CNN’s Democratic Debate, Night One: A Closer Look

CNN’s Democratic Debate, Night One: A Closer Look

-Tonight was the first round
of the second series of Democratic
presidential debates. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] Of course, just because
it was the Democrats’ big night doesn’t mean Donald Trump
could stay out of the news. In fact, he’s physically
incapable of it. I’m shocked he didn’t
crash through the wall of the debate stage
in his golf cart. Trump, as usual, spent the
morning screaming at the TV all day on Twitter,
ranting about everything from his racist attacks
on Baltimore to trade to morning talk shows, to a possible
infrastructure bill, tweeting, “Do I hear the
beautiful word ‘bipartisan’?” I don’t know. Do you?
Let’s listen. -In a few moments, I will sign
a bar– bipartisan bill. -Of course, a bar partisan is someone who only votes
while drunk. [Slurring] “Okay, now, how
do I get out of this booth?” [ Laughter ] [Normal voice] Also, how do you
mess up the word “bipartisan”? It’s, like, the most
popular word in politics. That’s like messing up the word
“Congress” or “lawmakers.” -Lawmarkers.
-Alright. [ Laughter ] Trump was also asked today
if his racist attacks on Congressman Elijah Cummings
in Baltimore were part of some sort of
calculated political strategy, which is both clearly not true
and also doesn’t matter. It’s just who Trump is. He’s a racist.
It’s how he sees the world. And when he was asked today
if it was some sort of grand strategy,
he said this. -There’s no strategy. I have no
strategy. There’s zero strategy. -That would be an accurate
Trump response to literally any question. [ Cheers and applause ] “Mr. Trump…” [ Cheers and applause continue ] “Mr. Trump,
when you stand up straight, are you intentionally
puffing your chest out like an angry kangaroo?” “I have no —
I stand like this — I stand like this because
my bones are hollowed out from the Diet Coke.”
[ Laughter ] In fact, today was a day of
seemingly accidental confessions from Trump, because
he was also asked by reporters about a bipartisan
election security bill that Senator Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell is blocking. Trump tried to defend McConnell from accusations that
he’s essentially aiding Russia, but I don’t think
Trump’s comment was helpful. -Mitch McConnell is a man
that knows less about Russia and Russian influence
than even Donald Trump, and I know nothing. -I agree!
I mean, this is a crazy day. And, again… an answer that could work
for literally any question. After his presidency is over and they haul him in on
obstruction-of-justice charges, he’s going to be sitting
in an interrogation room telling the cops,
“It was all Mike Pence’s idea.” -I know nothing. [ Laughter ] -All of this is why whatever
you think of the Democrats, it was a relief
and a change of pace to at least
hear a bunch of people who can speak in coherent
sentences about actual policies. The only time Elizabeth Warren’s
ever been a bar partisan is when she drank a beer
that one time on Instagram Live. Now, Warren was one of
the leading contenders coming into tonight’s debate, along with her
close ideological ally and longtime friend
Bernie Sanders. And coming
into the debate tonight, there were a lot of questions about how they’d handle
their friendship. The media couldn’t help
but speculate. Would they go after each other,
or would they team up to go after the moderates
onstage? -Tonight, the front-runners
in the center of the stage are going to be Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren. And one of the big questions
is, they’re political allies. Will they go after each other?
-They kind of seem to have a pact that they
won’t go after each other. Does that pact
live through the evening? -They are seen as competing
for some of the same voters, so does she try to create
some differentiation with Senator Sanders,
or does she focus on Joe Biden or do a different thing? -I think Sanders and Warren
are more likely to team up against some of the more
moderate candidates onstage. -That’s right. They should team
up. Like a wrestling duo. Warren could start by giving
a lengthy explanation for her plans for a wealth tax
on assets over $50 million, and then Bernie could tag in
and hit a billionaire over the head with a chair! And then there was
the rest of the field. Everyone was looking
for their moment to stand out. And there were big questions
for each of them, questions like —
who the hell are these guys?” Would Beto bust out
his Spanish again? And since Cory Booker
wasn’t onstage, would he make this face at home? Would Tim Ryan get caught
touring the debate stage again looking like a pledge
from Sigma Kai? And would Marianne Williamson
explode into a thousand butterflies
that spell out the word “love”? And then once the debate got
started, CNN chose to have the candidates come onstage
individually for intros like they were the original
“Star Trek” cast at Comic-Con. And while some candidates
obviously had big fan bases, others got more muted reactions. -Senator Bernie Sanders. [ Loud cheers and applause ] Senator Elizabeth Warren. [ Loud cheers and applause ] Mayor Pete Buttigieg. [ Loud cheers and applause ] Former Congressman John Delaney. -Hi.
