Class D Airspace Radio Communications (Arrival) – MzeroA Flight Training

Class D Airspace Radio Communications (Arrival) – MzeroA Flight Training

[Music] Hey everyone, Jason Schappert here of, last week we did a Class D Departure Class Delta Departure, well, now we’re heading back into the same Class Delta airport, and first things first, I need to grab the ATIS. Delta [Radio: This is Ocala Tower information delta, 1351 [Zulu, winds 170 at 7, visibility 10, [few clouds at 2,000; temperature 28 dewpoint 24 altimeter [3018 visual approach in use runway 18] High Pressure [VFR departures advise ground control on direction of flight, advise on initial [contact, you have information Delta] Big change from when we just listened when it was Charlie when we departed, we’re now using 18. I’m going to go ahead and give ’em a cold call first, just like we would, and then on my initial call it’s just like ordering a pizza. But I got to listen, somebody else just called in, I got to wait my turn here for a second. See if he responds, to him. [ATC to traffic, clears to land, wind report] [170 at 5] [“Runway 36 thanks for the wind…. ] That’s interesting They’re landing 36, even though they said 18, we’ll call up and find out what’s happening. Morning Ocala tower, Skyhawk two three Mike Zulu, [Skyhawk 23 Mike Zulu, Ocala Tower, good morning.] Eight miles to the South West, delta, full stop. [Skylane 23 Mike Zulu, report three south,] Skylane, [west for the right downwind to runway 18,] Three South West for Right Downwind, one eight, two three Mike Zulu Skylane? We got a little upgrade there, didn’t we, huh? Report three miles for a right downwind, [Radio: pilot to tower] for runway one eight [Radio] Very nice, coming in, and you can actually kind of see how that structure next time the centerline is on foreflight you can see one eight you can see how I’m coming in how I’m making a left turn for a right downwind everything is looking fantastic here. Before landing checklist. Confirm on the checklist. Everything is set confirm on the checklist. ending with my seatbelts, before landing checklist is complete here. just coming on in, and I’m going to call him when we’re three miles out, lights are on, so he can see us, here. Everything is looking set. Remember on those readbacks, you’ll never forget who you are, but you will forget that he just said three mile, one eight. So you will forget that, but you’ll never forget two three mike zulu, or whomever you are, I’ve got the airport in sight, I’m just kind of listening, sorry to be so quiet, but someone’s at FIBUS, that’s for the GPS or ILS approach out here, Low approach out here [Runway 36 cleared for low approach and I may] [have you abandon your approach prior to reaching the runway] [I’ll keep you advised. (Niner one four two will be)] [(prepared for a missed approach,)] So they’ve got someoone shooting approaches on 36, they’re vectoring me and a few others for one eight, so we just have our head on a swivel. [{Ocala tower this is the instructor,}] [After this low approach, will the instructor for niner one four two] [We’ll be headed back for Leesburg.] [Roger, you’re just going to go VFR [On your own? {That’s Correct}] Someone stepping on someone else. [Right turnout; Flight Following request] [Radio: Aztec three nine zero alpha two,] [You back to the ramp? [response]] [this frequency,] Three miles. {To the ramp with you, Aztec zero alpha see ya} And two three mike zulu’s three miles. [Two three mike zulu roger] [Enter the downwind, and report midfield.] Call you midfield, right downwind for one eight. I added a little bit to that radio call [radio] that wasn’t necessary, I actually, wanted to confirm with him that I know it’s a right downwind for one eight. [Radio instructions to right base for one eight] I got one on a right base for one eight, that I’ve got on ADS-B, but I [Cessna, two three mike zulu, I have you.] [In sight, continue downwind, look for Cessna that just reported three and half north west for the ] [Right Base, ]Understand will fly that downwind and looking for traffic looking for traffic two three mike zulu. Turning my downind, I have him on ADS-B, but I sure don’t see him outside, so let me look for bit, I’m going to turn my down wind [Radio] I am number two at least, I’ll be watching for that traffic, scanning [Radio] About my altitude, [three southwest for the right downind to runway one eight,] And he doesn’t Ocala tower doesn’t have a radar, which makes life, i’ve got him in sight, now. Two three mike zulu has that traffic in sight. [Roger continue,] [number two following that traffic] Number two following that traffic, two three mike zulu. Following this traffic out here. [Cessna nine one echo, we have you in sight, report turning final.] I got him in sight. [Report turning final, {I’m just coming up on base now}] He’s just now turning base, he might have called his base a little early [one four two, cleared for low approach, and just at midfield] [Start your uh] When you’re in a situation like this too on the downwind He’s base, and I want to kind of aim at his tail obviously where his tail is now, because he’s never going to return to that spot again, to give us