CIA/NSA/FBI Are Shaping Mainstream Media’s Coverage On Impeachment

CIA/NSA/FBI Are Shaping Mainstream Media’s Coverage On Impeachment

Speculation continues to swirl around Washington
regarding the exact identity of the informant who publicized Trump’s exchanges with Ukraine,
but many have their doubts that this leak can be traced back to an individual. After all, we’ve seen a cozy relationship
develop between the federal agencies and the media when it comes to leaking information
throughout the Russiagate narrative. Some are pointing to these leaks as concerted
efforts among the intelligence community to take down the presidency. Joining us, joining me now to talk about this
is journalist, Ben Swann. Ben, you know, I’ve followed your work for
a long time. I’ve followed you on this issue. I think if I were to say who are the most
important people talking about this, it would be you and Matt Taibbi. Taibbi came out with a, an excellent, excellent
article. Give me your sense of this, this thing that
Taibbi calls the leak coup, the, this, the, the coup that’s taking place through our,
through our intelligence agencies where they’re trying to determine what American political
policy is. Give me your take. Yeah, it’s, it’s a really interesting idea
and, and as you said, it’s, it’s something that we’ve talked about quite a bit. And it really comes back to if you, if you
really study this issue and what has been happening with this so-called whistleblower
in this particular instance. And they’re, by the way, this latest whistleblower
that’s kind of the, the center of the impeachment inquiry is just the latest in an example of
what’s been going on with leaks since the day that president Trump took that oath of
office and became president of the United States and even a little bit before that. And so what we’ve seen is just a culture of
leaking that’s been going on for the purpose, the express purpose within the FBI, the CIA,
the NSA, to be able to damage this president and to remove him from office. And you don’t have to be a fan of president
Trump. You don’t have to like him or dislike him
to recognize that there is a new serpent of power that’s taking place here that is dangerous,
not just for this administration, but for every administration moving forward as well. One thing that’s very interesting is just
before president Obama left office, you know, there had been essentially three agencies
that had received most of the intelligence briefings, the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA. And upon him leaving office about eight days
before he left, that was suddenly expanded into almost 18 agencies that received all
these intelligence briefings. And the reason for that a lot of us have speculated
is in order to create kind of a diffusement of not being able to trace exactly where the
leaks are coming from or who was putting them out. And so it’s been successful so far. This latest example with this Ukraine whistleblower,
if you even call this person a whistleblower, which I would not. I think is a good example. Ben, let. Yeah, first of all, this man is not a whistleblower. Okay. There’s a reason Schiff does not want to call
him to testify. I’ve said this before and I want to say it
again right now. If the Democrats lose again, it will be because
of Schiff and Nadler. Okay. I can’t say, I can’t emphasize that enough. Look, there’s very few things I like about
Trump and you if all you have to do is follow this program to understand that. That’s right. But we’ve got to, when Matt, Matt Taibbi came
out with the, with the article that he came out with, it has to make you think, here’s
what Taibbi said. He says, what’s happening is the intelligence
agencies, whether it’s NSA, NSA, CIA, FBI, they have made their, an unfettered foray
into American political policy. That’s right. And he says, the way that that’s happened
is, is first of all is leaks. It’s, it’s happened by, by, by pressure with
the media and it’s happened in a way that we haven’t, it’s happened in the past. I mean, there’s some things we’ve seen the
spook agencies do. We know they murdered Allende to put in Pinochet. There’s, there’s stories like that that we
know about. We know that you had to have, you know, they
had to have hearings because the, the, the conduct of these agencies had become so bad
that you had to have public hearings to say, you guys have got to get out of trying to
create public policy. But now they’re back and the little, and the
people they’re using are Schiff and Nadler. And, and what the public seems to be missing
is whether you like Trump or not, I have no, I have no admiration for Trump, but I do have
admiration for the political process called democracy in this country and right now the
spook agencies are controlling political policy in this country. What’s your take? No, you’re absolutely right. Look, I do a podcast. I recently interviewed Thomas Drake on this
and he was the original NSA whistleblower or a true whistleblower, right. And one of the things he says is that the
NSA used to go around, they had this saying where they would say, it doesn’t matter who
the president is because the NSA was here before them and we’ll be here after them. And that they had this culture within the
NSA that they were the, you know, much more powerful than anyone in the executive branch. And there’s, and there is truth to that. But the other thing that’s very important
here, and you’re absolutely right when you say, you know, this process by which Nadler
and Schiff running this thing, which is a joke. The whole thing is a joke. I mean, if you believe that there is actually
a violation of high crimes and misdemeanors by this president, all of this should be out
in the open, not happening behind closed doors where even members of Congress are not allowed
to see what’s happening. That’s insane. But let’s talk about the concept of what’s
going on here with the CIA. This person is a CIA operative. We know that about them. We know because of the New York Times who
leaked that out. Right. Which means the New York Times is being fed
information by these guys. We also know that this so-called whistleblower
was never a first hand witness to any of this information, which means that it’s all gone
up through the process and we believe all the way to the highest levels of the CIA,
