Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Game 4 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Game 4 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Last night against the Houston Rockets and our starting lineups are brought to by Mitsubishi a wall for the Cavaliers the starting five was excellent to start the game in game three and he night than one by thirty back-to-back home blowouts Obviously his different series Thompson running the floor black by Horford Thompson gets it back misses the layup Another offensive rebound back up and this one he gets it ago. He is brought to this team in this series Morris Was an easy match? See if Morris tries to go at Kevin Love man Morris He thought he was hit as the Brad Stevens who’s yelling at him to get back defensively LeBron James his first shot on the night Performances Not shot the ball Well on the road in the playoffs Brown goes to the basket lays it up and in with a left for him Playing against small forwards junior Smith quick catch and shoot nails afraid like James thought about a3 Smith no hesitation Some consistent and hit him with not gonna to go down Games I scoop layup out a foul over react to that. Not much you can do That’s a tough shot Oh She’ll a nails it and stuff another good-looking rookie for the Celtics And spot to tee has played very well at both in its Kevin love’s bank shot is good Cavaliers shooting 57% on the field Rozier Too smart for outside. I won’t go and I love the rebound Throws it down to James catches a traffic impact at all past Aron Baynes has come on Velen Brown tries James quickly makes it up to Hale around look at a post up Kyle Korver Ramp block by Carver. How about that? These are compared on a defensive end you can go at him but he’s not gonna quit George Hill from downtown Smart is playing with that right thumb that had surgery in March The shooting has been off my city scepter except the cheetah as Harvard nails anomaly Sylla defense Jeff Green to the basket lamp is good Jaron brown tries to answer block by Nance ball knocked off the backboard Shot clock at six Caleb brown goes at Korver Nice pull-up comes up short gets the rebound back up blocked again by Korver knocks it out of bounds last touched by Brown Wow Priority is to make sure Al Horford doesn’t get things going James throws it up misses rebound rights back to him that he puts up another Seven percent from the field including one of sevens from free smart throws it up and Horford gets his first field goal He came to game 3 and so Paul here d4. Just like a different team As Tatum rattles that one home I’m not sure if I was as positive as Duncan Korver again drills a three quarter to the love Love to Korver another three-pointer Lighting it up once again Rozier tries an answer and does Is simple Tara Smith and they’d switch where Rosie is defending LeBron. They go to capitalize Smith up and tops it down Jalen Browns gets away sets. The three knocks it down as he is has defending them. They’d be okay Rozier pass inside to Morris and he throws it down George Hill harassing Rozier Brown corner three, that’s good. Galen Brown. He switched Rozier James goes Adam pulls back. It’s in the paint one-handed shot bounces around and drop through the soft James pass inside Thompson throws that after JR Smith takes the contestant prayin have Spent on the corner another frame Jill misses that one smart throws it away. George Hill lays it up and in shot clock at five James pulls back puts it up puts it in play it better than that Smart finds Horford sets this time a good-looking as mine throws it up the Horford And obviously threw it too hard Thompson running the floor throws it down In that first half Orford against Kevin Love Jump shots good Horford with nice pass though Rozier spotted it and here come the Celtics Gets IJ LeBron. Thanks at all and it’s 11-point game There’s James powers to the basket back shot is good. Oh the lack of attention by the Cavaliers to block out And they got fortunate James to the rim This guy’s just too good having it. What bad pass stolen by Rogier past I get to Tatum Oh what a beautiful leap and planes that are on the road here tonight Hill drives And one George Hill went right at Morris who picks up his fifth and point guards out of the perimeter Alie, swish Rogier steps back two pointers, that’s good Potatoes Tatum frozen after Rozier Go cheers, takes it to the red lamp black lights Hobson. Call it a rejection from Tristan Thompson That comes James down. Laughs good Turnaround on that sequence played at least people semi-closed Well think about it my 10 turnover difference at tatum cuts it to eight Green double James past behind them still catches It puts finished Nance has it but a foul more important than another man. I Understand what you’re saying, but with a minute to go as important James drives inside blocked by smart Rose of the headsman Rogier Rose here in a footrace throws it up. Jada throws it down More paint some more speed and that’s allowed to get it into the paint Kick it out for three, but you gotta do a better job to take care of the basketball too many tough George Hill elbow jumper that’s good Heaven love the outside love for three Yep, in this match two takes advantage of feigns defending you different mindset from Hill the past two games Brown gets inside Now wanting to post up quarterly rounds was right Adams Chuck backs at home and the fact Orford wants it Here comes the double-team Horford spins away gets inside and it’s a fateful meeting James against Morris who’s playing with 5,000 EUR? What’s it on the floor backs up jump shot. No good loves tip misses second effort. It’s good Brown that one it out love the outlet to James here goes James It’s syphax at home Marcus smart back in the game Smart goes right at Hill lefty. Laughs bank shot is good his first field goal as a coach because of his competitive spirit Pass inside a low finds Thompson Thompson gathers and throws it down James behind the back throws it up pass deflected stolen back by Jackson. He banks at home As it contains holding finds George Hill Hill using a screen the floater in the paint is good George Hill 13 points to the second straight game Putting the minified he’s coming off thinking score instead of let me get it back to LeBron. Oh sweet bull from Rozier now picks him up James sets puts up a three Rozier back out smart he’ll try a three pointer and answers back filed James spin sin and the elbow to the face of smart. James shot is good Though the series will head back to Boston Brown throws it down now the Cavaliers could just dribble it out As the Cavs hold off the run by the suffix and these Eastern Conference Finals are tied at two games apiece His sixth forty point plus performance in the 2018 postseason


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