plenty of spacing here I’m working to slow us down, carb heat is on, power’s coming back, ten degrees of flaps [Okay then you’re going back to departure then, sir, is that correct? {response}] Getting busy, [Radio response] [If you’re going to go to departure, you can turn,] [120 if you’re going to just go VFR on your own, you just make a right turn to the [south south east, which ever you want to do] watching him, listening to what he’s doing out there, too [We’ll take the flight following,][Okay start your right turn to one two zero now.] That traffic, looks set, [Radio] [Cessna niner one echo, runway three six, you’re cleared to land.] He just cleared them to land. [One eight zero at niner,] [Is that one eifght for nine one echo?] [Cessna niner one echo, runway one eight cleared to land, wind Managing the turn to base [Radio] Managing my speeds, [Radio] I got one, this ones a left base [Continue, you’re number three,] [You’ll be following, there’s a skyhawk on final, there’s a skyhawk on the right base about a mile and half] [to the North West, and I may have you] I’ve got him out there [have you turn out back out to the North to extend on the left downwind,] Busy, Busy [Radio resonse okay] [Okay, we’ve got both Cessnas in sight here and if we could just maybe take a Westerly heading for a second,] [we can adjust the spacing behind the second Cessna,] I’m watching [You’ve got both of them in sight, you’re number three] [Following the one on the right base,] I’m watching my guy making sure I’m not gaining on him, making sure i’m not losing too much as well, because then I have this guy behind me. [Clear to land number three, we have the Cessna traffic in sight,] I’m number two, he has not cleared me to land, yet. [And two three mike zulu, you are number two following the one] [on short final, you are cleared to land, runway one eight,] Number two clear to land one eight thank you, two three mike zulu, perfect, just like we were talking about [Radio Cessna one four two, contact] [Jax approach on one one eight point six, {one one eight point six for four niner one}] Nice normal landing coming here, turning final, he’s over airport property, I’ll slow us down just a little bit more here I’m looking great, it’s so easy to worry about everybody else, in this environment, you can forget about yourself, and forget to configure something. multi tasking is one of the greatest skills to obtain in aviation. alright he’s on the ground coming around on my turn, I kind of took a odd shape here. [five hundred, five hundred] coming round, just to give him a little more space almost like a little skid through the turn just to give him a little bit more space and extend my pattern a little bit. Remember it’s so easy to focus on everybody else that you forget to focus about yourself, make sure you get configurations in order, your check lists in order, make sure you heard the magic words you are cleared to land, we did hear all of those things here. everything is looking set. [Cessna niner one echo, you can taxi into the ramp] I’m thinking ahead he kept him on the same frequency, [Radio thanks] thinking ahead, I already have ground in there of the airplane, always thinking ahead. what could be next, [Radio] [Traffic] Looking great One eight, I got the runway made, smoothly babying my power back to idle here, and let’s see, what he says after we touch down, there’s just flying it in speeds great everything is good, there go the numbers one eight, feel a little bit of gust of wind, winds sure did change huh? and coming on down nice and easy, here. [Cessna two three mike zulu, turn left alpha three taxi to the ramp this frequency] Alpha three to the ramp with you, two three mike zulu. Alpha three, right here, to the ramp, where we’re parking, and I’m staying with him on this frequency, meaning I don’t need to flip flop over to ground, I’m staying with him, let me go ahead and clean the airplane up as we get beyond the hold short line, and I’ve got my plate already out already set, I know where I’m going back to anyways. A busy class d arrival, huh, very very different. There’s the other, gentleman that you can see was coming in right behind me was certainly close, and probably thankful that I’m clear of the runway right now, they really kind of packed us in tight there, but listen always something different, radio communications, very, very intimidating, you need to watch the class D departure, I share some stories about my humbling class d radio experiences as well. Hey, we’re doing our great online ground school promotion again, all December and all January, become a member, get all of my books for free, all of my books for free. Become a member at any level or maybe you’re a current member now, and I’ve probably already emailed you and you have, all those books, that includes all of our new checkride books, all that great material is there for you all, become a member get all of our books for free, visit to check that out and learn more, I can’t wait to read your comments below this video on FaceBook on YouTube, on Enjoy the rest of your day, and most importantly, Remember, that A Good Pilot Is Always Learning, have a great day guys we’ll see ya.


