CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1461 – Death Of Informers – 16th September, 2017

CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1461 – Death Of Informers – 16th September, 2017

Don’t worry, dear. I won’t miss my train. I’ll be there.
Relax. Of course, dear. It’s your big day today. You’re going to be
awarded at a function. How can I be late?
I’ll be there. I’ll be there
before time. Okay? Where’s your mom? Listen, someone’s
at the door. I’ll call you up once I’m
at the station. Okay? Yes.
See you soon, dear. Who could it be
at this time? Hi, sir.
Are you Mr. Pawan Kumar? ‘Cunning Murderer’ Yes.
– There’s a parcel for you, sir. Parcel?
– Yes, sir. But I didn’t order
anything. Sir, your name is on it, and
the address is matching, too. Let me see. Sir, your signature? Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. I wonder who’s
sent it. Sir..
– Sir.. Wait a minute.
W-What’s going on here? Sir, aren’t you
CID officer Abhijeet? Sir, this corpse was found
outside your house. What do you know
about this, sir? Sir,
whose body is this? And how did this body
get here, sir? Hold on..
– Did you know about this, sir? Back off, all of you.
This is a crime scene. What are you.. Wait a
minute. What are you doing? Back off,
please. – Talk to us, sir. Look,
I’ll tell you everything. But how did you know
that there was a corpse here? You came so soon? Sir, we got a call from
an unknown person and he gave us
a location. He said there is a corpse
outside your house. An unknown person?
– Yes, sir. But who is this, sir?
Tell us something.. – Please, I’ll tell you
everything. Please. Hello, ACP. Sir, I’ve found a
corpse outside my house. Sir, that man died due to
being attacked on the head. He lost a lot
of blood. But it hasn’t been
too long since he died. That means he died
a few hours back. Yes, Daya. Between
7 a.m. and 10 a.m. today. But the place where the corpse
was found didn’t have even a single drop
of blood around. That means.. – The murder took
place somewhere else and the murderer disposed
the body outside your house. Who is the victim?
Any information on him? Sir,
his name is Pawan. He used to be a bartender
at a posh hotel. His wife and kids
live in Nagpur. He was supposed to leave
for Nagpur today, sir. His daughter was supposed
to receive an award for the best student
performance. I wonder what his wife and
daughter must have been through. Perhaps, this cause of the
murder is revenge. And, what’s with this
set of teeth? I know what it is,
sir. I knew Pawan, sir. He used to be
an informer of mine. What?
– Yes. He used to give me
a lot of information. He helped me catch
a lot of criminals. But sir, this
set of teeth.. – To tease him. To make fun of him. To show that he
shouldn’t have opened his mouth. So, it’s confirmed that someone
took their revenge on him. One of those people who
Pawan got arrested must have murdered
him. But sir, how did the
murderer know that Pawan is Mr. Abhijeet’s informer?
– Right. Even within the
department, we don’t know about the
informers of our co-workers. Then how did the murderer know
that Pawan was an informer? Not just the murderer,
sir, the whole nation knows. ‘Watch this.
– As per our information,’ ‘Pawan Kumar, a waiter’ ‘by profession was actually
an informer of the CID.’ ‘Pawan Kumar’s corpse was
found outside CID officer’ ‘Abhijeet’s house
this morning.’ ‘It is a hunch that the one
who murdered him could be’ ‘the criminal that the CID had
arrested with Pawan’s help.’ How did the news
get to the media? Sir, the reporters
outside my house told me that an unknown person
informed them. No, sir. This unknown
person is the murderer himself. He did all this to
put us down publically. ‘Will the CID be able to find
the murder?’ – Turn it off. ‘To find out,
keep watching..’ It’s all my fault. Pawan’s safety
was my responsibility. He got killed because
of me. Look, Abhijeet, we
can’t change what’s happened. But one thing
is certain. Whoever has done this
won’t be spared. Abhijeet, when was the
last time you spoke to him? I mean, did he have some
information for you because of which
he could killed, perhaps? I met him last week but we had no such
discussion. It’s something
else.. When was the last time
Pawan gave you information on someone?