including Gina Haspel, who was working under John Brennan. John Brennan, James Clapper, who ran the NSA,
John Brennan, who ran the CIA. These guys who are now television pundits
by the way, are the ones who really orchestrated a lot of this. And it is scary to think how much in hand
the CIA, the NSA and the FBI are working with not just those on Capitol Hill but also my,
with the media to be able to shape all of this information to leak what they want out. You know, leaks are a very dangerous thing. Not because, you know, I want there to be
hidden information. Leaks are not a disclosure of information. They are the shaping of information because
you don’t get the full picture. That’s correct. You get a little bit. You get just the information they want you
to get. Ben, here’s, here… Here’s what we can’t ignore. Okay. It’s almost like it’s, we don’t teach civics
in school anymore. There’s no appreciation for the idea that
you don’t let the intelligence agency take over public political policy, but here’s what
we’ve seen of our intelligence agencies lately. Kidnapping of foreigners, assassination by
drones, network, network of secret prisons that we don’t even know about. Spying on Americans without any regard to
any rules or regulations, and now we have this thing and here it is, warrantless searches
I can add to that, but now we have this thing is where they manipulate the media. Look, you got Clapper, you got Brennan, you’ve
got Comey, you’ve got all of these cats that come from the spook agency that are now working
for CNN, MSNBC. That’s right. Why did that happen? Because CNN and MSNBC allowed this fantasy
story to be created by the very agency to now they’re hiring these people to come on
and get paid to keep that story alive. Schiff, how bout Schiff? Schiff is now having to backpedal and say,
you know, we’re not going to have a public hearing of this so-called whistleblower who
is anything but a whistleblower. This guy is a plant by the spooks. It’s generated by the spooks. Schiff knows it and Schiff is their go to
boy. He’s nothing but a boy for the intelligence
agency, just like Nadler is. For, he is at the beck and call of the CIA,
NSA, FBI, anybody that wants Schiff to jump, he simply says how high? And those are the people that are running
this whole narrative that undermines democracy and we’re not even talking about this. Try to turn on a television show where they
talk about this topic and they don’t. That’s right. They look behind the topic and they, and they
finally understand this coup, you know, this may be a coup of leaks. It may be a coup of controlled narratives. It’s no different than the coup that, that
almost took place in Russia in 1992 that was this close to success. And so Matt Taibbi, brilliant journalist,
along with you, a brilliant journalist, you guys have been looking at this a long time. But you try to get corporate media to pay
attention to it, they can’t because these same spooks are now part of their organization. What’s your take? Well, they, they are they’re, they’re a part
of the organization. But the other thing that they’ve done is they
funnel as agencies like the CIA will funnel money into these so-called NGOs that then
spend money with these media, media companies. And so you have, you have this cyclical relationship
where as you said, you know, these guys are creating essentially policy working in these
spook agencies. They then move into some position as a contributor
working for news agencies, continuing to feed them information. We see the leaks that have gone out and, and
are kind of spread through all the media and we’re just continuing to happen even in this
so-called impeachment inquiry process. It’s, it’s just one leak after another. There is no rule. There is no process, right? There’s no legal precedent to say this is
the way you’re supposed to conduct an impeachment inquiry and it doesn’t really exist. A lot of it’s just precedent. But unfortunately what’s happening now is
such a sham that I think the majority of people who are watching it are going to just say,
this is becoming more and more grotesque, the more they see it. Yeah, it is. The other thing that’s very important here
though. Ben, I… Moving forward. Ben. What, what, what president in the future would
ever allow the FBI or CIA to assign people to the white house after this. Who would do it? Exactly. Hey Ben, I want to take a listen to a video
that was released of CNN employees discussing their networks impeachment coverage. This gives you an idea why all these spooks
are working for CNN. Play that if you would. Project Veritas: I don’t care about the having
somebody in the event okay. But don’t care about, but just stay very focused
on impeachment. There’s Jeff Zucker. Yeah. Basically president of CNN has a personal
vendetta against Trump. All these moves are moves towards, uh, impeachment. So don’t, uh, don’t lose sight of whether
these stories today just hammering Trump in some way, shape or form or Republicans in
general about, you know, all of these other stories might be happening, but we want to
divert all our resources to this aspect of Trump or that aspect of China or most recently
it’s just all about impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment ratings. Ben, I’ve got about 15, 20 seconds. Give me your reaction to that as vulgar as
it may be. Give me your reaction to it. I don’t think there’s a single person who
can watch any of that who was surprised by it. I think we would all see it and say it’s exactly
what we thought it was. It may be more, a little more visceral and
explicit, but it was exactly what we’ve known that it was. Lastly, I think what we also see this whole
thing happening with the military industrial complex as well as not just the, those, those
CIA, FBI, NSA agencies, it’s also the Pentagon that continues to feed us war and the media
plays right along. They all repeat the same narratives over and
over and over, and it’s a shame. God forbid we should, God forbid we should
call off all the Wars. Go back and read Howard Zinn, I know you have. Right now, I gotta tell you something. There are two people I rely on to talk about
stories like that, You and Matt Taibbi. Let’s keep talking about this. Maybe we can shame corporate media into doing
their job here too. Thanks for joining me, Ben. Okay. Mike, thanks.