[ Subdued cheers and applause ] -Oh, man, what a bummer
for that guy to have to follow Warren,
Buttigieg, and Bernie. It’s like if Springsteen, Bono,
and the Rolling Stones all opened a concert, and then they were followed
by a Weezer cover band. “Hey,
how you guys doin’ tonight? Hey, one more time
for Mick Jagger.” CNN spent
what seemed like an eternity going through the rigmarole
of all the intros, the color guard,
the national anthem. And then after all that,
Elizabeth Warren returned the opening kickoff
for a 99-yard touchdown. And then there was still more, because they also
had opening statements. We didn’t even
get to our first question until about 25 minutes in. You could’ve just watched
an entire episode of “Veep.” In fact, I’m pretty sure
anyone on “Veep” would’ve had a better chance of getting
elected than this guy. I mean, what —
what is this guy doing here? And where’s Gromit? [ Laughter ] Of course… [ Cheers and applause ] We did get the benefit
of an opening statement from Marianne Williamson,
who, right off the bat, made it weird
with her word choice. -In 1776, our founders
brought forth on this planet an extraordinary
new possibility. -On THIS planet? “To be clear,
on the planet I’m from, you can only vote if you’ve
gathered enough moon crystals to please the ancient oracle.” [ Laughter ] And then the Democrats
immediately got into it, with the moderators
asking Bernie to respond to former Congressman
John Delaney’s criticisms of his Medicare for All plan. -You support Medicare for All,
which would eventually take private
health insurance away from more than 150 million
Americans in exchange for
government-sponsored healthcare for everyone. Congressman Delaney just
referred to it as bad policy, and, previously,
he has called the idea political suicide that will just
get President Trump re-elected. What do you say
to Congressman Delaney? -You’re wrong. [ Laughter ] -Such a quick answer.
Bernie said that like he’s definitely
used those words before. “Sir, you ordered
the lobster bisque.” “You’re wrong!
I ordered the chicken soup! And I want those crackers!
Crackers for all!” And then,
after Delaney and others accused Bernie and Warren of trying to make private
health insurance illegal, Warren stepped in
to stop the bickering. -Let’s be clear about this.
We are the Democrats. We are not about trying to take
away healthcare from anyone. That’s what the Republicans
are trying to do. And we should stop using
Republican talking points in order to talk with each other about how to best provide
that healthcare. -Elizabeth Warren will
turn this car around right now, and nobody’s going
to Disneyland! [ Cheers and applause ] Bernie and Warren
had standout moments, and Bernie seemed
especially feisty early on. He was shouting over
the moderators when they interrupted him, taking on the moderates
like Delaney, and landing a big blow
against Congressman Tim Ryan. -Senator Warren, it’s your turn. -Oh, can I complete that,
please? -Your time is up. -They will be advertising
tonight with that talking point. Under Medicare for All, the hospitals will save
substantial sums of money because they’re not going to be
spending a fortune doing billing and the other bureaucratic
things they have to do today. -I’ve done the math.
It doesn’t add up. -Maybe you did that and
made money off of healthcare, but our job is to run
a nonprofit healthcare system. Medicare for All
is comprehensive. It covers all healthcare needs
for senior citizens. It will finally include dental care, hearing aids,
and eyeglasses. -But you don’t know that.
-Second of all — -You don’t know that, Bernie.
-Second of all — -We’ll come to you
in a second, Congressman. -I do know it.
I wrote the damn bill. [ Cheers and applause ] -Damn. Tim Ryan better hope
Medicare for All passes ’cause he’s going to need
some healthcare for that burn. [ Laughter and applause ] Bernie scared him so bad,
Ryan turned white as a sheet 40 years ago.
[ Laughter ] Tim Ryan got owned so hard,
his hat flew back onto his head. [ Laughter ] You know Bernie was waiting
for that moment. To be challenged on a bill you
wrote is a politician’s dream. It’s like if J.K. Rowling
was on “Jeopardy!” and one of the categories
was Boy Wizards. [ Laughter ] But it seemed like
all the moderates wanted a shot
at Warren or Bernie tonight. At one point, they debated
the question of whether a self-described democratic
socialist like Bernie could take on Trump, and former Colorado Governor
John Hickenlooper even tried to mock
Bernie’s mannerisms, which only encouraged Bernie. -So, again, I think,
if we’re gonna force Americans to make these radical changes, they’re not gonna go along. You —
Throw your hands up, but you — -Alright.
-You haven’t — [ Cheers and applause ]
Oho! I can do it! -I feel like that’s
the first and only time John Hickenlooper has said,
“Throw your hands up!” [ Laughter and applause ] And don’t challenge Bernie
to pull a Bernie. “Oh, and let me guess — you’re gonna do that thing
with your finger.” “Okay, I will do it, and I’m gonna point it
right at you!” [ Laughter ] And then, when the moderates kept challenging Warren
on her plans, claiming her ideas
were either impossible or politically impractical, she delivered what seemed
like a thesis statement for her candidacy
and for the night. -You know, I don’t understand why anybody goes
to all the trouble of running for President
of the United States just to talk about
what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah, I mean, what’s the point
of running for president if all your positions
are about stuff you can’t do? It’s like
if Ronald Reagan had said, “Mr. Gorbachev, make this wall
a little shorter.” [ Light laughter ] Yeah. [ Laughter ] [ Chuckles ]
[ Applause ] One of the —
One of the flash points — One of the flash points
in this divide between the progressives
and the moderates was the climate crisis — the candidates disagreed over ambitious proposals
like the Green New Deal, and, again,
Ryan tried to take on Bernie. -What do you do with an industry
that knowingly, for billions of dollars
in short-term profits, is destroying this planet? I say that is criminal activity.