Do you remember? I have a complete
record, sir. Pawan was working for
me for the past three years. And in these years, I’ve caught
five criminals with his help. Sir, there’s someone who
wanted to take revenge on Pawan and is challenging
Abhijeet. Yes, that’s possible. Perhaps, it’s one of those five
criminals who murdered Pawan. Sunil is not
in India, sir. The remaining four
are right here. Sumit, Vikram, Tara
and Ramesh. Hello, sir.
My name is Ajay. Tell me, what would you
like to have? Ramesh!
You changed your name? Sir, please,
let’s not talk here. Let’s go. You were arrested for
smuggling drugs, right? When were you
released? I swear, sir.
I’ve quit all of that. I don’t do anything
illegal now, sir. I swear.
– Really? Then why did
you kill him? – Who? Who are you talking about, sir?
I didn’t kill anyone. Pawan. He was the one
who got you arrested, right? You killed him!
– No, sir. I didn’t kill him. I got out of jail
just a few months ago. I don’t want to do anything that
would send me back to prison. It was very difficult
for me to get this job, sir. If my boss finds out
about my criminal record he’ll fire me, sir.
Please, sir. So,
you didn’t kill him? – No, sir. Where were you between
7 a.m. and 10 a.m. this morning? I was right here, sir.
I had a morning shift. Are you
telling the truth? – Yes, sir. You can ask the
staff members if you want. I did not kill
anyone. You’re suspecting
the wrong person, sir. Okay.
We’ll believe you for now. But remember, we’ve
got our eyes on you. I had everything. A house, a family,
a career.. I had the perfect job of
a customs officer. Everything is over. That’s your fault.
You finished everything, Tara. If you hadn’t taken undue
advantage of your job and helped smugglers,
this wouldn’t have happened. I didn’t want
to do it. I had no choice. Dad was not well.
I needed money. And that’s when
I got this offer. What could I have done? Please, sit down. But what’s unfortunate is that dad died not due to
his illness but due to the trauma
that I got imprisoned. My family found me guilty
and broke all ties with me. Nothing’s left now. Neither do I have a
family, nor any money. How could I get
your informer killed, then? And anyway I’m already suffering
for one mistake of mine. I don’t want to make
any more mistakes. Look,
please believe me. I had nothing to do
in this. You got Pawan murdered,
didn’t you? Are you going to confess,
or should we use other means? Who’s Pawan?
That informer? I thought you all
were smart. Do you see my situation?
I’m in prison. And yet you’re
questioning me? You can fool anyone else,
not us. Understand? We’re very well aware of
how you can put your illegal money to use
outside prison. Tell me. Who did you pay
to kill Pawan? What are you
talking about? Perhaps, you’re watching
too many movies these days. Do you see
my condition? Neither do I have
a phone, nor a visitor. How would I get
someone killed? But, thank you for
giving me that honour. What do you think?
That I’m a gangster who could get
people kill outside while I’m in prison? Thank you for that. You think this is funny? We’ll find out
if you’re involved in this. And if you’re involved
in this then your condition will become worse than
what it is presently. Listen, I didn’t get
the informer Pawan killed. But whoever did it,
did a good job. And he won’t stop. Everyone will be killed
one by one and you won’t be able
to do a thing. Hello. I know that you’re scared
on hearing about Pawan. But don’t worry. The reporters always
exaggerate. And anyway,
only two people know about me. Mr. Abhijeet and you. No one else knows that
I’m Mr. Abhijeet’s informer. I’m meeting him
tomorrow. Yes, I have some
information for him. Don’t worry.
I’ll see you soon. Okay? Okay, bye. Who is it?
Who is over there? Ajit, another informer of CID
officer Abhijeet, got killed. Who is this person
that’s been killing all of CID
officer Abhijeet’s informers? What’s the secret
behind this? Sir..
