CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 10/16/19 | CNN Breaking TRUMP News Today Oct 16, 2019


26 thoughts on “CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 10/16/19 | CNN Breaking TRUMP News Today Oct 16, 2019”

  • McCarthy lost any credibility/respect he may have salvaged, when he backed tRUMP's account of Madam Pelosi's behavior.
    We saw the news conferences today. We heard what he said. We read the letter. There's his past pattern of behavior.
    McCarthy needs to be aware, we're really not as stupid as this president* treats us. McCarthy simply betrayed his country, and his oath.

  • marquis de queensbury says:


  • Please… Somewhere on the hill, is a team of Doctors with a straight jacket & tranqulizer gun, just to take that nut job down…

  • Republican nazi senators get this very very mentally ill scumbag into a hospital before he blows up the world. There is blood on your hands. You know this a hole is nuts. You could stop this madness and you should. We won't forget who honored the constitution and who did not. He is screwing you, your kids and grand kids over too, you blind corrupt fools.

  • Who should be surprised by this example of Trump's aggression and vulgarity? Trump is a 77 year old schoolyard bully; make no mistake about that. Trump has battered his way through life, sparing no one who is audacious enough to even mildly oppose him.

  • The White House claimed Trump was “measured, factual and decisive” during the meeting, so you know they’re lying. Trump has never been any of those three things.

  • Trump campaigned on bringing troops back home, promises made…promises kept, something these Democraps will never understand.

  • 🇨🇦That letter sounds like a high school student wrote it. How does POTUS have such unilateral powers to begin with? Who else supported troop withdrawals from the area? Or has he assumed power he is not entitled too?

  • 🇨🇦One never knows if his propositions are valid or not because he can't articulate them. I don't know what he is taking about most of the time, like in that letter.

  • Look at the copy of the childish letter to the President of Turkey and then wonder WTF…Enough said about the coo coo for coco puffs Whitehouse occupant, no more denile or excuses from the low IQ GOP😉
    Now it's behond a dementia fueled old stooge playing President with his embarrassing behavior, now the deranged twit is dangerous to our national security. Enough put a American back in the Whitehouse.

  • The Republicans need to make some observations. What are we paying them for? If this was his strategically brilliant plan then he must step down because his is insane

  • Trump = cretin The most feckless interloper of a potus in modern times . That letter to Erdogan is just a CYA document which just shows up the ineptitude towards the job this bag of orange shit has for the position . Today's vote in the house 354 to 60 against Trump's Syrian policy just goes to show us just how far out of touch this moronic imbecile is when responding to foreign or even domestic policy . All this comes about , because the orange retard tried to distract the American public from an impeachment inquiry that is growing in pace and substance at an alarming rate . History lesson 101 , 2 wrongs dont make a right . and American voters are not as stupid as you may perceive .

  • Seeing the generals looking down on the table ashamed tells you all you have to know about the stable genius and his big abrain…😂😂😂

  • Trump just announced that it's ok to hunt in Zoos now.

    Well, that's not true. But would we really be surprised if he'd propose that?

  • This is the fault of this government which gives a President this unilateral power. He is an unindicted felon in campaign violations and should be in prison with Cohen. If you keep this ridiculous policy that " you can't indict a sitting President" than he would be in prison right now for at least ten counts of obstruction of justice. Change the laws!!!

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