesterday’s show, I
feel like people are a little — you know, getting back
from the weekend. So it’s kind of a rough thing.” [ Laughter ]
The impeachment — People don’t want to laugh at
the impeachment. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Will you be able to tell
when you see her after how she felt it went? Are you good at reading her
post a set or post — -Yeah, she’s not really good
at hiding. [ Laughter ] -Do you think as a comedian, you
thought it was really important to marry, like, an audience
you could read right away? You didn’t want someone
who was inscrutable? -Yeah, well, she tries to hide
it at first, and then, she’s just like, she just starts
to get annoyed, and she’s like, “But I thought you were gonna do
that other joke!” [ Laughter ] -One of the things you said
in your vows that I remember is that she, which is very
sweet, she still gets nervous for you before you do a show. -Yeah.
-And that must be nice. That’s an endearing quality
about Jen. -Um, I guess, I mean, you know. [ Laughter ] I mean, it would be better
if she’s just like, “You got it, pal.”
[ Laughter ] She’s probably in a corner at
the studio right now, like, “What’s he saying
all this stuff for?” -I did recently —
because, you know, Alexi will come with me
to things. And a lot of times, she’ll come
especially to charity events where I’ll host in the city. And those are by nature
slightly harder shows. -Yeah.
-Very wealthy people. -To put it mildly, yes. -Another thing is, again, often you’re raising money
for a good cause that is at its core
depressing to think about. -Right. -So maybe you go on right after
someone’s come up and explained exactly how dire
the situation is. -Yeah, they show the film,
the short film, and everyone’s suffering,
and then, you’re like, “Hey!” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You ever take the 2 train?
Come on. [ Laughter ] -You think they had it bad.
You get on the 2 train. [ Laughter ] But I will say, you know, as I
think, you know, any spouse should be, Alexi’s usually
pretty uplifting and pretty encouraging
afterwards. And I did one recently —
just pure flop sweat. And it was that thing of being
up there and bombing at a level that it was kind of refreshing
to know like, oh, I can still bomb like this,
and there’s really — -It’s humbling.
-Yeah, it’s humbling. And then it makes you feel good
as well about the times you do well because you realize you’re just this close
to the other. -Yeah. -But then, I went back
and I thought like, “Well, at least
she’ll tell me — She’ll put it
in perspective for me.” -Right. -And I sat down and she was
like, “That was real bad, yeah.” [ Laughter ] But I appreciated that because
you can’t — you know, if they lie to you — if she
just said that was great then, I would’ve never been able
to trust her again. You need, like, good feedback
sometimes. -Yeah.
-Yeah. I mean, would you say
that you — Our fellow comedians, like, do
you still have a core group of fellow comedians who are
very honest with you, that are helpful, like,
when you do a set somewhere? -Oh, yeah, absolutely. And, I mean, but like you said,
they love it too. They’ll just be like,
“Oh, oh,” you know. [ Laughter ] -Obviously, you have a long
friendship with Jerry Seinfeld. He’s directed
some of your stage shows. -Sure. -I’ve talked recently with other
people, like, the great thing about Jerry, he’s very open about giving his
opinion, no hesitation to share. -Absolutely.
-Yeah. -But a great sort of
joke scientist. -Yeah, totally. -And that must have been nice
to have him direct shows for you
in the past. -Yeah, because with some of the
comedians, it is that shorthand, that, you know, that people that
do it understand what — like if you’re not
getting laughs, like me right now for example. [ Laughter ] -You got it, see?
-Yeah. -You knew what to do.
[ Cheers and applause ] Colin Quinn, everybody.


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