– Sir.. Sir,
another murder.. – Move aside. We’ve learnt that he was
your informer. Sir, your informers are
being murdered one by one. How is this information
getting leaked, after all? Sir,
do you have a clue? How many more people
are going to get killed, sir? What is the CID doing,
after all? He was strangled
to death, sir. He was newly married,
sir. Do you have anything
to say to his helpless wife? So,
you are Inspector Abhijeet. My Ajit called you
Abhijeet sir. He had a lot of
faith in you, and you.. You used him.
You betrayed him. You assured him
that he was safe, right? What happened
about that? How much did you get
paid to sell his faith? Tell me!
Answer me! How much did you get
paid to sell your self-respect and dignity? Answer me!
– Ma’am, please. Stop it. Do you even know who you’re..
– You killed my Ajit. You’re a murderer!
A murderer! – Please, ma’am. Do you hear me?
You’re a murderer! – Get a grip. Please.
– You’re a murderer! You killed my Ajit!
You’re a murderer! So, that was
informer Ajit’s wife whose tears screamed for
answers from CID officer Abhijeet.
– What’s going on here? This isn’t a drama.
This is a crime scene. Please leave,
and let us do our job. Come on, leave. Purvi, send the body to
the forensic lab. – Yes, sir. They are right. Those two died
because of me. Stop it, Abhijeet. You’re innocent.
It’s not your fault. I couldn’t do
anything, sir. These two were
my informers, and it was my duty to
protect them. And I failed, sir. I wonder how the
murderer found out about them. That’s what we need
to find out, Abhijeet. These two people who’ve
died were your informers. And this can’t be
a mere coincidence. This information was
leaked from somewhere. But from where? These two didn’t even
know each other, sir. Only I knew about
these two. No one other than me
knew them. But the murderer
did find out. How did he
find out? Abhijeet, they
didn’t know each other and yet, both of them
were associated with you. Only with you. Then, who else but
you could give the murderer information
about them? Sir, do you
think that I.. – No, Abhijeet. That’s not
what I’m saying. Try and recollect. Where did you keep all the
information on these informers? At home, on your computer,
in your phone, at office.. You must have kept it somewhere.
– Sir, I’ve kept it safely. It’s in my personal
laptop, at home. No one can
access it, sir. Then we’ll have to
go to your house, Abhijeet. We’ll have to find out
how this information was leaked. Yes, sir. It’s strange. Someone did
come here in your absence and stole the date
from your laptop. And it doesn’t take long to
crack a password these days. It’s not about the password.
There’s a fingerprint scanner and face recognition
device on this. No one other than me
can open this laptop. But sir, one doesn’t
have to be present here to steal date from
the laptop. It could have been
hacked. – That’s possible. But this laptop
cannot be hacked because
there’s no internet in this. Then how did the
information leak from it? Let’s find out, sir. Sir, your computer was
accessed via remote. But how? There’s no
internet connection in this. Then, how?
– Have a look, sir. These files were opened
two weeks ago. Look at the date. On this day,
we weren’t in Mumbai. We were out.
How’s this possible? It’s possible, sir. Sir, did you install or
copy a new software in the past two or
three weeks? There’s no need
for that, Purvi. You know that I’ve only kept case-related files
in this laptop. I never needed any
software. I do require a pen drive
at times to transfer data. Sir, pen drive?
– Yes. Can I see that
pen drive, sir? Sir.
– Yes. Sir, I’ve found out
what actually happened. What?
How did it happen? It was all because of
this pen drive, sir. Because of the
pen drive? – Yes, sir. Sir, this isn’t a pen drive.
It’s a smart device. Look. Sir, you said your laptop
didn’t have internet connection. But as soon as you insert
this pen drive into your laptop your laptop gets connected
to an unknown network. – What? It’s like a Wi-Fi dongle. And then, sir,
this is a proxy network. You won’t be
able to see it but the person whose
network this is will be able to access your laptop. Like a computer
repair guy, sir. If your computer
is broken and he cannot come
personally to repair it he can use a remote and
access your laptop from another place to
repair it, sir. Exactly.
