24 thoughts on “Cobra 29LTD CHR Talk Back Vol. INCREASE Explained!”

  • it looks good but it has no SSB. im from sydney australia we all on LSB nobody goes on AM this CB no good for me, i have been looking for a new CB for my 4×4 4WD truck

  • Angel Cintron says:

    I think the Cobra 29 is the best radio Cobra ever made. I have 5 of them, And I've NEVER had any serious problems with them. Thanks for the great video And hope to catch you on the air sometime. 73 de KM4DME, southeast Georgia.

  • Terry Shrives says:

    It ain't bearfoot man lol. Just watching your needle bounce tells me that. The thing is, you never showed how to turn up the talkback lol

  • Michael Stripling says:

    I have the same radio. How can I get you to fix mine exactly like that? I am new to this YouTube comments. How do I get my radio to you?

  • Ive never been a fan of talkback because you cannot use an amplified mic at all unless you turn the audio down to mudduck level.

  • SilverStreak88 says:

    I got a 29 Classic and traded it on warranty and they gave me a 29 Chrome and the first thing I did was strip and paint it black. The blue lights will be gone shortly as well, but it's a damn good radio.

  • 1883gotdown I enjoy your videos. I use to do the talkback mod like this but now what i do is add a 22 ohm resistor on the solder side of the board, the resistor parallels R21. Basically solder one side of the resistor to the R21 pad and the other leg to the ground pad. With the talkback mod you explained i would get alot of feedback especially with an echo board. with the way i do it, i get absolutely no feedback. Anyway like i said, i enjoy your videos. This is 805 in california, 73s to ya!

  • ANY radio with Talk back SUCKS if it's used.I just purchased one of these Today from a local friend & as long as I own it the Talk back with NEVER be used.Talk back & Reverb is just extra BS noise that is unneeded.99% of the radios sold today don't need any mods but for some reason people on the CB think that 2 extra watts will make all the difference in the world when it's totally a waste of time & money.

  • Shannon Macdonald says:

    @ augustas mccrae my advice on antenna would be a 102 stainless steel whip. The 102 is the best mobile antenna i have seen out there and with rg8 coax you can run the max watt stuff too. your swr with these on a ball mount and spring {remember only on drivers side 1/4 panel-trunk area) or if you are commited to the cb hobby a center hole in roof… first mount was on passenger side i learned the fastener will loosen itself due to ant sway on drivers side it tightens .anyhow i hope you try this ant over the high priced others.If so many highway patrols used them they must do somthing right…..the ant will generate a 1/4 wave..not bad for a mobile with a flat match swr….passin the 5

  • Augustas McCrae says:

    whats the best way to increase range for the 29 chrome besides new antenna . I have a mini Wilson antenna.. gonna get a wilson 1000

  • Josaia Ratukalou says:

    thank you.. I'm trying to buy a well tuned radio with all the good stuff from you. thanks for your honesty

  • Great talkback mod gatekeeper….I have the same radio with the same problem I was hoping you could give me a tip on how to increase my talkback volume on my 29 chrome edition…thanks for any help you give sincerely…….. Speed Shifter #454 here in the Georgia pines

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