City Lo Sankranthi  Ft. Allu Sirish || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

City Lo Sankranthi Ft. Allu Sirish || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Yes, father-in-law?
– Since you aren’t visiting us for Sankranti Harika is coming to visit you.
– What? How is she coming? The housekeeper is bringing her there.
Take care, son-in-law. Man, this is heavy!
– Bro, go open the door. You are closer to the door.
– Come on, open the door. Bae? – I’m your bae?
– I’m asking where my bae is? – Here! Are you out of your mind? Why did you
come here alone? How did you find my address here? Your mom gave me your address.
Anyway, why aren’t you visiting us? Because I didn’t want to.
Big deal? Who is this caricature?
– Careful! – Why? Will he bite? – That is his name. What sort of a name is that?
– He does nothing carefully unless we supervise him. That’s why we call him Careful.
– Greetings, sir. – Greetings. But why are you so careful while greeting?
– Oh, cut it. – Who is that guy? Hi! I’m..
– Harika, he is my friend Ravi. He is like your brother. I don’t agree. – Who are you to me? – Friend.
– And who is she to me? – Girl friend. So, what are you to her? – Brother?
– Exactly. – I don’t agree! – Hi, brother. What brought you to the city?
– I want to celebrate Sankranti in the city this time. Actually, I’ll make you celebrate.
– What is so new? We’ll fly kites and then booze a little and have a feast.
– No, there is a lot more. Sankranti is about delicacies, bonfires,
kites, Rangolis and a lot more. What do you know about Sankranti?
– I don’t know and I don’t want to. You carry on. I’ll make you celebrate with me.
– You will make me celebrate? That’s impossible. Anyways, the journey must’ve been tiresome.
Go get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning. She says she’ll make me celebrate.
No way! Bro, hurry up!
– I am, Greedy! – Greedy? Just like your name is Careful, his name is Greedy.
I named him that as he always wants to booze greedily. Bro, this is water!
– Water? You mean we got cheated? Where did you get it from?
– From the liquor store. – I replaced whiskey with water. You mean you wasted all the whiskey?
– Why did you do that? Tomorrow is Bhogi and the day after is Sankranti.
So, no alcohol on these two days. A prior intimation would have done it.
– You speak like you would’ve listened. If it is Bhogi tomorrow, why not booze today?
– Because I said so. Now go to bed. You’ve to be up early. Early? You mean by around 10:30AM?
– No. You’ve to be up by 5:30AM. I can stay awake until 5:30AM, but not wake up by then.
So, forget it. – Come on! Well, since it is festive time, let’s do as she says.
Fine, we’ll be up by 5:30AM. Come here, Careful.
Throw all the old items in the bonfire. Brother!
Brother! Careful, your mistress calls me brother and even you?
– Are there any old items in the house? Let me think.
There may be old clothes. Dear! Wake up, it is time. We’re lighting the bonfire. Wash your face and come.
– Cut it. I’m not coming. – Oh, please! Fine, I’ll come. Hurry up!
– Wait. Bro, did you steal my trousers? Stop it! Accuse me of robbing boxers,
but I never rob your trousers. Why would Ironman rob Hulk’s trousers?
– Then where are my trousers? Careful, did you take his trousers?
– I asked him if there any old items in here. He said there are clothes.
So, I threw them in the bonfire. Why did you tell him that?
– I was drowsy when he asked me that. Not my fault. I told you already he should be dealt with carefully.
This is what happens if you don’t. Don’t worry, my boy. Now, hurry up. Let’s go.
– You are Ironman? Why are you hyping yourself up?
If you do that again, I’ll throw you in the bonfire. It is so damn cold.
– Careful! – Yes, ma’am? I’m not talking to you.
– She is asking me to be careful. You be too. This bonfire reminds me of the Sankranti
we celebrated back in the village when we were kids. Isn’t it good? Is this I’ll Get It For You restaurant?
Please, take my order. One mutton biryani, one plate Paya,
one plate Mirchi Ka Saalan. Do you want Haleem? – Sure! And two plates Haleem. Place your order.
– Cancel the entire order placed. Thank you. Why did you do that?
– Who orders food online on festivals? Let’s cook. Cook what? Maggi? Count me out.
– No, please! Come with me! – You’re such a pain! I’ll teach you a real tasty dish.
– Fine, I’m coming. Let’s make Aloo Bonda.
– Fine. What do we do first? – Make balls of aloo.. Kitchen romance, huh? Bro, come have some. How is it?
– Amazing! – Isn’t it! If you’re such a good cook,
why do you order bland food online? Even I didn’t know I was a good cook.
I’ll start cooking from now. Dear, come help me with Rangoli.
– Not again. Hear me out. Fine, you made me cook.
But you can’t make me do Rangoli. Oh, come on! – What if anyone sees me?
– They’d think you’re helping a girl out with Rangoli. You use all your wit to convince me.
– What? – Nothing. Shall I lay down and do Rangoli?
No, I might aswell sit up. This is more than just kitchen romance. Dear! How did you like this Sankranti with me?
– Initially, I was pissed when you came here but after you made me do
all that you made me do, I’m glad you’re here. This is why you should celebrate
festivals with loved ones. This time you came to the city for Sankranti.
For the next festival, I’ll come to the village. What is the next festival?
– It is on 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. Greetings, people! This is our Sankranti special video.
I never celebrated Sankranti as much as I did for this video. So, Sirish, what is your take on this Sankranti thing?
– ‘My take on this Sankranti thing?’ It was fun. He has been ragging me all this time.
– I enjoyed this shoot a lot. I didn’t celebrate much since a few years.
So, it was nice I could do something like this, this time. How do you feel on doing this video?
– I acted with many great actors in my career like Rao Ramesh, Prakash Raj,
Lavanya, Regina, Ali, Pragathi and many more. If working with them all is a high point of my career,
working with Harika is another high point. For making me a part of this video,
I thank Tamada Media and Harika. This is sarcasm at its best!
Anyways, thank you so much! The whole team had great fun.
We’re initially nervous if you’d be a serious lad. But Sirish ragged me big time.
– I say you deserve it. We forgot to tell them the main point.
Happy Sankrati to all the Dhethadi viewers. Happy Sankranti, guys!
– ‘Happy Sankranti, guys!’ Say it properly. Happy Sankranti, guys!
– You are saying it like you are sorry. This is how he’s been ragging me all this while.
Anyways, happy Sankranti. And I hope you liked this video. If you did..
– Do like, share and subscribe.. – To Dhethadi! What is that?
– You’ve to dance. No, you made me do a lot already. I won’t dance now.
– Come on! – Fine.


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