Sir, through this pen drive someone accessed
your laptop and stole the file
of the informers. So, this was planned. The murderer planted
this pen drive near you. Do you remember where
you found this pen drive? I bought this online. There was a good offer
on it. I got an email about it. Just a minute. Here’s the email. Sir,
this is a shopping website. Yes, it’s a well-known,
established website. They were offering a
discount and that’s why I ordered a
couple of pen drives. Sir, this website
is fake. – What? Sir,
this website is bogus. This is a case of
cyber phishing, sir. Look at these
two websites, sir. There’s no difference
between them. But this website is a
copy of the original one. A few of the codes
are different. You can’t make out
the difference in one look. Sir, using such websites hackers steal money from
people’s accounts. A lot of computer experts are working
on this cyber crime, sir. This means,
when I clicked on the link that I was mailed I was taken to
this fake site. – Yes, sir. That was how this
pen drive was planted. This matter is not
as simple as it looks. This is dangerous. Abhijeet, whoever’s been
doing this on your laptop can get the complete
information of your informers. He could do
anything to them. I’ve made a
terrible mistake. I wonder who the
next target is going to be. Yes, Ravi.
– Hi, sir. Here are the details. Are you sure
of this? – Absolutely, sir. My information can never
go wrong. They are extremely
dangerous people, sir. We’ll look into that.
You take this. Thank you, sir.
– Get out of here. Be careful. Bye, sir.
Sir, drugs in huge numbers are going to be
trafficked tomorrow night, sir. Sir, these are two new faces
that have come to light. Okay. You leave.
I’ll meet you later. Okay, sir. Ravi and Kunal. Sir, I’ve resolved
quite a few big cases with the help of those two. The cases that involved
highly dangerous criminals. Then we’ll have to get to
those two anyhow, Abhijeet before the murderer
gets to them. Poonam.
– Hi, Kunal. Where were you? I called you up so many times. I even messaged you.
You didn’t reply even once. I was out for work. And you know that I don’t
use my work when I’m at work. Your work is everything for you!
I wonder what it is that you do. You disappear
for weeks together. Okay, forget all that.
I’m with you now. So, let’s talk about
something else. Okay, tell me.
What do you want me to order? Mr. Abhijeet?
I’ll be right back. Excuse me.
– Yes? Can I see the newspaper?
– Sure. Another informer got killed? ‘According to sources,
the victim Ajit was’ ‘a private informer of Senior
Inspector Abhijeet from CID.’ ‘This is a second murder of
an informer in just one week.’ ‘An informer named Pawan was
killed before this.’ ‘Inspector Abhijeet is being
accused of leaking information’ ‘of his informers.’ ‘The lives of the other
informers of Inspector Abhijeet’ ‘could also be in danger.’ Oh, God!
This can’t happen. What? What can’t happen? This news..
– I know. This is so wrong. People who risk their lives
for our safety their lives are being traded. How could Inspector Abhijeet
do this? Kunal, what happened to you?
What are you thinking? Kunal, are you okay?
– Listen, I have to go. You have to go? Where?
You’ve just come. Where do you have to go now?
– I’ll tell you later, okay? I’ll tell you everything. Rickshaw. No! No, don’t kill me!
Let me go! Sir..
– Kunal, it’s me, Abhijeet! Mr. Abhijeet,
I’m glad you’re here. Sir, he’ll kill me.
They’ll kill me, sir. Kunal, calm down.
There’s no one here. Understand? No one can cause you any harm
as long as we’re here. Don’t worry. Kunal, we’ll take you
to a safe house. No one will be able to
get to you over there. Okay? Sir, the location of Ravi’s
phone is somewhere over here. He should be here,
but he’s not to be seen. Ravi! Ravi! Hello.
– Hello, sir. This is Ravi. Ravi, where are you?
Why are you running? Don’t you trust me? What did you think?
That you’d find me? It’s not that easy, sir. Listen, Ravi, it’s not like
what you think. Your life is in danger, Ravi.
