100 thoughts on “CNN’s John Avlon: I’ve got bad news for Susan Collins”

  • Why don't you guys actually practice what you preach. You flapped your jaws about how Trump shouldn't mind an investigation if he did no wrong. It should be the same for Biden.

  • Let’s start with this senator get her out of office and then work on the rest of them, what a poor excuse for a senator why parade these people out and put them on TV is way beyond any common sense.

  • It's funny that CNN and MSNBC pampered Collins when they thought she would vote against the President in the impeachment fiasco. Noe they are hounding her like vultures.

  • Evidence on national television and Trump fans Denies it now i can see why they love Trump they can relate with his Stupidity.

  • The People In Charge In The White House And Senate Are Blind As A Bat ! We Are All So Tired Of All This Corruption Lies And Greed In Our Government !!! Come On Stop This Behavior!!! We Need People Who Are Honest And Truly Believe In All Americans and Will Truly Stand Up For What The Issues Are And Really Care About All Of Us !!!! Get Rid Of Trump And All His Corrupted Puppets !!!! They Are Tearing This Country Apart !!!!!

  • LoL you bunch of idiots. I love watching you turn it around. Funny it doesn't work. Even with sounds bites. Kameltoe Harris was the funniest one. None answer answer. Sure.

  • Nazi Trump. Traitor Trump. Treasonous Trump. Putin ass licking Trump. I dare Trump to do anything that Putin doesn't like. Putin has been Trump's sole financier since Trump went bankrupt thirty years ago. I dare Trump to do anything to piss off his sugar daddy. Trump tells the public to believe Putin and not any of our U.S. intelligence agencies.

  • So now any American can be investigated by China or any other foreign country. Does that also mean they can come snatch you out of your living room if you dont bow down to Trump

  • I never thought I would see this kind of corruption in the USA. It's a sad thing. The DOJ, the CIA, FBI and other government institutions are never to be protitutionalized to gain political advantages. I blame this on the rodeo clowns that elected this asshole !

  • Randall Stafford says:

    To all of you liberal zealots that disgust me as much as Susan Collins disgusts you! Trump 2020! And no Bunny Sandas Feel the Breadline 2020 and No Napolean Bonapart Aka Michael Bloomfuck!

  • Message for America. Ignore Bloomberg aka Trump. These two men are working together. For the lost people, who follow Trump, this is it, there's no coming back from it. It's like the King and the peasants, this man is not off good.
    The very foundation of the United States of America, is under attack, from within, you truly should think of, your mothers, fathers, gran fathers, your ancestors, who are instilled in you, who are your very DNA, you should remember who, and what you are & where you came from. There's No Coming Back 2020

  • Barr is Trump's Heinrich Himmler. A small man in place to do his master's bidding, which at this point is the dismantling of American democracy ahead of the next election. America, you need to get out and act while you still can, because your freedoms, which you have taken for granted, are fast being stolen from you.

  • Why don’t we look at trumps old middle age adult kids and that son in-law. Let’s fallow the money. America is in debt to the moon. No one talks about that. Let see how much the crime boss and family’ s bank account has increased. I beat E Warren can find the money.

  • Hippie Homesteader Wannabe says:

    I don't know why everyone jumps on Susan Collins. She voted like all the other GOP senators (minus one) and no one is jumping all over them.

  • Collin is brain dead, what a naive idiot.
    And Ms Lindsey should stop crowing about investigations and get out of the closet already.
    I think Trump found out Mr Lindsey has sugar in his pants, and Trump is hold it over his head.
    That's what Ms lindsey gets for getting chummy with that crook.

  • 20 seconds of this 7 minute clip are about Susan Collins. The misleading header is disappointing. She's got to go, and I hoped to see more about her.

  • Good for Trump he's draining the swamp the fake stream Corrupt News Network the facts speak for themselves thank God our justice system works CNN is the great Satan propaganda War Machine they call evil good and good evil masters of deception

  • CNN is based on theories and hypotheticals and wishful thinking disregarding all facts and credible Witnesses this is not journalism its a biased Trump hating Lynch Mob their loyalty lies with the far-left Socialist Communist Democratic party they are Godless

  • Wait till the Democrats take Whitehouse and all the trumps get investigared .all the Republicans in congress get investigsted .fox news gets investigated. Republicans and trump set precedent.

  • Another Benghazi investigation but into a private citizen .gop has no shame .cry about a witchhunt they cry for a witchhunt. Satans party .

  • CNN the great Satan Nazi News Network a bloodthirsty vicious propaganda War Machine watch how they devour Giuliani and Lindsey Graham with no facts whatsoever will violate to betray anyone does it agree with them

  • Trump will become the first President in U.S. history to undergo a second impeachment because he literally now believe he can do anything and get away with it. He's stupid, very ignorant, self-centered, and a bully. I think a second time the Senate will have no other choice, but to find him guilty.

  • Don't take anything AG Barr says as the truth. He lost the publics faith after the Mueller report was distorted by him. The DOJ is now suspect in anything they do.

