43 thoughts on “CNN gets inside look at ICE arrest operation”

  • Like the guy said In the beginning, follow the rules. Do it the legal way and you wont get deported plain and simple.

  • "my kids need me". That's ok, they can go with you when you are deported. How many parents have been separated in the US when they break the law. I guess if a guy robs a store, rapes someone, gets caught selling drugs, they need to be released of they have a kid?

  • Trump needs to pick up the damn pace. Obama deported way more illegal aliens. They need to deport a couple thousand a day.

  • There IS evidence. Fake News doesn’t know that 18 family members were arrested on the massive raid a week ago? Bs.

  • Losaiko RESIST!!! Say No to Trump and No Fascisim says:

    I know of 3 people who were US Cihizens and deported. One man in L.A. spent 3 weeks 3 floors underground. Nobody beleived him. He was deported, lost his job, his apartment, and his car was taken wth 5 psyments left. He asked to verify his fingerprints and was beaten. His mother was 200 miles north. She got his Birth Certificate and the landlord held onto the wallet a stored it and other valuables. He had heard what happenedwith drivers license, S.S. Card and bankcards. He was 2 blocks away buying cigarretes.
    Unless you've broken a law or given probable cause you Do Not need to carry an ID Card 2 blocks from his home.
    He sued and got $150k for false deportation and violation of Covil Rights. The lawer gotabot $30k. He should have hot more. Some money went to legal fees for some hd met.
    This is wrong. You do not have to show an ID upon demand. The 4th Ammendment is against improper search and sezuire. Cop; Border, ICE & other alphabet Agents will lie if they benifit. If you are law abiding cops will say anything they want to fish for an a=east.
    This happens to often and Trump doesn't care if US Citizens are deported. That will change as 2020 elections get closer.
    Vote out the Occupant in our White House!!!! He doesn't know the Constitution, my 9 year old grandson reads better and much more often than the W.H. Occupent and is willing to be tested. The Occupent should do like Reagan znd offer Amnesty if you lived her 5 years and never broke laws. That is an easy fi , criminals are usually arrested within 5 years.
    Are Trump & his supporters really afraid of hard working non criminals who paid taxes and would be great neighbors!!!

  • Hunter Fisher says:

    Cnn is a cancerous tumor, you socialist only want to obey the laws you agree with sorry it doesn't work that way. I am Hispanic my whole family is growing all the time, all of us are Republicans. You will lose all branches of government the communist news network is part of the swamp you will reap what you sow that's the law of the universe. ???

  • my voice
    is the offspring
    of two countries colliding
    what is there to be ashamed of
    if english
    and my mother tongue
    made love
    my voice
    is her father's words
    and mother's accent
    what does it matter if
    my mouth carries two worlds
    – accent, rupi kaur

  • CNN should ride inside CNN to show us how they became such a politically left bent blarehorn that no one watches them & over half the globe has kicked them out.

  • Maureen Tornetta says:

    Many presidents have deported illegals, unfortunately they need to be here legally or the have to leave. Even at this if they stay they go back home and live off social security in their country, how does that benefit Americans, then again Americans go and live in these countries because it’s so cheep. There is no win on this.

  • She sell drugs and has documents that proves them and the fucked journalist expect compasion for that piece of shit??? FUCK HIM!!!! ASSHOLE !!! That cunt has been poison a lot of people she is a treat for American society and her kids with that king of mother are not better.

  • Stop acting like you care CNN. You are soulless. You just want people to get elected so u can do more of the same.

  • Sorry, send her and children back to her country. Green card is not the right to have children in this country.

  • "Liberals" let's have open borders and let millions of people into the country illegally. (Also Liberals) gee I can't figure out why wages are stagnant and why I can't find affordable housing.


    None of this would be happening if America's naive population wasn't ingulfed and over run by people under the Mexican Florence Nightingale effect.
    They had relationships with them & worked with them & allowed their true sense of imagration justice to be completely compromised by this love affair with them.
    They've been taken over by a foreign virus.
    They can no longer see the billions of other foreignors that also want to come here.
    Sadly, our networks too are only feeding on Mexican imagration.
    Very very shameful and disgusting and disgraceful.
    Shame shame America.
    Like little children still that can't see past themselves and their close friends.

  • Wait a minute why are they only arresting Latin people where the chinnese where the Canadians where the Russians where the Asian people that’s bull shit fuck trump and fuck ice agents fuck you all mother fuckers

  • Yugioh Dewayne says:

    Byeeee! We can't do this no more. America is trying to do something and we can't have loose ends. If you are illegal you are ILLLEGAL NOT UNDOCUMENTED SMH and black people, my truuu descendants of slaves; stay out of this. This ain't got nothing to do with us. Saw those people in Nashville help aide those illegals… Shameful smh. We have been here since the 1500s these ppl are Invaders and ontop of that they make fun of black folk, racist. The Dems are racist too, just look at Biden Warren and Booty Judge, shameless LBVS

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