But not from me. I’m trying to save you. Listen, I’ll take you
to a safe house. You won’t face any threat
over there. Understand? Ravi. Ravi, we’re trying
to help you. Have faith in us.
– Faith? Those two had faith in you,
but what did they get? Death. Look, sir,
my life is most precious to me. I have a family to look after.
I don’t want to die so soon. Please spare my life, sir.
I don’t want to die. Please, let me go, sir.
Stop looking for me. Ravi.. Try to understand..
– No, sir. I said, no. I’ve made a huge mistake
by trusting you already. I’ve made one mistake.
I won’t make another one. I didn’t know you were
such a cheat, sir! Please. Please stop
looking for me, sir. Where are you, Ravi?
Your life is in danger. Try to understand.
– Bye, sir. Ravi!
– Ravi.. He won’t agree.
He won’t understand. We have to find him. Three out of four informers
have reached the safe house. Only Ravi is not there, right? Sir, here’s a list of all those
who were arrested with their tips. Is there an IT or computer
expert amongst those? No, sir. There are none. But this Vikram.. We met him in jail.
Why? What happened? Sir, his wife calls him up
in prison every week. And his wife called him up
last Friday as well. So, Purvi,
what does that prove? Sir, Mr. Fredricks and I have
found out that his wife was in the
hospital on Friday. She did not call anyone. Fantastic! You two have done
an amazing job! Now we shall find out
who called Vikram if his wife did not. And Vikram will tell us that. We know everything. Your wife was in the hospital
that Friday. She did not call you. So, who was it that called you
on her behalf? I’ve told you already
that I haven’t done anything. Why do you come here every time
to waste your time and mine? You’re the one who’s wasting
our time. Understand? And we won’t tolerate that. Tell the truth. What do you know
about the murders? Tell me, or else,
if I lose my mind.. Listen, you are only in prison
so far. Your life is still better. If you don’t tell the truth,
then you’ll be sent straight to
the dungeons from here. Do you know what a dungeon is? You won’t even get
light over there let alone other facilities. This is your last chance. Tell the truth or I’ll make arrangements
to send you to the dungeons. W-Well.. I did get a call. I-I don’t know that man. He offered me a deal
over the phone. What deal?
– The deal was that if I gave him Rs. 3 crores,
then he’d kill the informer because of which
I ended up in prison. So, what did you say? Sir, to be honest, I didn’t believe him. I thought someone was
playing a prank on me. So, I refused him. Then, he said that
there are a lot of people who wanted to get
their revenge and would pay any amount
to get him killed. He also told me
to watch the news to know if he was
telling the truth. Then,
when I heard the news.. But sir,
to tell you the truth I don’t know his name.
He didn’t even call me again. I’ve told you everything
I knew. I’m telling
the truth, sir. – Okay. This means, he must have
contacted many others too. This is a big game. He was trying to make
money from criminals. Sir, your other
informers are in danger too. And we know nothing
about the murderer. Rs. 3 crores.
His demand is quite high. And he won’t call
just anyone. He’ll call only those who
can fulfil his demand. You’re right, Daya. I’ll find out who,
from our list, are capable
of spending Rs. 3 crores. It could be Shikhar.
He got a call last week. Kunal got him
arrested. And he even has
money to give. Are you waiting for your
revenge to be completed? You paid the killer
to kill Kunal? Are you waiting for
the news of his death? What nonsense!
I don’t know any Kunal. And I did not pay
anyone to kill someone. So, was it your uncle
that called you up last week? Yes, he did. So? But your uncle
is dead. So, did he call from
heaven or hell? Hey, listen.
You’re trapped. So, you better
tell the truth immediately. Really?
Go and call my lawyer first. I won’t utter a word
unless he’s here. You can interrogate me
once he’s here. Go, call him. Okay. If this is
the only option, so be it. Where are you
taking me? We gave you a chance to speak,
but you wanted your lawyer. Now, no one will come to
know what happens with you. Not even your lawyer. This.. This is not
right. The CID can’t do this. You’re right.