-Thank you. -That cannot be allowed
to continue. -Thank you, Senator Sanders.
Congressman, your response? -Well, yeah, I would —
I would just say — I didn’t say we couldn’t
get there till 2040, Bernie. You don’t have to yell. -Oh, no, he —
he absolutely does have to yell. [ Laughter ] Bernie’s been kicked out
of every library in Vermont. [ Laughter ]
He’s like the bus from “Speed.” If he goes under 100 decibels,
his hair will explode. [ Laughter and applause ] This debate basically seemed
like a bunch of moderates trying to take on
Warren and Bernie and Warren and Bernie teaming up
to fend them off. It like watching Michael Jordan
and Scottie Pippen take on the Washington Generals. In fact, at one point, John Delaney was again called on
to debate Warren over her proposal
to impose a wealth tax on assets over $50 million, and she managed
to debate Delaney just with
her facial expressions. -We can raise
the capital gains rate to match the ordinary income. You know,
the last president to do that was actually Ronald Reagan. We can do that
in our first year. I’ve called for that to be done, and it’ll double
the earned income tax credit. I called for the expansion
of universal pre-K, so that every American
has pre-K. -[ Chuckling ] Damn.
[ Laughter ] Even when she’s not talking,
she’s winning. It’s like when you’re on the
subway next to the crazy guy and you try to signal
to your friend you want to move
without talking. [ Laughter ] [ Mouthing words ] [ Laughter ] Also, look
at how she rubs her hands when the wealth tax comes up. -Your estimated net worth
is more than $65 million. That would make you subject to Senator Warren’s
proposed wealth tax on the assets of the richest
75,000 homes, households, or so in the United States. [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Chuckles ] I mean, she was like
J.K. Rowling if the “Final Jeopardy!”
category was Boy Wizards. [ Laughter and applause ] And then, of course, there was
Marianne Williamson, again, who gave this answer
on the Flint water crisis. -Flint is just the tip
of the iceberg. I was recently
in Denmark, South Carolina, where it is —
there is a lot of talk about it being the next Flint. We have an administration that
has gutted the Clean Water Act. We have communities, particularly
communities of color and disadvantaged communities
all over this country who are suffering
from environmental injustice. I assure you —
I lived in Grosse Pointe. What happened in Flint would not
have happened in Grosse Pointe. This is part
of the dark underbelly of American society.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Wait. Was that good?
[ Laughter ] Is Marianne Williamson
like one of those albums you have to listen to
a couple of times before you figure out
what they were trying to do? [ Laughter ] Is Marianne Williamson jazz? [ Laughter and applause ] Let’s hear some more. -You can’t fight dog whistles —
you have to override them. And the only way
you can override them is with new voices,
voices of energy that only come from the fact that America has been willing
to live up to our own mistakes, atone for our own mistakes, make amends
for our own mistakes, love each other,
love our democracy, love future generations. -Okay. I think I’m gonna
put this album away. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] But there were a couple things
that were a little odd about how this debate
was conducted. For one thing, they kept giving
so much time to John Delaney, a guy who’s polling
at less than 1%. -Congressman Delaney.
Congressman Delaney. Congressman Delaney. Congressman Delaney,
your response? -Congressman Delaney,
I’ll start with you. -Congressman Delaney,
your response? Congressman Delaney. Congressman Delaney,
I’m coming to you now. -Why do they keep asking him
to chime in? He’s polling
within the margin of error. He’s not gonna win.
[ Laughter ] It’s like going
to a Maroon 5 concert if Adam Levine kept going,
“Alright! Now time for another drum solo!”
[ Laughter ] And Delaney
wasn’t the only also-ran who got more stage time
than he probably should have — there was also Tim Ryan,
who, for some reason, always seemed surprised
when they’d toss him a question. -I want to go
to Congressman Ryan, and I want to turn
to the subject of North Korea. -I mean, my goodness — he
looked like a long-haul trucker desperately fighting
to stay awake. [ Laughter ] “130 miles to Tulsa.
Maybe if I take off one shoe…” [ Laughter ] [ Laughter continues ] Ultimately, this was
a deeply substantive debate that showcased genuine
differences among the candidates on key policy questions. And no matter what you think
of any them, eventually, one of them’s
gonna go up against a guy whose campaign slogan
is basically… -I know nothing. [ Laughter ]
This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]


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