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    am looking forward to learn
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    the live spot with Stevo K.

  • I learned to fly at a (Canadian) Class C airport. Same as U.S. Class C, clearance required to enter the airspace. We only have a handful of Class D airports.

    I was terrified the first time I flew with an instructor to an uncontrolled airport…

  • Nice wing addition! Every Cessna should have an air to air missile! Nice option to CTAS! Kidding of course! Great camera mount!

  • Coast To Coast Aviation says:

    Hey Jason, your friends here at KHWO would love to have you again. KHWO the second busiest Class D contracted tower in the United States. Typical 1200 operations a day. You learn quick how to and how not to communicate. The Tower Ops are fantastic. We even have the Guinness Book of Record holder for the oldest tower controller in the world. See you in the skies! Jay

  • Brandon Cutright says:

    Rusty student pilot here, but I have some general advice for any radio communication as a 911 dispatcher and amateur radio operator. If you feel compelled to use a long "Aaaaaaaaand…" when you're beginning your transmission (to get the gears turning), it's fine, just don't transmit it, get it out then hit the button. Along those lines, if you forget what you're going to say, instead of transmitting the "um"s and "uh"s, just un-key, let them out, collect your thoughts and try again. This will give your transmissions an air of professionalism, so ATC at least thinks you know what you're doing. Oh, and if you have a mustache, trim it so you don't mumble. πŸ™‚

  • This is the first time I viewed your channel. It's just like flying with an instructor (I guess that's the point) πŸ™‚ . Very informative. I really like your plane's flight panel. No classy and right-to-the-point! Thank you for sharing.

  • Always a great, Great Job Jason. Thank you for the live feed with Steveo1. I am a 50-year-old really considering a start on following through with my dream as a kid to earn a PPL. You are certainly entertaining and very educational may you be safe and thank you for all your hard work promoting GA. I truly believe that people like you self and Steveo1, flight chops, Baron Pilot, Greg at premier1, aviation101, Matt Guthmiller, JP, FLY8MA, and others are truly helping General Aviation continue to grow…

  • Can you do a video explaining the process of tying down in another airport? Say you are going from A to B you are unfamiliar with B and going to stay in B for the weekend. Do you have to call in advance and arrange parking?, do you just get there and pick a spot? How does it works?? β€”- thanks!!

  • When you taxied off the runway the controller said, "taxi to the ramp." I was expecting you to continue across to the ramp area. Instead you turned left down the parallel taxiway. I'm assuming that you were going to the hangers farther down the taxiway. Did you controller ask you where you were going, or did you explain yourself after the video ended?

  • The GhastlyGamer says:

    Ok i signed up through pilot blueprint and it said i had 14 days to sign up and get free books. I was close im not 100% sure I made it but this vid said through January so I am good regardless right?

  • TJ Flying Adventures says:

    Nice video… I love the avionics upgrades and paint scheme you have done on your plane! … I remember seeing it when you first got it and it is sooo much nicer now!!

  • My home airport is a Class D and I get so intimidated every time I enter the airspace. "How are they gonna have me enter the pattern?" Freaks me out every time.

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