  • Ohhh. I love ❤ John!! He's smart. Humorous. Watching CNN + MSNBC every day ,,,,,, a.m. + p.m.. Sweet & intelligent journalists!
    Go to h*** dt. Get out of our White House.
    You're a crook & phoney. Never won presidency. Cheated with putty-face + Russia. Prison 4u.


  • Ha ha. Tan line. So funny. Totally debunked… by CNN and the DNC. Political hit job??? You’re kidding right? The whole thing stinks to high heaven. 3 years of bull** arranged and paid for by the DNC, Clinton and Obama administration. Can’t stand Trump, needs to go, but sweet Jesus, we get it, you absolutely hated the even guy before he was inaugurated. How dare he win! Ridiculous. The Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, entrenched government employees with “insurance policies”, and the mainstream media which carry Pom poms for anything Democrat, and loathe anything Republican, have put this country through the the ringer. Can’t stomach any of them. Democrat since I was 18, just changed to Independent. Now the best hope for the Democrats to beat the incumbent president is another billionaire who pretended to be a Republican for years and is now trying to buy his way into the front runner position. Good luck with that.

  • All for telling the truth huh? Oh u bitches forgot his reviews? He had bad evaluations from everyone. They cited many exact examples of his failures. And same for his retarded brother. Its so cute u guys play play 2 second clips. U need Ron Burgandy to bring u back to life. U guys are a bad joke

  • Why is this corruption being allowed to happen this is the kind of stuff that make people not trust the system because too many people are in apposition where they can do whatever they want in our young people are watching this and no one has any shame not even the animals that defend this monster in Washington inside the White House this Donald J Trump I just really hope that good can prevail over evil in November 2020

  • So the courts that refused to allow the Democrats to see the President's financial papers to check for corruption and complicity with foreigner governments, a right enshrined in the Constitution to be used against any American for any reason, are now going to turn over financial records of an American citizen to the White House to try to validate their joke of an excuse for the Ukraine debacle.

  • This should not be a surprise to no one Barr's working 4 trump not 4 the people Graham Mich all of them getting a pay check from trump

  • Americans old, white, black , and especially young need to vote their conscious. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good Americans to do nothing.

  • look up Obama fired everybody that was dealing with a Republican side so you catch can just say he went back to the Pentagon he didn't get fired you got sent he doesn't is not need no more his boss complained about him to start with eucalyptus or crying over spilt milk is fake news at its best

  • achristian's illuminosity says:

    former federal prosecutor or no. it seems biden and son did some shady deals in ukraine and got rich because of it. and on the dime of we the people . political candidate or not he is a criminal and needs to be investigated
    to the full extent of the law. it so obvious to even laymen. so i say every patriot wants biden and whom ever that has done these kind of shady deals. on the other hand any person that says it should not be investigated has a hint bias and wants it covered up. just like the hitlery deal. any person caught covering any crime needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. i follow the news daily and it painfully obvious that there are many obama holdovers involved in this and they are coming out of the woodwork. the closer to finding things our the louder the crybabies cry. tikkun olam

  • achristian's illuminosity says:

    it's not giuliani's job so who will do this job the corrupt fbi or doj????? biden is a criminal first and a political rival second .

  • Oh, Barr & co. will DEFINITELY find LOT of information about Hunter and Joe Biden. They'll "find" it exactly where Bill Barr put it, when he personally made a shady tour across Ukraine and Europe, and pressed European leaders to provide dirt on Trump's enemies. They'll find all KINDS of dirt and tons of "proof", make no mistake. And there WILL be consequences. The Bidens WILL pay. Hunter and Joe should be afraid, because with Barr, America is now a genuine dictatorship, where an autocrat revenges himself by abusing the "justice" system to punish whomever he wants. And since the entire world has seen the depth of Republican depravity, this one is on the American people. They are either still sleeping or couldn't care less that their democracy is dying, so they didn't deserve it in the first place. Somewhere else, millions would be on the streets, day in, day out. But the Americans still have their pink glasses on: "Oh, it could NEVER happen here, we are the greatest, our institutions are sacred, everything will sort itself out, I have more important things to do than to worry or vote, there is a new Kardashian tweet I must read!" Unbelievable.

  • Idiots…fake ass news…the difference will be they will be charged with something…and found guilty…haha….
    Trump 2020 !!!

  • It is the nature of cult leaders to lie, distort, and twist reality to their own ends and to be believed wholeheartedly by the poor fools who have sworn blind allegiance to them. Thus it is with Trump and his Trumpflakes.

  • Susan Collins, Kelly Ann Conway,and Sarah Huckbee Saunders all are drinking Donald Dummie Trump piss that's why they can't see he do no wrong but all their lies going to backfire soon !!!

  • Shaky-voiced Susan is toast. She had a chance to go out with his head held high. She made her choice. Now she goes out with shit on her face.

  • Of course Trump is concerned with corruption. It's the backbone of his business. Graham needs to learn how to be a better liar. Watch his face, he doesn't believe what he is saying. Look at when he blinks, they are very long blinks – a strong indicator. Timing and duration of his blinks gives him away.

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