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    Trump is a Fake President , Speed Junky ( Drugs for the Unknowing People
    ), Inappropriate sexual conduct with many Women , Fake Billionaire,
    KKK..How do you feed a NARCISSIST? Let a single tweet have worldwide
    ramifications. Everything they have done has been fact checked and
    PROVED RIGHT.. Trump needs to realize that people don't like his Cheeto
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    This is no coup this is a president being held accountable if they impeached clinton over a bj and a lie we sure as hell can impeach Trump for his corruption his violation of the emoluments clause and his multiple lies. Also "project veritas" has been found to doctor footage and make shit up multiple times lmao what a joke why is this garbage on ROF?

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    But why r are we talking about this when Trump did do what this leak was about? It's all out in the open, now. Trump did do this. He admitted it. We had the chief of staff admitting it publically, which I saw coming out of his mouth myself last week. There were so many other reporters there. I want to see this news. I want to hear the impeachment news. This video or discussion makes no sense whatsoever. Is it ok that Trump is abusing his power of the office. What the hell?

  • Mike Papitonio, you really need to report on how and when this got out of control. And that is when Obama repealed the SMITH-MUNDT ACT of 1948 in 2012. That's when it legalized the use of propaganda and psyops on the American people. And the reasons the Pentagon and Intel Agencies gave Obama for wanting this. They said 'it tied their hands by inhibiting their ability to command in a credible way. ' They said they wanted 'to be able to effect National Will and allow direct deployment of these tactics to Shape Narrative, affect attitudes and behaviors. ' This allowed the Intel agencies and Pentagon to GO BEYOND MANIPULATING MEDIA and DIRECTLY DISSEMINATE CAMPAIGNS OF MISINFORMATION TO THE U.S PUBLIC. This is what the CIA and Pentagon asked of Obama, and he did it. Since then we have seen these Intel spooks and Pentagon officials take over the Corporate owned MSM, and now have about 17 of them on the payrolls of the msm. Along with retired Generals as "expert contributers " that now sit on the boards of Defense Contractors. I think if more people knew about their insidious operations they wouldn't condone what's happening because right now it's Trump. We cannot have these murderous, greedy, power hungry Intel spooks interfering with the democratic process. And Americans are actually rooting for it because it's Trump.

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  • Russia Today?

    I've got no love for the spooks, but this is a blatantly dishonest spin.  It's not like the whistleblower is the only witness. He only shone a light on the dealings. Everything he reported has now turned out to be TRUE and then some. Ever since the investigations started more crimes have been exposed every day. The obtained text messaging between Bill Taylor and Gordon Sondland has opened a Pandora's box. Giuliani's string pulling maneuver to remove Marie Yovanovitch, the Ambassador to Ukraine, because she couldn't be bought has now been exposed.  Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, Giuliani's accomplices in this specific crime (as well as several others, including funnelling illegal foreign contributions to republican campaigns) have now been arrested trying to flee the country.  

    The idea that Biden helped getting the previous Ukranian prosecuter general Viktor Shokin fired because he was about to expose corruption in Burisma, the Gas company that had hired Biden's son, is a laugh to anybody in Europe. Viktor Shokin was widely known to be super-tight with the corrupt oligarch-controlled companies in the Ukraine and never prosecuted any of them. He was on the take. THAT is why everybody, who wasn't an oligarch owning a gas company, wanted him fired.

    Also, Rudy's "source" for dirt on Biden has, interestingly enough, turned out to be Dmytro Firtash – a Kremlin connected billionaire oligarch, currently in house arrest in Vienna and wanted for financial crimes all over the world including America. He is now trying to get some sort of sweet pardon from the Trump administration for the crimes he has been accused of in the US, by supplying Rudy with whatever stories he requests, for later use in the attempt to smear one of Trump's major "competitors". (With no actual proof of anything of course… ) 

    And In the last few days, Trump's attempt at a quid-pro-quo from Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj has not only been proven, but ADMITTED by Mick Mulvaney. "We do it all the time. Get over it!" 

    In short, trying to make this all about the "whistleblower", is simply deflection. He only pointed to the possibility of crimes being committed. Now those crimes are being uncovered, one by one.

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    "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty or security" Benjamin Franklin nails it. It is stunning how many brainwashed, bootlickers in this comment section don't understand the danger this kind of precedent sets for the future of American politics, imagine their surprise when this tactic is used to attack their favorite politician.

  • Sarah -changed my icon_ says:

    uh. We have whistle blowers for a reason. We have leaks for a reason. It'd be a betrayal to the people, a destruction of our democracy, not to release these reports about our president.
    I don't care if it looks like it's being released for manipulation, we are entitled to it. Let the CIA/FBI/whoever we have placed our trust in to protect us, choose to protect us. This shit this man is spewing is out right propaganda. He's trying to seed discourse and make us hate and distrust our government even more.

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