The CID can’t do this. The CID never does
anything wrong. We’re going to tell people
that you tried to attack us. And in our defence,
we shot you. No, sir.
Please don’t do that. Easy. Pankaj.
– Yes, sir. Pull over at a
decent place. – Yes, sir. Come on, get out! No, sir.
Sir, please don’t kill me. Run! Come on!
– No, sir. Please.. Sir.. – Run.
– No, sir, please. Run!
– No, sir! Please, sir! Run.
– Please forgive me, sir.. Run! – I’ll tell you, sir.
I’ll tell you everything, sir.. You’re right, sir.
The murderer did call me. I paid him to
kill Kunal, sir. Hello.
– Shikhar. Who is it? – Shikhar, you need
not know who I am. All you need to know is
that I know the one who sent you behind
the bars. And I can kill
him too. But for that,
I need money. How much money
do you need? – Rs. 3 crores. All right.
I’ll get half the amount transferred to your account. You’ll get the remaining
half once the job is done. But listen,
don’t try to act too smart. You know me,
don’t you? Shikhar,
I am a man of my word. Your job will be done. Okay,
I’ll hang up now. Hey! Listen. Take this.
Don’t tell anyone. Sir, with the help of
my wife, I got half the amount
transferred to his account. And I was going to
transfer the remaining amount once the job
would be done, sir. But, nothing’s happened
to Kunal yet, sir. Kunal’s life is
in danger. Sir, I have a question.
– Sir, please tell us if there’s been any
progress in this case. Please tell us, sir. Sir, such serious allegations
are being made against CID, sir. The country would like
to know. The investigation is on.
You’ll find out everything. Excuse me.
Just a minute. – Yes. Sir,
there’s bad news. – What? Sir, Kunal.. He’s escaped
from the safe house, sir. What!
How did he escape? You know that
his life is in danger. I don’t understand, sir. We
tried our best to look for him but we couldn’t find him,
sir. – Pankaj, I don’t care. Find him anyhow. Before the murderer gets
to him, find him. – Yes, sir. Yes.
Now this is breaking news. ‘The CID was already
unsuccessful in solving’ ‘the mystery behind the
murders of their informers.’ ‘And we’ve just received
information that an informer’ ‘named Kunal, whose safety
was the CID’s responsibility’ ‘has gone missing.
Kunal has disappeared’ from the safe house’ ‘that the CID had
kept him in.’ ‘Will the CID be successful
in finding and saving Kunal?’ Who are you! Hey! Game over. Ravi? We purposely spread
the news of Kunal going missing in the media. We knew that the murderer
would do anything to kill him since he was
paid for it. And the same happened.
The media spread the news
and you fell for it. You didn’t come here
on your own. We made you come here. We knew that you had the
list of the informers. And Kunal’s name was
on it too. You’re computer savvy
anyway. You tracked Kunal’s
number and got here. Why did you do this,
Ravi? I trusted you.
What did they do to you? Why did you kill them? – Because
of your informer, Pawan. He ruined my life.
Because of him my fiancee Tara was
arrested. I wanted to take revenge
on him. But at that time,
I didn’t know who had leaked
Tara’s information. I wanted to get to
those informers anyhow. And then I made a plan. If I joined you, I’d be
able to get to those informers. I met you.
I started working for you, sir. I started giving you
important information so that I could win
your trust. I tried to know about
those informers from you for my safety. I wanted that list
anyhow, which had all the information
about the informers. Then, that online offer.. That pen drive,
Pawan’s death.. My revenge was complete,
sir. I completed my revenge. Why did you kill Ajit
after that? And why did you take money
from Shikhar to kill Kunal? For money. While looking for Pawan,
I realised that there are many like me who
want to take their revenge on these informers and would
go to any extent for that. That’s it, then.
I contacted criminals and started extracting
information from them. I’d get paid a lot for that.
And what’s wrong in that, sir? You’ll soon know
whether it was right or wrong when you go to prison. Ravi, you made money,
but I earned trust. My trust came to use but your money will
come to no use to you.


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