48 thoughts on “CNN security analyst sounds the alarm on Trump's pick”

  • Libtards. Lol. You people are clueless. Yep free healthcare to the world no borders and free this. Umm are y’all supplying the money trees too. Yeah isis come on over our border. Yep give a reason for doctors to not wanna go through a decade of school because they won’t get paid shit and quality of care goes to shit. Let’s have the government control everything. Doesn’t libertarian stand for liberty and freedom? So let’s give it away and let the politicians you people botch about have more control. Great logic. Lol

  • aggressevely ??? wow, I didn't hear him raise his voice or say words which aren't appropriate…only asking where he got his jurisprudence because he cant's find it in any lawbook or court rulings. So, this seems to me a fair question. But of course I know CNN didn't like this because they want that Trump prooves his innocence instead of Mueller prooves he is guilty. Sorry Cnn, curtain is falling, unclassified documents are about to be released to all American citizens and non citizens. And trust me, this will be your Waterloo, so keep on lying, cheating and harassing…time will learn..

  • If he's a Fox news mouthpiece why don't you invite him to your show? then you can say he's a CCN mouthpiece…but I'm afraid he won't fall for your stupidity and nonsense. He's going for transparent and I know you are very very very worried by now…2,5 years lying will be revlealed to your audience. This will defeitely close your doors.

  • El Sucio Federali says:

    CNN Security Analyst ? James Clapper and John Brennan are both Felons….un indicted – but, felons just the same.

  • Remember the big Fat Rat called Trump is actually a racist Rat. All that comes out of his mouth is negative and critical of minority's. Not a Presidents arsehole.

  • Ratclife is as good as you''re going to get should be picked for head of the FBI instead of the deep state empty suit Wry. The question is who sounds the alarm on the worthless fake news media CNN LOL.

  • Earnest T Bass says:

    That's funny a CNN security analyst😅🤣 how many times have these self-appointed genius been wrong since Trump took office. Trump colluded with Russia wrong
    Trump obstructed Justice wrong.
    Putin has something on Trump wrong
    Trump asked for help from Putin wrong
    Emoluments clause wrong
    Sorry folks CNN has no credibility how many times can you be wrong in 3 years and still be believed.
    I call fake false manipulating news again💩

  • Mr. Donald J.Trump , the best president have ever known to the whole world , he really does mean made in USA , so genius man for America, he has a lots of promises being made and done so seriously and in a quick shortest time ever been in history, let’s make him president again in 2020 for brightening up our children’s future, MAGA does make us proud to be American

  • He shouldn't be below the law… is this guy an idiot isn't that what no one above the law means… that we're all under it…not above it not below it no he wants to walk together with the law holding hands

  • M3 ICT SOLUTIONS says:

    Loyalty…..a word which eludes CNN.
    Loyalty to country, we the people and your President….
    Wednesday is here: your fall will be hard and deep…first things already coming to light…tip: watch the guardian…

    Btw who is that crackpot biatch? i smell fear, uncontrolled fear….

  • Clapper, Comey, and Brennan were chosen by Obama for their pliability. They certainly weren't chosen for their ability.

  • I'm glad the trolling of CNN has become so extensive and in full force 😜
    I was starting to think there was a majority of Sheeple eating their crap up 🤤
    I wonder what the ratio actually is of the "view count" they get… 🤔
    #Fox News. If your reading this, find that Poll!

  • 7.1M subscribers, only 217K views of which…wait for it, 2K are actual 'likes'…imbeciles, and 1.4K are dislikes?! When are you people going to learn, that's a rhetorical question you Nimrods. FAKE NEWS strikes again! And your so called 'Security Analyst' is a ding bat. Get the orange jump suits ready, lots of dems going down! Declas, declas, declas. Coming soon to a theater near you…lets start with, ummmm, I know! Baltimore!!

  • Ratcliffe was legally correct in his statement. These are the idiots of the news industry. Zero credibility. Look at CNN try to cover their butts by trying to de-legitimize the investigators before they declassify and bring down their house of Race Cards and Deep State actors. This really is the unpatriotic Communist News Network.

  • Steven Lindsey says:

    In other words.The Dems are scared of Ratcliffe because he is not going to stand in the way of the declassification of the Obama administrations crimes and the prosecution of traitors.

  • Andre Mcknight says:

    Oh yeaah ,everything Trump is always a welcome to Russia . Trump decides to have Russian dressing on his salad and this silly rabbit CNN reporter will say it's welcoming to russia. The Fake news DON'T REPORT that Brennnan was a political appointment by Obama and had no business being head of the CIA. This is why we don't like you people, YOU ARE FAKE NEWS! You only have 20% of the news audience, FOXNEWS has nearly 60%. CNN keeps losing viewers .After a while , people get tired listening to BULLSHIT.

  • Raines Broadcasting says:

    Nancy and team need to fight like hell to keep this slack-jawed tail dragger from being installed in this post. He will destroy the intelligence community and blind the public to Russian attacks.

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